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If you don’t have a Quran Teacher, how could you learn Quran Online ?

Arabic Teacher online

If you don’t have a Quran Teacher, how could you learn Quran Online? Quran is so important as it is Allah’s book, so if you don’t have any Quran teacher in your city or your town or your village whatever you are, don’t worry, you have an alternative. You can learn Quran online. There are […]

Ten best websites to learn quran online


We have great websites that teach people Quran online TOP TEN ONLINE QURAN LEARNING INSTITUTES these sites will help you to learn Quran online.    1. AL-AZHAR CLASSES Al-Azhar Classes is the number one Islamic educational website which is dedicated to teaching Quran, Tajweed, Arabic language, and Islamic studies to non-Arab Muslims. It is well […]

 Egyptian Quran Teachers to learn quran online

 Egyptian Quran Teachers      Many new Muslims want to learn Quran and to learn about their religion, Islam. So, they are always seeking for finding qualified Quran teachers, unfortunately, most of them are in non-Arab countries so they have limited Quran teachers. And, there are many regions that have no Quran teachers at all, that […]