Online Quran class


Online Quran class

Online Quran class The holy book of the Quran is the ultimate blessing for mankind as it carries a direct message from Allah the Almighty. The depth & meaning of the verses explained in the Quran are unmatchable & cannot be compared with any other book of the universe. Additionally, the interesting manner in which the language has been used in the Quran is utterly supreme. Any devoted Muslim can seek shelter in these teachings & find solutions to his worldly problems. This ultimate book has absolute wisdom of life & death, and it can be the best guiding factor of life.

The innovative method of learning the Quran through the Online Quran class has been a proven success across the globe. Interestingly, owing to Online Quran classes, many non-Muslims are also getting closer to the learning of Quran. Online Quran class offers fair & adequate opportunities to a study, learn & comprehend this miraculous book with utmost convenience. Also, it helps every Muslim to discharge his/her religious duty of acquiring knowledge of the Quran.

Fundamental advantages of Learning through Online Quran class

  • Anyone can take up a course from anywhere
  • The facility of learning Quran round the clock
  • Teaching approach designed around the student’s needs
  • Better communication between teachers & students
  • Better utilization of time & money in comparison with the traditional method
  • Utmost convenience of learning Quran at the home, office or any place of choice

Our beloved & respected Allah the Almighty quoted: “Quran is the book, and there is no doubt about it that it is a guiding channel for those who are Al-Muttaqoon (the pious)” [Quran,2:2]

Regular recitation of the Quran can bring several rewards & blessings from Allah. Every devoted Muslim will be benefited from the most significant rewards if he is using the Quran teachings in daily life along with the recital. Prophet Muhammad stated in Hadith that:” The person who recites 10 verses in Qiyaam would not be noted as one of the forgetful. A person who will recite 100 Ayah (verse) in Qiyaam will be rewarded as 1 devout. Every believer praying through 1000 verses in Qiyaam will be rewarded as one Muqantareen (one accumulating good deeds).” [Abu Dawood]

Allah will reward every single letter recited from the Holy book Quran. Reciting & imbibing Quran learning in life will be recorded as good deeds in the name of the Muslim.

Top Reasons to Take up Online Quran classes

Learning the Quran is not just an act for a Muslim. It is our religious duty towards Allah to acquire true & complete knowledge of the Quran. Below are some of the reasons noted for learning the Quran using Online Quran classes?

 Continuous Source of Guidance: Learning the holy book Quran through Online Quran class can bring an uninterrupted source of Quran knowledge for the student. Its readings & Learning from the Quran can promise mankind a path towards Allah.

A Helping hand on the Day of Judgment: The holy book of the Quran will act as an intercessor when any true Muslim will have to face Allah on the Day of Judgment. Prophet Muhammad stated that:” read the Quran, it would invariable come to your aid as a helping hand on the Day of Judgment”.

To Comprehend the Objective of Our Existence: Each true & devoted Muslim should read the Quran to understand the objective with which he/she is in existence in this World. This ultimate book will explain to you the exact purpose of your life showed by Allah.

True Learning about Islam: Online Quran Learning will make one crucial thing available to the World is the actual essence of Islam. Every seeker of the knowledge from the Quran will understand its supremacy & purity.

Opportunity to Learn Quran from Best Teachers: Indeed learning Quran from a proficient teacher will bring a better understanding of the book. Also, our beloved Prophet Muhammad has quoted it: “The best Muslim is the one who learns the verses of Quran & imparts his knowledge with others.”

As soon as a Muslim recites Quran, his heart & mind will experience extreme purification. Every believer of Islam will get supreme healing from Allah for all his miseries and ailments. Every Muslim will be spared from each of his problems who will have a conviction for Allah’s guidance & mercy through the Quran. As the Almighty Allah stated, the Worldly life does not conclude with the arrival of death. There is a life after death, which is a forever state. The holy book of the Quran will make us aware of the life hereafter & the ultimate privileges as well as splendour of the paradise, which has been assured by Allah to his believers.

Learning Quran will enhance your faith in this amazing religion of Islam & Allah the Almighty. Online Quran class will enable each & every seeker from all the corners of the World to reach the most accomplished teachers. Learning Quran is not limited to reading the verses. These proficient teachers will make one understand the underlying message & meaning. That is when a true Muslim can recite this holy book on enlightenment with the greatest faith.

Quran: A Holy Kindle towards the Path of Allah

The Holy book Quran is a great amalgamation of description, exhortation as well as a prescription. Hence, the person who is taking up Quran Learning should bear the utmost commitment, dedication as well as focus to acquire the teaching of the Holy Quran. However, the supremely significant thing is that there are various dimensions associated with Quran learning. Like Quran Reading, Quran recitation using Tajweed & Tarteel, Quran translation as well as Tafseer & memorization of the Quran.

Learning all these methods through Online Quran classes becomes very much achievable with the help of an accomplished teacher. This can be the biggest strength of Online Quran class that it brings together all the necessary resources & seekers on one single platform. One can easily aim to gain mastery over all or one of the methods of learning & reciting the Quran using the best guidance available on the online platform.


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