Honesty was one of the prophets (PUH) characteristics. He was called the truthful and the trustworthy.

Islam is distinguished by good manners, and it takes overspreading the best manners among the believers. Honesty is one of the most important characteristics the Muslim should be characterized with. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was described as being truthful and honest before his prophethood.

What is honesty?

Honesty is defined as saying the truth without changing it. It means to do what you say and that all your deeds are identical to all your sayings. Honesty and truthfulness are considered the weapons of the believers in the battle against the falsehood on earth. They are the merits of those who believe in Allah (SWT) as the only God to be worshipped and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.  

 Honesty always gives strength, reassurance, and self-confidence to the honest person, unlike the liar who always feels afraid of being disclosed and despised by people when they find out his/her reality.

The Arabic word for honesty is “al Amanah” which means trustworthy.  That is to give people their rights and to render back the belongings that are kept with you and to keep these rights for them.  


ISLAM AND HONESTY must be done by Muslims

.Kinds of Honesty (al-Amanah):

Honesty in many kinds like  Amanah, in worship, in keeping properties of people, in responsibilities, in work, in keeping secrets, and in buying and selling to other people.

There are also many kinds of honesty related to the Muslim’s relation with Allah:

– Honesty in intention:

That’s to make your intention pure and directed only to Allah, seeking to please Him alone. Allah the Almighty never accepts deeds unless they are intended only for Him and seeking to please no one except Him.

– Honesty in sayings:

It means that your sayings are always truthful and identical to your deeds. A true Muslim never lies as our beloved Prophet told us. A good Muslim should always say the truth and should abstain from changing it. A true Muslim’s sayings should be reflections of what is in his/her heart. Although the tongue is one of the smallest organs in the human body, it can lead the human being to hell if it isn’t used rightfully.

Honesty in Deeds:  

Honesty is when your sayings are identical to your deeds. If a true Muslim says that he/she will do something, then he/she should do it. A true Muslim should have honesty in all kinds of works he/she does. Islam imposes on Muslims to perfect what they do as Allah (SWT) likes it when one perfects his/her work. So a good Muslim should be an honest teacher who does his best to help students, an honest doctor who always helps sick people and is compassionate to the poor, an honest engineer who performs his/her work perfectly and watches Allah in everything he/she does. Thus, honesty is an essential characteristic that a Muslim must have while doing every small or big deed because he/she knows that Allah is watching over him/her and counting every single word he/she utters.

    Honesty also means to keep promises and never breaks them. Those who fulfil their vows and keep their promises are true believers that Allah (SWT) promised to have mercy upon them.

  Honesty and truthfulness are very connected characteristics; the honest person must be truthful and vice versa. Honesty also has a wider meaning as it also implies rendering all rights and debts back to their owners. It is one of the best manners a Muslim should adhere to. It brings a love of Allah and guarantees love and respect for people.

Kinds of Honesty (al Amanah) in Islam:

In Islam, there are many forms of honesty:

– The Islamic religion is considered as (Amanah) or trusteeship that a Muslim should keep and perform perfectly seeking the face of Allah (SWT). Muslims have to call for their religion, spread it and deliver it to all people on the earth.

– Keeping secrets is honesty (Amanah), and a good Muslim should never reveal other people’s secrets.  The person who keeps others’ secrets gains their love and respect. Keeping secrets maintains good relations among Muslims and bring peace to communities.

– Money is being considered as (Amanah) which Allah gives to the servant to be spent in what pleases Allah and benefits people.

– Children are (Amanah) and bringing them up according to the values of Islam is from honesty.

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