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Quran learning

Quran learning is the noblest act for a Muslim. For a true follower of Islam, Quran recital has been prescribed as a daily ritual. A Muslim who manages to perform Quran recital will gain enlightenment & knowledge regarding all the dimensions of life. There is no better way to go closer to the creator than learning the Quran. The almighty will reward the Muslim who respects the regular Quran learning on the Day of Judgment.

Worship & recital of the Quran does not discriminate between a man and a woman. Each & every Muslim should start the study & recital of Quran from the young age only. Such a tender age will make the grasping process natural & easy for Quran learning.

It helps in creating a strong bond with the Almighty Allah & seeks his blessings. A true Muslim will always seek shelter in the holy teachings of Quran learning & bring solace in this worldly life. All the miseries can be subsided when a Muslim perform Quran recital regularly.

Benefits & Incidences of Quran Learning

One can list countless benefits of Quran learning. However, the most prominent one is getting to know the straight path, which goes to Allah the Almighty.

As it is noted in al-Alaq 96:1-5. Read, in the name of the one and only lord who has created everything that exists in the World. He created a man from a blood clot. Your lord is the most generous one. He is the one who has taught by his writing. His writing has taught the man what he never knew.

The Prophet (ﷺ) has told mankind “The most superior among the Muslims are those who conduct Quran learning & teach it to others”. Hence, these Hadith explain one very crucial fact, which is that those who get associated with the Quran by way of learning & teaching can get the best in their life.

Additionally, as narrated by Abu Musa Al-Ashari & said by The Prophet (ﷺ), “The believer who recites the Quran comes by the example of the citron which tends smelling & tasting good. Also, the believer who does not learn & recite the Quran is like a date from the dessert, which is good in taste but has not a good smell. Furthermore, an immoral wicked person can be explained by the example of a Raihana (sweet basil) which has a delightful smell but has a bitter taste. And lastly, an immoral wicked person who does not believe in reciting Quran is like this colocynth which has an unpleasant taste as well as smell.”

One can understand the significance of Quran learning from several such examples. Reciting Surah Al Mulk every night can come to the rescue for the person fro punishment in the grave. As Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) explained: “He (ﷺ) who has been reciting Sajdah as well as Surah Al-Mulk before sleeping is my Sunnah”.

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Miraculous Influence of Quran Recital

As any avid Quran Learner would know that Surah Al Fatiha has been the greatest shifa, which means a cure for every known illness. Abu Said Al-Khurdi has explained the same:

During one of our voyages, we got down at one of the places where a slave girl approached us & said “The leader of our tribe has got a sting from a dangerous scorpion and no one is around at present. Can anyone from your group sure him with some recitation? “Post that one man from our group went with her. However, we had no idea if he knew any such treatment. He successfully cured the leader just by the recital of something.

As a result of that, the sick man was completely fine & offered us 30 sheep & milk as a gesture of reward. As soon as we were back, we inquired from our friend that exactly how he knew the cure of the sting. In reply, he informed us that he treated the leader just using the recitation of the Mother of the book, which is Al-Fatiha. Post that we asked him to wait till we reach the Prophet (ﷺ). As soon as we reached Medina, we narrated this incident to the Prophet (ﷺ) and asked if the sheep which we received was lawful or no. Hence the Prophet (ﷺ) explained that by which way he has known that Al- Fatiha can be utilized to cure? You should allocate the reward & also offer me a part of that.

Essential Etiquettes & Imperatives of Quran learning

Ø As we get our knowledge from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as well as through the rituals of his companions ( Sahaba(R.A)) which states that Quran learning should be conducted with respect as well as focused heart & mind. Each Muslim should be revising the Quran learning, so he does not forget it. Forgetting Quran post-acquisition of its knowledge is considered as a sin. Allah has mandated it as a customary thing to execute regular Quran recital for a true Muslim. Also, one should impart his Quran learning with others for the benefit of mankind.

Ø Another important etiquette is that a believer should be in the state of complete ablution at the time of Quran recital & the place of recital has to be free from impurities ( nijasat).

Ø One significant responsibility of a Muslim is that he/she should correct the mistakes of other Muslims. Specifically, during the Quran recital.

Ø A Believer should acquire Quran knowledge from an accomplished teacher. This teacher should have adequate proficiency over Quran recital with Tajweed as well as Tafsir. This shall help the believer to gain a better understanding of the Quran.

Ø At the time of Quran recital, the comprehension of the content & associated thinking should happen simultaneously. This is the correct way of conducting this entire process.

Quran: A Gift From Almighty

One more virtue, which is associated with the Quran is regarding Surah Al Kahf, which comes in one hadith: Any believer who will memorize the initial ten ayahs from Surah Kahf would be saved from Dajjal. In the end, we are making a dua that the Almighty Allah give us an excellent understanding of his holy book Quran, which becomes our kindle for the path towards the Almighty.


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