learning the Quran for kids


learning the Quran for kids

learning the Quran for kids One of the best works that a person can do in order to be close to Allah is to memorize and study the Holy Quran, as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”   (Al-Bukhari).
The first step in accomplishing this is to learn how to read the Quran the right way and teach it to your children.
The Almighty said, “We have not sent down the Qur’an to thee that thou shouldst be distressed”. Allah promises us a good life, elevating ourselves to be pure and to live in contentment.

Therefore, Learning Quran online is greatly important for Muslims, to learn and increase the understanding of the Holy Quran.
A significant number of us learn the Holy Quran in childhood. The majority of us learn Quran in our youth. Some individuals have not yet contemplated the Holy Quran. One of the fundamental purposes behind this issue is the inaccessibility of fitting educators who coach such individuals. Folks face numerous issues in discovering a legitimate educator close to their house. This eventually prompts children surrendering to seek learning, and those children never come to comprehend the ethical learning.

We should emphasize the fact that Quran memorization is a great virtue for Muslims, especially for children, It also guides them to ways of good.

Why Learning Quran for Kids?

Muslims should know that memorizing Quran helps to brighten the child’s mind and guide him properly through his knowledge of the meanings of the Holy Quran and its interpretation.
The stage of childhood is one of the most important stages in a child’s life. This stage is characterized by their ability to learn and develop. Therefore, many people resort to memorizing the Holy Quran and teach themselves the provisions of Islam. This helps to build a conscious generation capable of building a society according to the teachings of Islam.
Learning Quran for kids has never been easier until online classes came in the picture. It is a common perception that learning the Quran is hard, but that was before people enrolled in these classes. Children are usually given special attention, and the other good thing is that they can start at an early age. This will ensure that they get all the details of the Quran, and since they use progressive teaching, the tutors usually prefer starting with the learning of Arabic letters before they introduce them to the Quran.

Know About Quran Learning 

Benefits of Online Quran School for kids

if you are a parent or an older brother you can see most of the parents are just too busy in their own lives that they find very little time to teach their kids the art of reading Quran in this busy world.

Nonetheless, the importance of reading the Holy Quran cannot be neglected.
Keeping the attention of the kids on the right track becomes very important when it comes to teaching the Quran. Many people think that Online Quran School is an amazing alternative solution.

You can find many websites offering Quran learning and memorizing courses for kids. You just need to enroll your kids in any of these good websites that you trust. To keep the kids motivated about reading the Quran is the biggest challenge nowadays.

I am sure that everyone will seek to teach his kids the Quran, if he knows the virtue of Quran Hafiz, that his parents will be clothed with garments on the Day of Resurrection, which far surpasses everything in this world, and that is because they took care of their child and taught him the Holy Quran. Even if they were illiterate themselves, Allah will honour them in favour of their child.

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

 ” Whoever recites the Quran, learns it and acts according to it will be given a crown of light to wear on the Day of Judgement whose light will be like the sun. His parents will be clothed in two garments that did not exist in this worldly life. So they will say, what has caused us to be clothed (in these garments)?’ It will be said: “Your child taking hold of the Quran has caused this.”

(Al Hakim graded it authentic and Ath Thahabe agreed with him)

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