Online Quran lessons with sisters 

Online Quran lessons with sisters 

As many new Muslims are there now in non-Muslim countries, Islamic schools and Islamic lessons have held to teach people about Islam. So, many platforms provide learning Quran. Quran is book of Allah, it’s the words of Allah, it is a sacred book. Allah revealed Quran to His prophet Muhammad so we should recite it and learn it as Allah says in His book “and recite it with Tarteel”.

Tarteel is Tajweed.

However, many companies and many schools provide online Quran and Islamic studies lessons and classes, there are many people ask for female teachers. So, also there are many female teachers if you like to be taught by them. There are some online classes for sister’s only also.

What is the difference between online classes for sisters and the other inline classes?

There is no difference between the male and the female teachers, they all are hired for working on teaching Quran and Islamic studies; but the difference is for the learners. Some female learners need female teachers to not be shy or embarrassed. They want a girl or female teacher generally to be able to be flexible together, this is the only difference between the female and male teachers but they all take the responsibility of teaching learners the Holy Quran.

What are the benefits of online classes for sisters?

At first, these classes provide the student with well basic knowledge of the Quran and Allah:

Such lessons teach the students about their religion, Islam and tell them many things and more about Muslims and Islam. Also, in Quran Lessons, they will know how Islam has begun. And, teachers always try to make them feel happy and comfortable and it also makes them feel like it is so easy and it is not difficult to learn about Islam and Muslims.


And, online Quran classes educate students about their religion and how to live as a Muslim and what to do as a Muslim:

 These classes help students to practice the Islamic teachings and take the advice and Morals of Quran to do it as a routine every day. They will be so related to Quran and prayers. They will love to keep their prayers and keep reciting Quran every day.

 Online Quran classes educate students meaning of the verses they memorize:

 Through online Quran lessons, students will understand the meaning of each verse and surah they memorize because their teachers explain the verses for them. 

What are online Quran classes about?

  • These classes help students to memorize Corian Surah by Surah to finish it. All Muslims seek for finishing memorizing Quran. So, online classes and lessons help the process of memorizing Quran 


  • Online Quran classes educate students Tajweed which is the rules of pronunciation. It helps the new Muslims and non-Arab to recite Quran. It works on the process of memorizing Quran and not only memorizing it but also pronounce each word correctly. So, by Tajweed, student will be able to pronounce the letters and the sounds rightly. And, they will study the rules of the Arabic Language, Tajweed is the grammar of Quran.


  • Online Quran classes teach students about the heritage of Islam. Teachers talks with the students about Islam in a very short time in every session and about the Islamic teachings and traditions. It fulfils their life with the Islamic world and Allah’s Jannah to encourage them to complete memorizing Quran and to feel enthusiasm to know more about their religion, until they feel like Quran is their best friend. They cannot pass a day without reading Quran.


  • Online Quran lessons tackles the heritage of Islam and the Islamic culture for the new Muslims. new Muslims have no idea about the Islamic culture and the Arabic culture generally so, when they deal with Arab Muslim teacher especially, they will understand what their religion about and what they believe in. They will understand the culture of Islam and the identity of Muslims.

 There are many programs provide this process of learning Quran like skype and zoom, these programs help learning Quran. It provides visual contact or interaction between the teacher and the student in which the student can be at home and study by video chat with the teacher. They can see each other and these programs provide whiteboard to explain anything to the student. Also, it provides schedules.

 Online Quran classes can be for a student private or in a group, for each one there are advantage. For classes or groups, it makes the student, the new Muslim knows many other Muslims from all over the world. o, they will feel like they are many Muslims on earth and they are not alone. They will make friends with Muslim like them, they can also compete together, usually students get to be competitors in learning and memorizing Quran, it is so fantastic and it helps.

 Also, online Quran lessons is not only for Quran, you can study Islamic studies such as Tafseer, Fiqh, Hadith, and Islamic History.

 These online lessons are for everyone, for all actually; for kids, for adults, for younger every Muslim at any age can learn Quran and Islamic studies.

 Online Quran lessons for sisters is so successful and recommended for all female Muslims, as they are many Hijabi Muslims or wearing Niqab, so they need more freedom during the lessons to feel comfortable and to pronounce clearly. So, it is recommended for them to be educated by female teachers.

As technology is getting advanced day by day, online learning generally is known now. Many new Muslims cannot find female teachers or even ale teachers closed to them, so online Quran lessons help them a lot to learn at home and they also can choose the educator. 

Many regions all over the world have no Quran teacher, and others have limited number of teachers. But through Quran online classes, all problems are solved and it is easier ever then offline, you can save time and you can do your routine as usual with learning Quran anytime you will be free.


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