Quran, the sacred scripture of Islam, is widely regarded as the finest work in classical literature. It is composed of 114 chapters consisting of various verses. Quran is made obligatory on each Muslim to read and understand its verses as guided by Allah (SWT) for becoming a better person, to walk on the true path of Islam to reach the destination of Jannah. Quran learning is very important for each Muslim.
One who memorizes the whole Quran is called a Hafiz. In order to explore the Quran completely, one must rely on the commentary i.e., Tafsir. Quran is believed to be the revelation from God (Allah).a

Why Quran learning is important?

Quran learning is really important as it brings a Muslim closer to Allah. This noble act must be performed
daily by all resulting to be as a proof of the rewards of one’s good deeds on the Day of Judgment.
Muslims start learning Quran at an early age and the continuous connection brings them closer to
the Creator; brings great blessing in the world as well as the afterlife.
The Holy Book Quran is the speech of Allah (SWT). When we make mistakes while speaking or writing
English, we feel embarrassed because it is the most sought-after language used in the world today.
Many of them don’t speak out of fear of insult and being made fun of. Then what about the speech of
Our Creator? Don’t you think, it should be each Muslim’s top priority? Learning to read any other
language doesn’t give us ten rewards for each alphabet being read, but this happens while reading
Arabic Quran. The Messenger of Allah said that whoever reads a Quran will get rewarded ten times for
each letter.

Quran learning is important equally for both Muslim men and women.
But why do females need to read Quran?
Muslim sisters plays most vital role in society. They play a vital role in forming Islamic society by raising
their children according to the teachings of Islam. So, a woman must gain the correct knowledge of
Islam and the only way to gain the teachings is to learn the Holy Quran and understand it’s
interpretations as well.

Women take approximately 50% of the total population. If Muslim sisters do not gain knowledge in
Islamic studies, then a large part of the Muslim community will not contribute towards the growth of
Muslim society is a major problem. Therefore, the Quran learning to Muslim sisters will promote the
development of the Islamic community.



In Muslim countries it is easy to find a female Quran tutor but in Non-Muslim countries, it is hard to find
a female teacher for sisters. It is seen that people living in western countries did not get the female
Quran teachers and fail their opportunity to complete their Islamic studies. For those, there should be
introduction of online Quran classes and that to free of cost, so that all can learn regardless of wealth. It
will save them from hassle because they don’t need to go anywhere. Here, women and girls can take
guidance from female tutors and scholars on any topic.
There are many advantages of online learning:

Advantage 1: Free Demo Classes
Many of the websites offer free classes for every candidate to ensure their quality and attract audience.
This is in fact a test for the students as well as for scholars- the student would evaluate then academy
and teacher and decides whether she will start her classes or not. So, you don’t have to pay for anything
until you ensure the service quality. And the teacher will measure the knowledge of student and bring
forth a report and suggest which course will be best suitable for her.

Advantage 2: Customizable Timetable
Candidates can easily schedule their online Quran classes at any time according to their ease. One can
easily adjust its class time as online institutes are 24/7 available. It makes study much more flexible as
per student’s needs.

Advantage 3: Ease of Access
It is much difficult for women to visit a physical centre or a mosque to learn Quran on daily basis. So,
studying online at home is the best option for them. Online learning makes easy to access educational
materials with extensive information.

Advantage 4: No language Barrier
One can easily find Quran tutors fluent in Arabic, English, Urdu or any native language in this era. Online
learning websites give priority to quality learning which ensures that the teacher must be fluent in
respective language.

Advantage 5: Professional and Qualified Teachers
Majority of the professional teachers either teaches at mosque or at Quran academy. They don’t visit
student’s homes. In contrast, the expert teachers are available to teach online. Online teaching is similar
to home tuition but not a visit.

Advantage 6: Entertaining and Interactive
With home tutors, kids lose interest. The creative use of modern technology benefits those kids who
learn Quran online. From Islamic videos on stories of Prophets to games and quizzes makes great
impacts on children. Both the student and tutor can explore the interesting material available.

Advantage 7: Global Learning
No matter wherever an online academy is based, it is accessible to all. On the other hand, memorization,
understanding and other aspects of Islam are also explained. It is a blessing especially for those parents
in western countries, who want their kids to steadfast on Islamic teachings.
There are few disadvantages and cons of online Quran learning as well:
Disadvantage 1: Student-Teacher Interaction

Learning any course online might cost the student to lose the skills gained from face to face interactions.
Students may have to wait for several hours for the reply to any query.
Disadvantage 2: Lack of Creditable Certificate
A creditable certificate to add to your resume as an official proof that you can read Quran with
interpretations is not provided by many websites. However, this doesn’t apply to all courses.
Disadvantage 3: Technology Problem
There could be miscommunications due to poor internet connections.
There are lots of candidates who look forward for online Quran learning from time to time. It helps


    Sufyanah Mahmoud says:

    Asalaamu alkum rahmahtullah barkatu how do I sign up for the free sister class.I am an American recert and 64 years old subhannAllah I am interested in learning to read the Quran InshAllah I am a bit above beginning just a bit MarshaAllah tabrakaAllah

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