Speak the Arabic Language

Speak the Arabic Language

Speak the Arabic Language

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Speak the Arabic Language

speak the Arabic language

How to speak the Arabic language

It is becoming easy and not costing for non-Arab Muslims to learn the Arabic language as they can join Arabic learning classes held in Islamic centres and Arabic learning academies, or they can join online Arabic courses dedicated for teaching Arabic to non-Arabs.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching provides some online Arabic courses that are designed to cover all educational demands for non-Arabs who want to learn Arabic as a second language. The online Arabic courses include series that are specified to start with learners from level zero to reach the advanced level in reading, listening, writing and speaking Arabic. There is also an online course dedicated to teaching how to speak Egyptian Arabic dialect for non Arab learners who seek for learning to speak Egyptian dialect. Some of those online courses are completely free.

  “Iqra’ Arabic Reader Workbook” is an online Arabic series of six gradual levels. It contains Arabic activities and drills for students to work out. The series is designed to evaluate the student’s performance and acquired skills of learning Arabic on al-Azhar Quran Teaching. The well-qualified tutors guide students and help them work out the drills and correct themselves.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Speak the Arabic Language

“CALLAWAY” is another series for learning how to read and speak Arabic. It consists of three gradual levels of free online Arabic courses which contain short stories written in simple Arabic and using few and limited Arabic vocabularies and structures in each story. Those simple Arabic vocabularies are repeated frequently through the online course so that the learners can find them easy to memorize and understand.

“Lughatuna al-Fusha” is another series of online learning Arabic courses dedicated to teaching classical Arabic (fusha) to non Arab students in three gradual levels. In the first level, learners are taught to use classical Arabic to introduce themselves, asking people for their names, jobs, nationalities, etc., greeting others, initiating short conversations and so on.

 “IQRA ARABIC READER” is another learning Arabic series of six gradual levels of Arabic online courses which are meant to teach non- Arab learners how to read and speak Arabic properly.

Online Arabic Course To learn Arabic is an advantage, but what about speaking it! To learn how to speak Arabic is a very interesting thing. How can we help you speak Arabic?

Speak Arabic easily

Online Arabic Course In our academy, Al-Azhar Quran Teaching, we have very competent and well qualified native Arabic speaker teachers. They will help you and qualify you to be able to speak the Arabic language. They recommend the learners some specific Arabic books and newspapers. Then, they discuss the subjects included with them in Arabic; they do that during the online class. They let the learner speak Arabic as possible as he/she can, highlight the mistakes the learner may do, and then they give him/her the chance to correct them. If he/she couldn’t, then they would help him/her and make him/her focus on these mistakes, until he/she masters them. They give learners many exercises to discuss with them during class. There are also quizzes to see the development of every student.


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