How to read and learn Arabic and Quran

How to read and learn Arabic and Quran

Online Quran teaching: Quran teaching and online Arabic classes

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | How to read and learn Arabic and Quran

How to Read and Learn Arabic and Quran

Online Quran teaching: Quran teaching and online Arabic classes The best translation of the Holy Quran may succeed to convey the exact meaning of the Quranic verses, but it definitely cannot reach the magnificent beauty of the Godly words. That is why learning Arabic is considered the gateway not only towards straight and deep understanding of the Holy Quran but also to realize and enjoy the eloquent, infallible, flawless, miraculous and gorgeous Quran; the words of Allah. To feel that the unique beauty of the Holy Quran while reciting it creates a state of deep certainty that no one can ever say such miraculous words except Allah (SWT). Hence it establishes a strong connection between the Muslim’s heart and the Holy Quran; a connection between deep love and glorification.   

Why Should Muslims Learn Arabic?

– Learning Arabic is important for non-Arab Muslims not only to be able to learn Quran and enjoy reciting it while understanding its meanings but also because Arabic is the language of prayers in Islam. Muslims are required to pray in Arabic and recite the Quran during prayer. So, learning Arabic enables non-Arab Muslims to understand what they say in prayer.

– Learning Arabic opens a window for non-Arab Muslims to explore the Arab culture which helps them fully understand Islam and the environment in which it was born.

– Learning Arabic is an essential step for those non-Arab Muslims who seek to learn Quran with Tajweed.

– the non-Arab Muslim by Learning Arabic enables to communicate with other Arab Muslims from all over the world and know everything about how to strengthen the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam.

How to Learn Arabic to be able to Learn Quran:

Learning Arabic and Quran are becoming more available and easier than before with the wide spread of modern means of communication. There are many websites which introduce online courses to teach Arabic and Quran for non-Arab Muslims and new reverts. You can save the time and effort exerted in moving around seeking traditional courses presented in centers, schools or universities which host on-site classes for teaching Arabic and Quran. Being enrolled in one of the online courses for teaching Arabic and Quran provides for you the comfort of learning at home and save your time and effort.

Forms of Learning Arabic

There are some forms of learning Arabic according to the purpose you learn Arabic for:

– Learning Classical Arabic:

Classical Arabic or (Fusha) is the standard Arabic language, the language of ancient Arabs and the language of the Holy Quran. If you want to learn Arabic to read the Holy Quran, then you should enrol yourself in one of those courses teaching classical Arabic.  You will learn how to speak, read and write standard Arabic. This will enable you to recite the Quranwhile understanding its meanings.

– Learning Arabic with the Egyptian Dialect:

Egyptian dialect is the most understood in the whole Arab world. Learning Arabic with Egyptian dialect enables you to speak and understand most Arabic dialects. Learning Arabic with the Egyptian dialect is available in many online courses specified in teaching Arabic for different purposes.

– Learning Arabic for Business:

If you are working in business and having partners in the Arab world, then you need to learn Arabic focusing on business and financial terms. You also need to be trained in making conversations with your Arab partners. You can easily enrol yourself in one of those online courses devoted to teaching Arabic for business.

– Learning Advanced Arabic:

If you are a university student studying Arabic and you need to reach a higher level in speaking, writing and understanding the Arabic language, then you need a course teaching advanced Arabic studies. In such courses, you are trained to deal with advanced texts in books and newspapers


– Learning Basics of Arabic:

Some no-Arab Muslims and new reverts prefer to learn the basics of Arabic needed to perform prayers, read short Surahs (chapters) of the Holy Quran and make daily Doaa (supplications). They can easily enroll themselves in an online course for teaching the basics of Arabic in which they learn the alphabet of Arabic, read short Surahs of Quran and daily Doaa.

Thus Learning Arabic is very important for non-Arab Muslims and new reverts who seek to learn the Quran and teach it to their kids. Whether you are a non-Arab Muslim, a revert or even a non-Muslim, you can find many benefits in learning Arabic, the language of a civilization that used to have a deep effect on the world for about seven centuries.  Learning Arabic is an essential step for those non-Arab Muslims who seek to learn Quran 


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