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Learn Quran It is most likely that the Arabic language is the oldest language at all, as the recent studies have shown and that the language in which God taught Adam all names, which is the language of the people of Paradise. So you can join us for online Quran classes, learn Quran online, online Quran teaching, or online Quran reading, Quran class online, learning to read and learn Quran online, and online Quran academy.



We are the first in the field of teaching the Quran and the Arabic language a long time ago learn Quran.

Learn Quran Online

Do you want to learn Quran from the comfort of your house, and not be threatened by the bad changes of weather, and do you always Seek Quran classes Online that best meet your schedule.
Looking forward to qualified Quran teachers and the best teachers to learn Quran online and teaching and Quran learning ?? online Quran academy? Quran teacher online, Join us now to learn the Quran reading, reading recitation, knowledge of the wisdom? and other Quran branches here.


Learn Arabic Online

Learn Arabic online And you want to learn Quran online  Tired of searching for Arabic teaching centers, and do not know how, with what, and where to go to learn the Arabic language? maybe you will find some Arabic centers, but they are still too far from you then you hardly ever go there? If you are Eager to teach Arabic from native Arabic speaker teachers and want to learn Arabic? online and learn Quran online it is one step to join us?do it now you must? hurry, quick and fast online Quran tutor.

Online Quran Classes

Quran learning ?? online Quran classes on Islam has given and protected the child many rights, and these ? rights are? guaranteed by Islam to all children? such as the right to education, and enjoined parents and mothers and other parents to teach young people all that they need after puberty learn Quran especially Quran online reading? Join us now and invite your friends and family members both young and old and you will find everything you want to learn here.

Learn Quran

If you are interested in Arabic, learn Quran online, and Islamic studies; all of these Islamic studies and you want to learn a comforting way without leaving your house. Do not be indecisive, make your decision, and join us immediately for our online classes. You can learn, Arabic, writing, reading and more, Quran, and Islamic studies learn Quran for all ages join us now to learn Quran for beginners With recitation, tajweed. do it now.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching

Would you like to learn Quran with appropriate pronunciation (Tajweed)? Would you like your child to memorize the Quran (Hifz) yet don’t realize where to begin?

Why you should join Al-Azhar Quran Teaching?

All Muslims must carry on with their lives under the lessons of the Quran and Sunnah. Whenever done, the prizes are BIG.

Quran is the Divine word and inside it conveys the privileged insights of both this world and the world in the future. For a Muslim it is compulsory and an ethical commitment to Learn Quran with Tajweed so the individual in question can understand the directions of God and live in a like manner. One must remove some time from day-by-day life to take in this Holy Book. At our School, we cheerfully welcome you to start this respectable deed and see it satisfied in the ideal path conceivable with our “Online Quran Tutor” program.


The program contains:


We believe in making our Students try the classes before they do their Actual courses so that you can try now our free trial classes for Two Days, and they can take more than those classes to make sure you have the right teacher to teach you


What Makes Us The Best?

Featured Courses

We are the first in the field of teaching the Quran and the Arabic language a long time ago learn Quran.

Learn the Arabic language

If professionals are to be believed, learning Arabic is all about how you read, write & how fluently you talk in Arabic. At a primary level by learning the Arabian language, you can quickly communicate with the local folks of UAE as most of the people living in this area will, therefore, communicate with each other in this language. For those who do not know this Arabic language a little bit then this Arabic language course will help them to learn it properly.


Quran for For Kids

Kids are greatly improved at retaining new data than grown-ups, which is the reason we recommend selecting them in online Quran courses as youthful as could be expected under the circumstances, ideally at five years old. The best time to begin taking in anything is since early on, with lessons staying in a kid’s to learn Quran and their mind similarly as a cutting stays on a stone inconclusively.

The exercises of Islam can give us direction, satisfaction, and a feeling of satisfaction and lucidity, yet they can likewise put us in an honest way. By urging your youngsters to figure out how to read the Quran online, you can feel certain that the sacred expressions of Allah the Almighty will be carved into their minds and hearts always, which means they’ll never be separated from everyone else regardless of what life tosses at them.


Online Islamic Classes

With Al-Azhar Quran Teaching, you can take your Online Islamic Classes. Your Child or Adult can know more about the religion of Islam and ion from the home start know the basics of Islam ad day by day they will be a scholar in the faith by online Quran Classes and Islamic Studies classes


Learn Arabic Online

Learn Quran Online in Arabic is where a student will take in the right articulation of the Arabic Alphabet in order, how to join letters, and figure out how to recite the Quran.

The educator will direct students on the focuses on where and how to the Arabic Alphabet effectively. In the wake of learning Qaida, the student will read the Quran under the best online Quran teachers. After this course, your child will begin reading the Quran with precise articulation in the Arabic pronunciation.


Learn Quran with Tajweed

Learn Quran with Tajweed is vital for Muslims who need to read the Quran. Reading the Quran with Tajweed is recounting the Quran with the precise and correct pronunciation.The student will take in the fundamental tenets of Tajweed online and apply them while reading the Quran under the direction of the Best Online Quran Teacher.When the coach gets your dimension of recitation, he will propose you the course, and you can begin learning Quran Online at your helpful time.


Ijazah Online

Online Ijazah Course is offered now with incredible enthusiasm. We have male and female instructors from Arab Countries of the world like Egypt Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. In this program students of online Ijazah, the course will get consent or Ijazah from an effectively ensured Imam or researcher. This Ijazah can be in the reading of the Quran with tajweed to the Sheik or recitation by heart also. The sheik or a female educator will listen to the reading of the entire Quran from the student with connected standards of Tajweed. Ijazah for memorization/Hifz will be issued once the student will recount the entire Quran by heart to the instructor. This is the means by which to get Ijazah in Quran and Memorization.


Ijazah Courses

“Ijazah”, a certification that grants its holder authorization to teach and recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed. The motivation behind Ijazah is to build up the portrayal of the Holy Quran through a chain of approved transmitters returning to the original author. We offer Online Ijazah Course at Al Azhar Quran Teaching through live coordinated online sessions by experienced local coaches (guys and females) who can teach you the Holy Quran with Tajweed and Hifz for an online Ijazah course.


Quran memorization for Kids

With the help of knowledge in the Holy book of the Quran, Kids will not only understand the importance of good habits. Quran Memorization for Kids is an online course developed for kids that help to define their character and understand discipline. Online Quran memorization courses for kids are so designed to hold interest in the kids and attract their complete attention. This will also have them a strong basis of the Arabic language and Islamic learning.


Tarteel Course

Tarteel or also known as the Recitation is essential if you want to recite the Quran properly. In Arabic, Tarteel implies ‘a slow and measured rhythmic tone’. Globally, most the people learn Quran by hearing it for ages from their elders, family members, clan members, or from the Mosque. In Arabic, Tarteel means ‘slow measured rhythmic tone’. But you need not read the text if you do not know the right way of doing it! Lots of online institutes are available across the world that offer online courses on how to read the Quran properly with understanding its meaning.


Basic Quran Reading with Tajweed for Adults

In this busy everyday schedule, you may find it difficult to get yourself enrolled physically in any Quran classes. But this should not get in your way from learning this wonderful and divine book, and this is when online courses come to the rescue. They are gaining much popularity in recent times, and with more and more people enrolling in the classes, all the renowned institutions are concentrating on giving online Quran classes. The theme focuses on the fact that the Quran should be taught to anyone and everyone without concentrating on your background, age, or gender.


Arabic distance learning courses

If you browse online for Arabic distance learning courses, you will end up with many results. The best among them are the online courses, which will provide you with the certificate. Without certification, you won’t be able to become eligible to teach someone else what you will learn from the course.


Family Package Discount

Now with Al-Azhar Quran Teaching if your Family enrolls with us, then you will get a great discount from us to learn Quran online and begin Quran Reading and Ijazah Cours for any member of the Family.



If you wish to learn Quran online from native Arabic Speakers and start your  Quran teaching classes with learn Quran with tajweed Al- Azhar Quran Teaching offers online Quran for kids along with Islamic Studies. classes can be achieved by the online Quran academy that provides online tutoring of the Quran via zoom.
Ever wished to recite the Quran in a soft tuneful voice, this can also be thought of until you will be able to read our holy book fluently and euphonically.
Thanks to the Quran learning centers in Sharjah and Ajman with its blessed crew of Quran teachers
Last but not least, Arabic classes are also available for beginners from the online Quran classes in the UK and the online Quran classes in the USA