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Advanced Arabic Studies is one of the most eloquent and richest languages, and ancient Arabs used to speak more eloquent and intact Arabic than today. The Holy Quran, being revealed in Arabic, added more richness and depth to the Arabic language.

All non-Arab Muslims should learn Arabic so that they can establish their daily prayers, recite the verses of the Noble Quran, make daily supplications, and grasp the beauty of the divine verses.

If you want to reach advanced levels in speaking and reading the Arabic language, you definitely need an “Advanced Arabic Studies” online course. This course is suitable for high school or college students who have experience in Arabic and want to take their studies further by learning more advanced text to help them reach a higher level in their education. This course is set for those who want to speak the Arabic language. In this course, tutors discuss books and newspapers with the learners. So, this course is being taught to the advanced levels of Arabic language learners. The teacher gives an opportunity for the students to speak confidently without worrying about making mistakes. They tell them that they are not going to learn properly without doing mistakes. So, they can speak loudly and confidently as much as they can. Teachers then highlight the mistake of the student and ask him/her to correct it by themselves, and give him/her the opportunity to make as many trials as he/she wants. And finally, if he/she can’t correct it, they can do that for him/her. The student finishes this course with competent reading and speaking skills, he/she will be able to do Arabic presentations and speak Arabic in public fluently and perfectly.

Advanced Arabic Studies course can be suitable for students of high schools or universities who want to achieve higher levels in the Arabic language. The course can also be perfect for non-Arab Muslims who need to understand the meanings of the Holy Quran.

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Learning advanced Arabic is a challenging and long journey for non-Arabs who embrace Islam. It is true that they can use their own mother language to read and understand the meanings of the Holy Quran. However, they still need to learn the Arabic language for the coming reasons:

  • Learning Arabic manages the non-Arab Muslims to understand the meanings of the verses and supplications they say while establishing their daily prayers. Hence they can achieve reverence for Allah during their prayers.
  • They also need to learn Arabic so that they can recite the Noble Quran in Arabic and gain a huge reward from Allah for reciting each letter of the Quran in Arabic; the language it was revealed in.
  • Learning Arabic helps the non-Arab Muslims living abroad to explore the Arab world and the Arabic culture which helps them deepen their understanding of Islam and the environment in which it had first emerged.
  • Learning Arabic is an essential step for non-Arab Muslims who pursue learning Quran with Tajweed and learning other religious knowledge such as jurisprudence and Hadith.
  • Learning Arabic abroad opens the window for non-Arab Muslims to build bridges of communications with their Muslim brothers and sisters living in the Arab world which strengthens the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam.

Advanced Arabic Studies

The purpose of this program is to teach the language of the Quran. The process of learning Arabic through this program is very simple. Take lessons and solve exercises. You don’t have to remember anything. You will automatically learn Arabic. In this way, you can learn the advanced Arabic language of the time of the revelation of the Qur’an from a very early stage. 

In this program, inshallah, we will learn Arabic through various modules. At the end of this program, God willing, you will be able to read the Qur’an and Hadith and the Arabic books of Muslim scholars. This program is designed in such a way that you can easily learn the Arabic language used in Islamic literature. The reason for naming this program as a Quranic Arabic program is that the focus of this program is Quran but you will also learn Arabic used in religious books.

People usually learn Arabic for two reasons. One is to understand the Qur’an, hadith, and Islamic literature, and the other is to communicate with Arabs in modern Arabic. This program is designed to fulfill the first purpose, but Arabic learners can also benefit from it for the second purpose. Since Arabic is the most organized language in the world, it is very easy to learn. Its rules and regulations are very clear. If you learn these rules and regulations, you can understand a large part of this language in just a few weeks. Besides, there are forty to fifty words that are widely used in Arabic. We tried to learn these words in the introductory modules. To understand the Qur’an and Hadith, it is necessary that we are used in the Qur’an and Hadith and Islamic literature. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day Arabic. Get to know her style and get acquainted with her idioms. This is the effort we have made in this program.

The prcedure for learning Arabic in this program is very simple. Study one lesson daily. In each lesson, ‘Test your skills!’ Solve the exercises under Never look at the answers before trying to solve the exercises. Check the answers later. You don’t have to memorize the meanings of words and the rules of language. You will automatically remember everything because every word and principle will come to you again and again. In a few weeks, you will realize that you can understand Arabic.

The program is organized in such a way that you will gradually learn Arabic. The program is divided into three levels: Basic), Intermediate(And higher) Advanced)۔ Each level has several modules that are divided into two series. There is a series of Arabic grammar for which AG The code has been adopted such as AG00, AG01, AG02In, etc. the Second series is studying Arabic text from your vocabulary ( Vocabulary) Will increase. AT for this, The code has been adopted.   This is the outline of the whole program and the student has to study the modules one after the other according to the arrows.   At one level, first, read the grammar modules and then the text.

The rules of grammar and rhetoric have been taught in the AG series and practice has been done from the Quran for the use of these rules. Attempts have been made to increase the vocabulary of the language in the AT series. For this purpose, quotations from the Holy Quran, Hadith, and Islamic literature have been presented. You have to translate these quotes while learning its vocabulary and style. You don’t have to memorize rules or words. The exercises are designed in such a way that these rules and words will automatically become ingrained in your mind.