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Privacy Policy of Al-Azhar Quran Teaching 

This privacy statement describes how to collect, use and share personal information during a visit or purchase from 

Personal Information we collect

When users visit your website, we will collect certain information on your device automatically, such as information on the web browser, IP address, time zone, and cookies installed on your device. In addition, when you visit a website, we collect information about each web page or product you visit or search terms that refer to your website and your interactions with the website. This information collected automatically is called “Device Information”

We collect data using the following technology


– “Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device or computer, which often have anonymous and unique identifiers. For more information about cookies and how to disable them, please visit

– “Log files” track actions taken on your website and collect information such as IP address, browser type, internet service provider, reference/end date/time

– “Web tags optical elements, and which are never used to store electronic navigation information on the website.

When we refer to “Personal information” In this privacy policy, we will refer to devise information and order information.


How do we use your personal information?


We use the order information that we collect generally to place orders on our website, including the processing of shipping and invoice agreements and order confirmation. Use this order information with:

Communicate with you

Choose your order for risk or fraud and

If you comply with the settings that you share with us, please provide information and advertising with our products and services.

We  do our best to secure information in the site and we never spread it or share t to anyone. it is also with us and no one can see it.


Sharing personal information

we do not share any information to anyone and we never use it for any sell emails or anything it is honest by law and by Islam religion. 


Data collection

When you place an order through this website, we will keep a record of your order, unless you ask us to delete this information.



We may from time to time update our privacy policy to make changes to the application or for other legal or operational reasons and we will provide you a notice when we make any change before it. 



For more information about our privacy practices, in case of questions or complaints, please send an email to


we are making sure that all the data and information that you share with Al-Azhar Quran Teaching never share to any place and we have a lot of security programes for your date with us.

we also have ssl to the site allow it more secure and use different plugins to make the date secure in the website.



We will erase the data that we do not need from the website after 2 years.


Data Accessibility

if you want to see any data from students  And Students or their parents  can see the data  simply can just send it to us an email to and we will send a sample of this data.


Disclosure to third parties policy:

Disclosure to third parties: We pledge to not collect, use, or share such information for any purposes beyond the authorized educational or school purposes, or as authorized by the student or parent. (confirming that the third parties practices are in line with the Pledge). As we also pledge to not collect, use, or share such information for any purposes beyond the authorized educational or school purposes, or as authorized by the student or parent.

Refund policy:

if anyone want to finish the classes or want to take a break from classes he can simply email us at ,and we will send him the money in some hours from sending email to us.

Questions Or Concerns

If you have any question about our privacy policy we are more than happy to replay you and you can always send us a message to and we will do our best to answer your concern.