Ten best websites to learn quran online


We have great websites that teach people Quran online TOP TEN ONLINE QURAN LEARNING INSTITUTES

these sites will help you to learn Quran online




Al-Azhar Classes is the number one Islamic educational website which is dedicated to teaching Quran, Tajweed, Arabic language, and Islamic studies to non-Arab Muslims. It is well known all over the world due to its top knowledgeable online courses. It is the most trusted and reliable Quran Academy online. Therefore, providing Quran mentoring everywhere in the world over the internet since 971CE/359AH. It has a significant number of students from several nations. Moreover, innovative offices of the academy giving continuous and fast network access causes no problem for the qualified and master Quran guides in teaching students.
You can always contact them at

USA / CANADA +1 813-579-5713
UK +4420 3289 2960
AUS +61 2 8007 3103
E-mail: alazharquranteaching@gmail.com


2- Al-Azhar Quran Teaching

is an online academy that offers modern teaching methods for all non-Arabic speakers Muslims who want to learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies Online. Here students can learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies from native Arabic-speaking teachers who have graduated from Al-Azhar University, one of the most popular Islamic universities in the world. The main aim of the institute is to guarantee the utmost limit of a learning experience for our learners. One of the unique features of this website is that it offers free group classes and a one-week free trial to freshers.
You can always contact them at

USA / CANADA +1 813-579-5713
UK +4420 3289 2960
AUS +61 2 8007 3103
E-mail: alazharquranteaching@gmail.com



USA / CANADA +1 813-579-5713UK +4420 3289 2960
AUS +61 2 8007 3103
E-mail: alazharquranteaching@gmail.com
This site is mainly for the kids. It uniquely engages kids of any age in online Quran learning starting with real basics and moves forward to full memorization of the Holy Quran. It recruits top quality of tutors with special certifications in teaching kids. It is a spectacular platform of Online Quran Teaching which empowers New Muslims and Children

everywhere throughout the world to read the Quran with Tajweed from home. The program incorporates Quran
Reading (Nazra Quran), Norani Qaida, Memorizing Quran, Translation and Prayers Duaas with the 6 Kalimas. You are only a single tick away gaining from the much trained, qualified, committed male and female Quran educators of the website.


Reading Arabic and reciting the Quran correctly is a difficult task in itself. IQRA was started to provide Arabic and Quran education through an interactive online environment. The goal is to give students a chance to not only understand the language, but to excel at it. Yet excellence can only be achieved through regular practice that fits into an active lifestyle. IQRA’s experienced, high-quality instructors offer this education through personalized, one-on-one, online sessions that are suitable for the entire family — including some of the best online Quran classes for kids.

IQRA’s instructors are second to none in the Islamic community. The institution’s tradition of learning and
nurturing faith has a rich 1,000-plus year history. These tutors are fully versed in the best methods to teach and learn Arabic and the Quran online, furthermore, giving them the skills needed to help any student of any age.

USA / CANADA +1 855 IQRA-100
UK +44 20 3287 5211

AUS +61 2 8005 1435
E-mail: support@iqranetwork.com



The best online Quran Institute, Tarteel-e-Quran has the experience of many years in teaching Quran online with devotion; and intention of seeking the cause of Allah. It offers free trial session online anytime. Children are much better at memorizing new information than adults, which is why Tarteel-e-Quran suggests enrolling them in online Quran courses as young as possible, preferably at the age of five years old as the best time to learn anything is from a young age. In young age, things remain in a child’s mind just as a carving remains on a stone indefinitely.

USA/ CANADA +17708727794
UK +442070971406
AUS +61280114377
E-mail: info@tarteelequran.com



Dawat-e-Islami is a global, non-political Islamic organization working for the propagation of Quran and Sunnah
throughout the globe. It was established in the year 1981 in Karachi, Pakistan by one of the great scholar of present era, Founder of Dawat-e-Islami Hazrat Allama Maulana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri Rizvi Ziyae. He started this Islamic revolution to clean the growing filth in the society, drag people on the path of Almighty and convey the true teachings of Islam with some of his companions and now by the grace of Allah Almighty, blessings of Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) and untiring efforts and determination of Ameer-e-Ahlesunnat Dawat-e-Islami is striving day in day out to propagate Islam in more than 194 countries of the globe with only one aim in mind that “I must strive to reform myself and people of the entire world.”



Muslim Quran Academy trains students in Quran perusing (Nazra Quran) Norani Qaida, Memorizing blessed Quran,
interpretation, 6 Kalimas and supplications, Separate male and female tutors with the option of an isolated or group
class is available on the website. It is a leading and exclusive Online & Home Quran learning Academy based in
Islamabad, Pakistan, providing one to one Online Quran Classes plus basic Islamic teachings to all individuals
ranging from the age of 4 to 70 years.

Call +92 304 2004220
Skype: +92 304 2004220
Email: info@muslimquranacademy.com



The aim of Dar-ul-Mushf is to build a generation with firm understanding of the Quran and Sunnah. To motivate the youth to be the best example in any profession they choose. To help them build better and stronger societies guided by the divine knowledge.

Skype ID: darulmushaf
Call +92 3180520126
Email Address: infodarulmushaf@gmail.com


PAK: +92 344 4598 559
USA: +1 443 678 0302
UK+44 73 120 67196
Email: info@quraniccenter.com

Quranic Center is created with an idea to provide online Islamic and Quran education to the people around the
world. It conducts live online classes for people which are supervised by Qualified & Certified Quran Tutors. If you’re looking for an online Quran tutor then it is here to provide you with the best services. Quranic center is working immensely hard to become the best channel which provides excellent Quran teaching through its expert scholars according to the people’s need.


Email: admin@madinahquranacademy.com
Madinah Qur’an Academy (MQA), is an online Qur’an project run by the Islamic Students of Madinah, with an aim to promote the authentic learning of Qur’an throughout the World. It is an Institute operating via the noble city of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The Institute is also under the supervision of Scholars in order to maintain strict Shari guidelines and learning system.







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