Steps to perfect Arabic


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Steps to perfect Arabic

Steps to perfect Arabic is the language you need to learn if you really want to learn Quran. The language of eloquence, it’s the boat which you want to sail in the sea of Quran. You now can learn Arabic easily through online learning.

For Beginners

Teachers start teaching online Arabic learner beginners a very simple curriculum. They teach them the basics of Arabic language reading. The fist class they do is the names of the alphabet letters. When the students memorize the whole letters and can recognize their shapes, then the teacher move to the different sounds of the letters when they have different short vowel signs. At this point the students will be able to differentiate between the name and the sound of the letter. Then teacher will move with him to the next step, he will show him the different signs in Arabic and how to pronounce the letters when they join it. Student will have a lot of exercises during every class, every new lesson he learns has exercises; so he can do some of them with the teacher and the rest will be his homework. The exercises are highly professional, that enable the student to go easily through the practice. In a progressive stage of this curriculum, the exercises include words for easy practicing for the student, then when he becomes familiar with the words he can read short sentences. The teacher helps student in this stage to pronounce the letters properly. They teach them the difference between heavy and light letters, and he will identify the heavy letters in Arabic. He will know the three letters in Arabic which needs from him to make the tip of his tongue touches the upper teeth. Arabic language will no longer be difficult for him; it will become a matter of interest for the student. It will be an amusing thing that he can do and be improved in quickly. After finishing this stage of learning Arabic online, he will move to the next level which is reading from the Mushaf.

More advanced stage Steps to perfect Arabic

In this stage, we can see that student can read sentences very well. Teacher move with the student to the Mushaf and start a new step. In this stage student will start reading from the Mushaf with the simple rules he have studied. He will start practicing from the small surahs in the Mus’haf which are found in the 30thjoz’. Every class he will practice with the teacher has one surah, and he will have the chance to repeat it. He will have this surah as a home work to practice it listening and reading. The following class, he will practice reading a new surah with the teacher and the old one as a reversion. He will always read, as a practice, from the old surah; so that that may help him when he starts memorizing in the future.  When the student becomes able to read competently and easily, teacher will teach him the rules of Tajweed, step by step. Teacher will tell him how to apply these rules while reading, and why do we need to apply these rules. Student will know that by applying the Tajweed rules, he is reading the Quran like the prophet (PUH), as it was revealed upon him. Student will read and the teacher will teach him every class how to read the words with the applied rules of Tajweed, he will let the student to have his own paper Mushaf and a pencil to highlight the place where a Tajweed rule is required. Teacher will practice it with the student and ask him to practice by himself as a home work. And that will be easy for him because that he is supposed to highlight the words during the class. In another stage student will be able to start memorizing Quran with Tajweed, and then he can become a Hafiz inshallah.

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