Basic Quran Reading online


Basic Quran Reading

Arabic alphabets are the keys to reading Arabic, just like any other language. Students need to learn the alphabets first to facilitate reading this language. After the student becomes competent in reading the whole alphabets, teachers go to the following steps including, the three movements (Fatha, Dammah, and Kasrah) which are the Arabic short vowels, then students move to learn the long vowels which are (alef, waw, yaa).  Then students learn the doubled letters (Shaddah), the consonant (the sukoon), and (tanween) until they master them and become able to read the words with the different movements. They also will learn the different shapes of letters when they are written at the beginning of the word, middle, and at the end. The students will be able to differentiate between the similar close sounds like the sounds of (ص, س), (ض ،د)(ق, ك), and (ت, ط). They also will know how to pronounce the large letters and the light ones. Basic Quran Reading Online.

By the end of this course, students will be able to read the Quran correctly. The first practice reading a lot of examples and ayat (verses) chosen from the Holy Quran, and then they move to the Mushaf (Quran Book) and start reading Quran till they perfect reading, then they move to the next step which is reading Quran with Tajweed.

However, we have a piece of advice to tell the learner or the parents of the kid student. When the student starts to read from the Mushaf, he/she should listen a lot to the Surahs (chapters of the Quran), and listening to Sheik Hosary is best recommended. Listening to a lot helps a lot to quickly perfect reading Quran. It also facilitates the learning process for the student. In this course, teachers use different Qaeda’s to help the learner of the Quran learn it quickly and comfortably. They teach from Alqaeda Alnoranya, Alqaeda Almakeyya, and Alqaeda Alboghdadyah. When learning one of these courses, the student has a firm foundation of Arabic that helps him/her learn Quran easily. One of these course programs is Quran Read part one; a step by step guide to learning how to recite the Quran.

Would you like to learn Quran reading and learn Quran with tajweed?

If this is your first time to learn Arabic Online , and you want to learn it to be able to read Quran, then this is the most suitable course for you because this course is mainly for beginners.

The course includes learning Arabic Alphabets, their sounds and shapes, comparing between similar letters and how to differentiate between them, learning how to read the letters with short vowels (harakat, i.e. fatha, dammah and kasrah), learning the long vowels (Mudod) and learning how to match the letters together to read.

This course based on one of the most famous books in teaching reading, either Al Qaiddah An-Noraniyh or Noor Albayan book. After completing the first part of the course, you will start the second part of the course which is applying what you have learned in the first part and start reading the verses of Quran and learn basic Tajweed rules so that you can read the Quran easily in a proper way.

Our tutors are very cooperative and patient, whatever your age you can get a significant benefit from their knowledge and start reading the Quran in Arabic letters.

You can choose to attend the classes at a suitable time, using voice or video calls with our teachers.