learn Classical Quranic Arabic

learn Classical Quranic Arabic

How to Learn Classical Quranic Arabic?

Classical Quranic Arabic is the language of the ancient Arabs before and after Islam. They used to speak the very eloquent, intact and rich Arabic language. It is also the language that Allah the Almighty chose to reveal the Quran into His last Prophet Peace Be upon Him. Classical Arabic is also known as one of the most eloquent and wealthiest languages. Hence the language of the Noble Quran came with linguistic phenomena which reached the end of eloquence. “192Truly, this Quran has been sent down by the Lord of the Worlds: 193 the Trustworthy Spirit brought it down 194 to your heart [Prophet] so that you could bring warning 195 in a clear Arabic tongue”. (Quran, The Poets).
Since Allah the Almighty made the words of the Noble Quran, they are not like any other words; they have their divine beauty, the miraculous linguistic, the entire text, the infallible word, the unique rhythm and the perfect structure.
Why should all Muslims learn Quranic Arabic online?
All Muslims need to learn traditional Quranic Arabic to manage to establish their daily prayers, recite the verses of the Noble Quran, make supplications and grasp the beauty of the divine verses.
Arab Muslims have no problems with learning classical Quranic Arabic as they learn it at schools, Masjids, and universities.
However, it is a challenge for non-Arab Muslims to study Arabic Online. It is true that they can read and understand the meanings of the Noble Quran in English, French, German or any other translation of the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran. However, they still need to learn classical Quranic Arabic for the following reasons:

They need to learn classical Quranic Arabic so that they can understand what they say while establishing their daily prayers.
Moreover, they also need to learn classical Quranic Arabic so that they can read the Quran in Arabic and gain the vast reward from Allah for reciting it in Arabic, the language it was revealed in.
Learning classical Quranic Arabic pave the way for non-Arab Muslims to explore the Arab world and the culture which helps them deepen their understanding of Islam and the environment in which it had first emerged.
Learning classical Quranic Arabic is considered an essential step for non-Arab Muslims who seek to learn Quran online with Tajweed and to learn other religious sciences such as jurisprudence and Hadith.
Learning classical Quranic Arabic opens the window for new reverts and non-Arab Muslims to communicate with their brothers which strengthens the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam.

How can non-Arab Muslims learn classical Quranic Arabic?

There are some traditional and modern ways of learning classical Quranic Arabic:

Traditional methods of determining classical Quranic Arabic:

Non Arab Muslims and new reverts can join on-site classes provided by an Islamic centre, school or Masjid and dedicated to teaching traditional Quranic Arabic along with Quran and Tajweed as well. In such on-site courses, they can receive a proper quality learning through well qualified and authenticated teachers of Arabic and Quran. However, it is not easy for all persons to reach such classes especially if they are held far from their residence.

As a non-Arab who wants to learn Arabic, you can assign a private tutor of Arabic who can teach you classical Quranic Arabic at home. It is the right way, but expensive in most cases.

Some learners resort to self-learning strategies depending on educational videos presented on Youtube. However, this way is not sufficient for meeting the learners’ expectations of having a lot of training in practising the classical Quranic Arabic.

The most modern techniques of learning are enrolling yourself in one of those online classes provided by many Islamic educational websites on the internet. Well qualified, authorized and native teachers, as well as online Quran academy of classical Quranic Arabic, teach online to help you learn and practice classical Quranic Arabic as much as you need. You need to have good internet access, online meeting platform, a smartphone or a computer-supported with headphone and a microphone to start your online journey to learn classical Quranic Arabic.


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