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Learning a new language is not easy, especially when are talking about a very complicated language like Arabic. But, with our help, you can learn Arabic reading, writing and listening skills in a few days.

There are several comprehensive Arabic lessons online that have been specially designed tp cater the requirements of the learners. If you are a beginner or have some knowledge of the Arabic language, so, these courses can help you to move from level to another and gain proficiency in our Arabic language.

To help you , we have designed  the most prefect  online Arabic language courses. Let’s take a look for a moment.

The Arabic language is the sixth most spoken language in the whole world with 450 million people around the world speak our Arabic language. So, to learn a new language that doesn’t share similarities with you the language. So, with our Arabic courses, you will learn the vocabulary, grammars, sentence structures, verb conjugation, and you will practice a lot.

When the learners are looking for the best online Arabic courses, they often end up here in our academy.

Learning Arabic case you’re new on this site and don’t know who I am, I’ve been learning Arabic language  now for almost two whole decades, worked as an Arabic teacher  and even started a company that teaches Arabic to foreigners too.

My main strength is Egyptian people but I can understand most major dialects to varying degrees.
Back when I first started out learning Egyptian Arabic language , I struggled to find dialect-specific Arabic resources and courses ,too – all of the few that existed back then were for Modern Standard Arabic language (or Classical).
The situation for Arabic dialects has only improved since then (mostly because I drew attention to the problem).
Today I want to sum up the best and most popular online Arabic courses  and I will give you my personal opinion as a fluent Arabic learner.
I’ll highlight which dialect/s is/are offered and what you can expect to get from the courses.
As you’ll see , there are some Arabic courses that I’m not particularly fond of, and in some cases I’ve already written extensively on .
NOTE: Some of the items aren’t technically “courses” for the Arabic language . so I’ve included a few resources that are important enough to be included too. Also, comparing ‘free’ courses to ‘paid’ courses or products is a bit like comparing mangoes to oranges but I’ve designed some anyway.

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages all over the world. So, If we want to learn the Arabic language, the Alazhar Academy offers efficient online resources to get you started with .

The Modern Arabic Language.

Modern Arabic is the standardized version of the Classical Arabic. Its always used in written media, audiovisual, universities, and other formal situations ,too . Azhrai Academy offers several Modern Standard Arabic courses for children, teens, and adults ,too.

Why do we  Study Arabic?

Arabic language is spoken as the mother tongue by between 250 and 450 million people across 25 countries. Over a billion people can read the script even if they can’t understand the Arabic language. And Arabic happens to be one of the important languages of the United Nations ,too .Therefore, many people learn the language for many reasons. We know that Arabic is also the language of the Qur’an (the Islamic holy book). It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, the Qur’an is the greatest form of our Arabic literature, and indeed its the greatest form of the literature, period. The beauty of this piece of literature is, in fact, quite literally, miraculous. So , tens of millions of people learn this language to see firsthand the beauty and miracle how The Qur’an is..

How can we Study Arabic ?

How we study the language depends largely on why you’re studying it. So, If you’re studying the language to be able to keep close and understand your friends, for example, so, the best place to start for this purpose is to take a short term class (about 6 months to 1 year) where you will be taught a of Arabic. There are many dialects, but the Egyptian dialect is most popular and recognized. If the course is in person or online doesn’t make a difference in our opinion. But the course must have with a live teacher of native Arabic descent, offer plenty of conversational practice and place high out-of-class work. These are many courses that get their students to watch subtitled movies, pair them with native speakers for practice and even offer exchange programs. So, If you are studying the language for the formal purposes, on the other hand, you will need a more formal regiment.

.. you  will  know  more on books and placing more attention on grammar rather than your ability to speak it  fluently. So,  The ability to speak  fluently will come later. And the studies will last longer than a year or two; perhaps as much as 5 years.

Where do you study Arabic?

 The wrong thing to do is to try and study with our own. We  need to join to classes. If we study informal or formal Arabic, a university or college course is usually the safest solution .  so , we have to Find a college nears  and read up on their Arabic programs. There are a few good online courses out there, but they are a bit dodgy and not necessarily as well showed to .

What do we need before starting?

Most courses and books assume that we already know the alphabet letters and can read and write Arabic. And to a large extent, this is a valid assumption because most of the students have been reading the Qur’an since their childhood. But not all students are Muslims and have been reading the Quran since childhood. so, when learning the Qur’an as a child, most of Muslims children were not taught it in a correct manner ,so , we need to relearn these things the right way.

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