Arabic Learning Applications

Arabic Learning Applications

Arabic Learning Applications

Arabic Learning Applications. Learning the Arabic language is increasing day by day in the world. It is the language of most of the countries located in the Arabian Peninsula. It is the sixth official language of the United States. So many people want to learn it and there are many methods of learning this language. If you neither have time to enrol in an institute nor have time to take online classes then you can learn it from Mobile applications. 

Benefits of learning from a mobile application:

Benefits of learning from mobile applications is that you can start learning at any place and time. Learning from the application doesn’t have time limit so it has lesser stress on your mind than others. You can acquire knowledge according to your boundaries, the teacher is not there to teach plenty of things in a single class. Moreover, you don’t have to take heavy books with you to learn the language. Here are the list and details of some of the popular Arabic learning applications.

  • Busuu:

You can learn 12 different languages from this application including Arabic. Google rated this application as a “must-have app” and “Best app of 2015”. It covers all aspects of a language like speaking with correct pronunciation and their exercises, listening to audio samples, writing exercises. It also has grammar tips and exercises, Dialogue lessons and exercises, vocabulary lessons, and exercises. The application doesn’t require the internet. The application has a support option that can reply in 15 different languages. You can receive the certificate from McGraw Hill language certificates after completing the whole course from this application.

  • Drops:

Words are the base of any language. Drops focus on that base that the learner spends the most time in learning the words. It has a vast variety of more than two thousand words. Vocabulary can be remembered from this application with the help of beautiful pictures. This application doesn’t focus on grammar. Listen daily 5 minutes of clear voice audio with the free version and you can purchase to listen further. These focused small 5 minutes sessions helps in learning the language quickly for the persons who have a busy schedule. You can customize more than 100 Arabic words that you want to learn.

  • Duolingo:

The application has more than 35 languages to learn. Arabic was launched in mid-2019. Learning is fun on this application because it has games, tasks are reward points while learning. So it is an addiction to play the game and complete the task. Through these playing method you can learn to speak, reading, listening, and writing skills. Google play comments this app as “Best of the best”. The comments of the Wall Street Journal about this application are “far and away from the best language-learning app”. A customized learning option is present in this app so you can learn the thing you want to learn. The app will quickly show the correct answer if you fail to do attempt the task completely.

  • Memrise:

You can learn Arabic from this app through native speakers. The application has more than 45 million people. Advantage of learning from the native teacher is that you can learn the actual phrases used right now and also the correct pronunciation of words. While talking to the locals you speak naturally this practice of talking can be applied when you meet someone physically. The application has funny clips and small quiz type games that aid in learning a language. You only require 5 minutes to learn to speak Arabic through this application. The application got a “Best app” in Google Play Awards in 2017

  • Mondly:

You can learn more than 35 languages from this application and it is similar to Memories that you can talk to the native and learn languages. This application focuses on conversational Arabic with grammar and vocabulary base. The application contains the learning stats, a leaderboard, and the learning phase and other things that keeps you motivated. The application has over 50 million users worldwide. The application has various topics to learn you can choose any topic that you want. After attempting the tasks of one week, you can unlock other options. You gain stars after completing a task or a question correctly and you loose on an incorrect answer. So learning is enjoyable from this application.

  • Rosetta Stone:

Rosetta stone is huge learning applications. The application is above three decades old. The application has a traditional learning approach. It starts with some grammar and vocabulary and then conversational Arabic starts after that. You can have your personalized learning plan. It has 10 minutes of lessons that you can learn anywhere. You can download the lesson to have access offline as well. You can practice anywhere like native speakers. You can synchronize your progress to all the devices you have. In 2019 the application got “Best mobile app award”, “Best designed app” and “Best overall app” awards.

  • Simply Learn Arabic:

This application is the simplest Arabic learning app. The free version has 300 Arabic phrases and the paid version has 1000 common phrases. You can learn Arabic quickly with this method. This application has quizzes, audio pronunciation of the words and has support for flashcards. All phrases and words are presented in phonetic and original Arabic writing. You can save your favorite phrase and words to review them anytime. By attempting quizzes you can evaluate your skill level. You can copy the phrase and sent it to your friends. You can have this application as an aid with other applications

  • Tandem:

Tandem is a community application in which many peoples are learning new languages. It has millions of members with more than 160 languages. You can make a pair with other member and teach them your language and they teach you their language in return. You can make audio and video calls with the text through this application. Tandem also offers tutors and topic selection learning as well. Google play awarded this application as “Best apps of 2017”


The best way to learn a language is physically attending the class in front of the teacher, but the one who can’t make time for physical class then you can learn language by using these applications. The learning from the application is a secondary learning technique as it has no time discipline and cannot have the master of the language to answer the question that develops on the mind while learning.

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