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Quran Institute Quran for Muslims is the divine word that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Quran is not just a Holy divine book, but it is also the divine constitution for Muslims since it was revealed to the end of the world. That is why it is very important for all Muslim communities to have many institutes dedicated to teaching the Quran to Muslims regardless of their ages.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) urged all Muslims to learn and study Quran when he said: “The best one of you is s/he who learns Quran and teaches it to others.” That is why all sincere Muslims are very keen to make their children join any Quran institute to learn, memorize, and understand the Holy Quran.  

Ways of learning Quran

There are a few ways of learning the Holy Quran:

Modern ways of learning Quran:  

Many non-Arab Muslims and new reverts resort to online classes to learn the Holy Quran. They can find online classes on Youtube or they can enroll themselves in any of the educational websites which are dedicated to learning the Quran to non-Arab Muslims.  


  Traditional ways of learning Quran:

In the past, Muslim children used to go to private local Quran classes which were common in the countryside especially in Egypt.  Those simple, but efficient classes were called al-Katateeb; the singular is. Al-Kottab was the first institute in Egypt which had the biggest role in teaching the Holy Quran to all Muslim children.

What is Quran Institute?

Quran institute is any governmental or private organization which is dedicated to teaching the Holy Quran and its related branches such as Arabic language, Tajweed, jurisprudence, Hadith, etc.

Types of Institutes:

The institute can be virtual such as school and university buildings and virtual classes in Islamic Centers, or it can be an online institute.

One of the most important virtual Quran institutes in the Arab and Muslim world is the al-Azhar institute in Egypt. So many Muslims from all over the world go to the al-Azhar institute to learn the Holy Quran and its related branches. There are so many Quran Institutes, universities, and schools belonging to the al-Azhar institute in Egypt.

The institute doesn’t only teach the Holy Quran to Muslim children and adults, but it also educates children according to the ethics of the Quran. Quran institute should be keen to make children acquire the morals of Islam.

The ideal institute should also teach Islamic history and Islamic studies to students so that they can realize the greatness of their ancestors. Students in the institute should know that the Holy Quran is a holy divine book that is meant to be a guide and constitution for Muslims’ life.

Students of the institute should learn how Quran verses changed their ancestors and made them great historical figures who could carry the message of Islam to the whole world.

Study in Quran Institute:

A study in the institute should be very organized and should take into consideration the different levels of students. Students of the same level should be in the same class. Quran institute should also teach Islamic studies, Arabic, Tajweed, Islamic history along with teaching Quran. Students should also learn how to connect the verses of the Quran to real life.

Teachers in Quran Institute:

The teachers of the institute should be well qualified and competent. They should be graduated from authentic Islamic universities such as al-Azhar University.  Teachers should also have a good command of both Arabic and English language so that they can teach to non Arab students. Moreover, teachers of the institute should also cultured and knowledgeable enough to deal with students from different cultural backgrounds.

Teachers in the Quran institute should also be a living ideal of the morals and principles of Islam so that they can be reliable to themselves and to their students learn quran online .


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