Learning the Quran online


Learning the Quran online

Learning the Quran online We all true believers & devoted Muslims know that the Quran is Allah’s ultimate revelation. This holy book of Quran comprises the literal words of God, which were revealed over several years. All the messages & life incidences of God were conveyed to his final Prophet (Muhammad). The unparalleled verses of Quran are filled with wisdom & universal revelations. Despite not being a typical history, scientific or a storybook its narratives contain all these genres. Every Muslim should study the Quran from your age. The contemporary technology has helped us to get access to Learning the Quran online, which is a huge success. Each Muslim person & non-Muslim enthusiast can learn this book, which is the greatest gift from God to Humanity using the technology.

What are the Advantages of Learning the Quran online?

All the essential factors & elements of Islam have derived from two primary sources, the Quran & the authentic traditions suggested by Prophet Muhammad. Angel Gabriel originally delivered this holy book to Prophet Muhammad. The revelation took almost 23 years in a staged manner. For mankind to understand it lucidly, the holy book of Quran has been divided into various parts.

Let us see some core benefits of opting for learning the Quran online:

Ø Flexible Learning Hours

Ø Access to most proficient teachers

Ø Opportunity to revise & recite several times

Ø All the methods of reciting & reading Quran available in one platform

The crucial responsibility of conveying God’s message to mankind was on our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s shoulders. He called people to be present during his farewell address & witness the message delivery from God.

If one is learning the Quran online with utmost concentration & dedication, he will experience supreme peace. Quran will unfold the invaluable knowledge regarding what is permissible, what is forbidden, basic good manners & values along with how worship has to happen. The Quran unravel the secrets of Paradise & Hell to Mankind.

Essential Elements of the Quran

Quran essentially means the words of God. The book in which these golden words of God are contained is known as Mushaf. Quran has been narrated in the most unique & exceptional style. It is considered that one cannot translate the Quran keeping all its meanings intact. Hence, any translated version of the Quran is always referred to as an interpretation of it.

When God sent Prophet to numerous provinces, he was permitted to display miracles. These miracles were appropriately relevant to the specific era. Be it, Moses or Muhammad, they did guide people over the path duly showed by God. Many of such incidences are documented in the Quran to illustrate their journey.

Historical Facts about Quran

Muhammad recited the Quran, which are the words of God to Arabs. During those times, Arabs were mesmerized by the sublime language & depth of the messages. Quran was believed to be Muhammad’s miracle from God. However, Arabs knew that Muhammad was not able to read as well as write. So the eloquent words recited by him have to be directly from God. Some Arabs refused to believe that these were God’s words. Therefore, God challenged them for the creation of words, which are as precious as the Quran.

The same is documented in Quran (2:23), that if anyone of you is having any doubt over what is sent by God through his slave Muhammad, and then try to produce a chapter, which is like the script of Quran. They were also asked to call their supporters & helpers to act as a witness if they were truthful.

As soon as the fact is established that Quran is having the exact words flowed from the lips of Muhammad being a messenger of God, one should rest assured about the authenticity. The message & text of the Quran has been unaltered for more than 1400 years. A child is Egypt & a woman in France is holding the same Mushaf in their hand & has access to the same message from God. There is no variation in the same. The holy words of God will benefit each & every believer & devotee at the same time.

As God assured it in the Quran, he will always protect his words. He said that he had sent the Quran & he will guard the same from any possible corruption. This meant that God would be the protector of his own words & safeguard the script from being edited in the form of inclusion & exclusion. God himself for saving the sanctity of the Holy Book has prohibited any alteration for the original message from God.

The Quran was sent down from the heavens. He sent angel Gabriel in the auspicious month of Ramadan. Angel Gabriel gradually revealed the words to Muhammad. Today Quran’s meanings are translated in more than 100 languages worldwide. Also, the same is available for believers on the Internet. One can easily enrol for learning the Quran online through virtual classes. It is very easy & convenient to get access to the most proficient teachers from the globe. Learning the Quran online has its perks & benefits. Also, it is a great help in fulfilling our religious obligations.

The Ultimate Book of Wisdom: Quran

Learning the Quran online has its benefits. God himself has said the same in the second verse of Quran that there is no confusion that this book is an ultimate guiding note for those who are devout, righteous & fear the Almighty. Learning the Quran online requires relatively fewer efforts compared to the traditional one. It adds the benefit of convenience in the entire process. Each Muslim from every corner of the globe can fulfil his obligation towards Allah by taking up class & learning the Quran online. Believing in the messenger (Muhammad), holy Quran & God’s angels make our belief system complete. Hence, Learning the Quran online can help you to strengthen connect with the Almighty Allah


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