Neyyah In islam


Neyyah In islam

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Neyyah, intention, is the most important part of all of the Muslims’ deeds. Before performing any of the obedience acts, Muslims should intend that his deed is for the sake of God. Learn Quran and Quran will teach you every good manner.

Seeking satisfaction of God

When praying in the presence of others, try to struggle to make your intention for God sake and not for any worldly advantage, and do not share your intention with any other people, and always say to yourself: Oh heart, this deed is for Allah sake and not for any of His creation. You can avoid this, by just concentrating on your Salah and taste the beauty of it, try to reflect every word you are saying in your Salah. Also when you start learning the Quran, try to make your neyyah just for Allah sake, either you are learning traditionally or online, try not to memorize just for show off. If you do any of the worships, remember that you are doing it for Allah sake, so if you do the prayer, the charity, the fast, the learning and memorizing of Quran or any of the righteous deeds for the sake of praising and flattering you, so this is considered shirk.

In the meaning of the Hadith, prophet Muhammed (PUH) said: “Deeds are with intentions, and everyone has what he has intended. Whomever his migration is for Allah and his messenger, so his deeds are for Allah and his messenger. Whoever his deeds are for some worldly thing or a woman to marry, so his migration to whatever he migrate to.”
Imam Alhasan Albasry said: Faith is not by wishing, but it’s what is found in the heart and be verified by action, some people are diverted from the action, wishing forgiveness, till they die without any merit they may do in Donya saying that: We trust in God. Actually, they are liars; they do not trust in God, because if they really have a good trust in Him, they would do good actions.

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When you establish or begin any work, remember that it’s just for Allah sake and non of his creation. You will reward not just for your work, but you will be rewarded for your Neyyah as well. Go Online, read, and learn  about Muslims characters and, you will find a lot of Islamic websites that talk about Neyyah, and the many other Islamic characters. 


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