Arabic online conversation

Arabic online conversation

Arabic online conversation This course is for advanced students. Al-Azhar Arabic teaching set this online course for students who can read Arabic and want to improve their Arabic speaking. In this course teachers try to help students speak in Arabic by discussing Arabic books or articles in newspaper during the online class. They let students speak during the class, highlight their mistakes, give them chances to correct their mistakes, and finally if students couldn’t correct the mistakes; then teachers help them and try to focus some time on these mistakes till student becomes aware of them and avoid making them again. As we know; the gold role in learning anything is (practicing), so we make this role as the main role that our teachers use during the online classes. They do their best to make students get benefits through the class. Students finish this course with a great ability to speak Arabic fluently. In our online Arabic conversation, students meet with perfect, competent, and qualified teachers who teach them the important roles of speaking Arabic. Students will learn grammar, sentence structure, and acquire numerous vocabularies. So they will improve both sides; structure and vocabulary in their speaking. They also will have the ability to speak in different fields.

Arabic classes online conversation

You can enroll your name in Al-Azhar Arabic teaching and join our online Arabic conversation classes to learn from the most qualified teachers. You will have the ability to speak Arabic fluently with the Arabic speakers and discuss Arabic subjects with them. Remember that, our teachers are native Arabic speaker teachers.

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