New Muslim and “Revert” Course Online


New Muslim and “Revert” Course Online

New Muslim and “Revert” Course Online Embracing Islam is always a big‏ important step; a new phase of life is starting. It means a lot of changing and challenges because it involves a person breaking through his past beliefs. Consequently, Allah rewards such people by forgiving all their past sins and starting their accounts anew. Contemplate the following hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him):

“Islam demolishes all the previous evil deeds and so do the migration (for Allah’s sake) and Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah)”. (Sahih Muslim, Vol.1, Chapter 52, Page 18).‏

If you ask a new Muslim, What motivated you to convert to Islam? How did you decide to abandon your original religion and convert to another?

You will listen to many wonderful stories… some of those who converted to Islam because they influenced by hearing the Quran; some have interested in the teachings of Islam, and many other stories.

Moreover, this is considered a good decision that they have taken by themselves to adopt a new faith identity and realize the true purpose of his or her life, which is to recognize God, follow His commandments and see the light of Islam.

As a New Muslim

The day that follows the day of the Shahadah is the beginning of the new journey to be a Muslim. However, this is not enough, new Muslim should care much to know more about his religion and practice the rituals that required of him and look for those who guide him.

So for the first thing that a New Muslim should do after Converting to Islam and performing the purifications; is to learn how to pray and perform the prayers. That does not mean one should not delay their conversion due to not being able to pray.

Most new Muslims are very enthusiastic from the day they pronounce the Shahadah but do not know enough about how to perform the acts of worshipping that imposed on them. They want to pray or do Hajj but do not know-how, how to fast or how to give Sadaqah and Zakaah. One should first convert and then do their best to learn and understand the basics and the pillars of Islam in the right way. Learn about the Quran and its importance in the life of the Muslim, the duties and rights of Muslims. He should search for a safe and trustworthy place to ask his questions without hesitation.

The New Muslim needs to know.

You may hear about the “Revert to Islam” course, there where new Muslim would find societies and individuals provide him with satisfactory assistance to all brothers and sisters of Islam. So that they can reassure, learn their religion and rituals in a proper manner.

The idea of the course is to help in understanding the new ways of life that new Muslims have chosen for themselves by choosing Islam.‏ the advantage of this course is that any new Muslim or even non-Muslim who thinks of embracing Islam can join and learn.

The importance of “Revert to Islam” coursework is not only by explaining the fundamentals of Islam and the importance of worship but by also providing the new Muslims with the right atmosphere and freedom to ask their questions about Islam and discussing freely. One may ask questions about daily life such as Wuḍū or Hijab, Philosophical matters, or other controversial issues, which helps to correct the path of the new converts.

We know very well that those who converted to Islam have just taken the most important decision in their lives and changed their religion to another. It is necessary to maintain the behaviour of that religion, practice its rituals and follow the teachings of Allah Almighty, to keep this religion of loss or relapse.

 Converts to Islam run the gamut of life transformation; the road that the convert enters upon is a lifelong path. They will face challenges as a neophyte and then face new challenges as a seasoned veteran of their faith. Those who have converted to Islam has indeed taken an important first step on the path to God, but there are many more steps, that will follow that first one In the Islam path and in the God’s light InshAllah.

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