tips learning Arabic Vocabulary

tips learning Arabic Vocabulary

Tips for Learning Arabic Vocabulary

tips learning Arabic Vocabulary The Arabic language is as authentic as its past; it is one of the oldest languages in the world, the language of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the language of Allah Almighty’s speech in the Holy Quran, 1400 years ago, is still one of the languages used among Arabs to this day.

The classical Arabic language remains the basic reference for communication between all Arabic speaking Arabic and classical Arabic in education, writing, and in various media outlets.

Some tips for learning Arabic vocabulary:-

1-Write Down some Words and Say Them with Aloud
Voice to practice new words, then write each one five times. And Say the word loud each time you transcribe it. These steps will help you become familiar with new vocabulary quickly.

2-Associate the New Word with a lot of ways such as a Picture,

Associate the New Word with a lot of ways such as a Picture, and if you want to remember the words and its pronunciation, associate it with a specific picture or a sound, It helps you save the world and remember it quickly.

3-Record Yourself Speaking the New Words
When you record yourself and hear what you’ve recorded, you see any errors you’ve made; you can correct every mistake.

4- Use the Vocabulary you are Learning
much time you have the opportunity to interact with a native Arabic speaker, make a point, and a target of using 5-10 words you have been studying in conversation.

5- Practicing Arabic as a regular part of your life.
Just like eating every meal and brushing your teeth. At any time you set in your schedule, keep this appointment with yourself for studying and practising the language.

Summary of methods of learning and mastering the vocabulary of the Arabic language:-
The more you hear, the more you do, the better your Arabic language, the easier it is to listen to the right words with the correct pronunciation, and adequately, it is not required to reach the level of eloquence, but it is important not to be an incomprehensible method. Try to watching documentaries or listening to speeches and lectures that are in the fluent Arabic language, as we have stated. You can also join some classes to study Arabic online.
Speaking and practice:-
Come after the listening phase, speak Arabic with your cronies, and you can agree with one of your friends to strengthen the Arabic language with, don’t talk to each other, and you may have to stand in front of the mirror and speak as if you were talking to the masses. This method is beneficial and very productive.

The Arabic reading content is well-located on the Internet, as in many newspapers, search the Internet in various fields, read novels, magazines, etc. This helps you teach Arabic vocabulary.


After the experience of the past, you will find that writing has become a simple matter, especially after reading in dictation and numbering. You can begin to write what you learn every day, trying to write it in the classical Arabic language. Yes, at first, I’ll skip it, but you can find the right writing and modify your mistake, and then you’ll never get over what you’ve already corrected, You can also write on different topics, and first Test yourself, in the end, you’ll find a lot of change.

Finally, after all the methods and tips we have mentioned to learn and master the vocabulary of Arabic, we want to say that the Arabic language has a special place and great importance, the Arabic language has acquired beauty and creativity from the beauty of its lettering when you pronounce, hear and write, it is the mother tongue and it is not compared to any other language.




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