The Online Quran translation course is specifically designed for individuals interested in understanding the Quran through studying its meanings. This course offers word-to-word translation as well as interpretation of the Quran.
By completing the course, students will be able to translate the Holy Quran word by word, explain the Ayahs/verses within the Holy Quran, and learn the background stories of Surahs.
Through online Quran translation classes, students can study Tafseer with knowledgeable Islamic scholars via Skype. This course is conducted in English and is open to individuals of all ages, including children and adults.
Quran translation courses are available for children, women, and adults.
As the Holy Quran was initially revealed in Arabic, it may pose difficulties for non-Arabic speakers to understand it. Therefore, non-Arabs are encouraged to grasp its meaning through translation. With this in mind, Quran Focus has developed a comprehensive course that teaches the Quran Majeed with translations in Urdu and English. Through this course, students will be able to comprehend the unique style, similes, metaphors, and literal and contextual meanings of the Holy Quran.
Online Quran translation classes are conducted one-on-one.
This particular program is specifically tailored for individuals who already possess the ability to read Al-Quran Kareem. What makes this course highly appealing is its word-to-word translation of the Noble Quran, which empowers students to understand the Quran in English and Urdu fully. Esteemed Islamic scholars devised this learning method and gave their students this valuable treasure.
Enhance your Quranic knowledge with highly skilled Quran tutors

Our qualified and experienced teachers teach the definition of translation of the Quran ‘to children and adults in the most appropriate way possible. If you or your child cannot read the Holy Koran accurately, we recommend t


We have divided our Quran translation course into three different types:

● A course that focuses solely on translating the Quran with Arabic grammar, without any interpretation.
● A course that includes Quran translation with a brief interpretation and Arabic grammar.
● A course that includes Quran translation, in-depth interpretation, and Arabic grammar.
● A course that includes Quran translation, interpretation, and grammar with translations in both English and Urdu.
In our Quran teaching methodology
● Our Quran tutors will provide one-on-one teaching to help students understand the basic meanings of commonly used Arabic words.

● Students will learn the meaning of Quranic verses from their teacher, both word by word and in detail.

● Along with literal translation, our teachers will explain the contextual meaning of the words and verses

● Upon passing the exam, students will be able to comprehend the verses of the Quran and their implications.
● In addition to translation, our qualified Quran teachers will also provide interpretation of the noble Quran based on the context of the surahs.

● At the end of the course, an online exam will be conducted.

Enrol your children in our online Quran translation course for optimal learning.

This course focuses on teaching the translation and meaning of the verses of the Koran to children who have already read the Koran once. The course lasts 30 minutes and is open to children over seven. Depending on the selected standard package, lessons can be selected for 2, 3, or 4 days per week. The course is designed to help children learn to translate and interpret the verses of the Koran easily.
What will students gain from taking the Quran Translation Course?
• The course focuses on teaching students the Urdu translation of the Quran.
• Students will gain an understanding of the Arabic language and its meanings.
• They will comprehend the instructions and guidance given to humanity by Allah.
• Through interpretation, they will discover the true purpose of their lives.
Upon completing this course, students can comprehend the deeper meaning of the Quranic verses. They will be equipped with knowledge from qualified and experienced Quran tutors.
Discover an effortless method of understanding the translation and interpretation of the Quran.

Students can take Quran Tafseer classes online at their convenience and location, as long as they have internet access.

1- Acquire Quran Translation through online means
• Comprehend the significance of the Quran
Individuals with hectic schedules find significant advantages in the flexibility offered by these classes, as they can effortlessly integrate them into their daily routines. By acquiring knowledge of the translations of the Quran, individuals can truly understand its meaning and implement its teachings in their lives.
2-  Enroll in online courses for Quranic interpretation
• Deepen one’s spirituality
This understanding of the Tafsir/interpretation of the Quran promotes a deeper spiritual connection with Allah SWT and enriches one’s spirituality.
3- Participate in online courses for Quran translation
• Trained instructors are available
Online Quran translation courses offer students the opportunity to learn from skilled and accomplished instructors from various regions around the globe. This diverse pool of teachers brings unique teaching techniques and viewpoints, resulting in a richer and more fulfilling learning experience for students.

The significance of translating the Quran

The objective of offering online Quran translation courses is to initiate a global movement within a few years, where every Muslim teenager is aware of the meanings of the Quran. It aims for 15- and 16-year-olds to understand what Allah says and not be unfamiliar with Surat al-baqarah. It is crucial for each member of the Ummah to actively contribute to this effort, as it is not solely one person’s responsibility. We, as individuals, are accountable for educating ourselves, our families, and our children regarding the meaning of the Quran.
We have developed a Quran translation course suitable for both male and female students who wish to learn how to translate the Quran with the guidance of experienced online tutors. This course is available for all age groups and genders. Some parents may believe learning translation is challenging, but that is untrue. It is, in fact, quite simple. All you need to do is focus on understanding the meanings, and it will gradually lead you to the ultimate goal.