If You Don’t Have a Quran Teacher, How Could You Learn Quran Online?

Arabic Teacher online

If you don’t have a Quran Teacher, how could you learn Quran Online?

Quran is so important as it is Allah’s book, so if you don’t have any Quran teacher in your city or your town or your village whatever you are, don’t worry, you have an alternative.

You can learn Quran online. There are many academies and many platforms that provide learning Quran so, you can have a Quran teacher online, you can listen to Quran online.




You can memorize Quran online, you can learn about Islamic studies and everything you want to learn about Quran online through these useful platforms and academies.

As Quran is Allah’s book and it is a sacred book which Allah revealed to our Prophet Muhammad so, we should learn Quran and we should recite it and understand it.

Maybe you can play Quran and listen to it and try to recite it as you listen and learn how to pronounce Quranic words in Arabic by these online academies, but also you need a guide, you need a person who will answer your questions, who will correct your mistakes, who will help you to understand the meaning of each verse you memorize.

That’s why you should check online academies and platforms. Many new Muslims, actually most new Muslims seek these online academies and seek for finding a proficient Quran teacher to help them to learn The Holy Quran.

So, there are some ways to learn Quran online if you don’t have a Quran teacher:

  1. You can check online academies and platforms:

As we mentioned before, there are many online academies and many online platforms, Islamic Academies actually and Islamic platforms too that provide you with the correct learning of Quran and Islam and everything related to Islam.

You as a new Muslim, are a beginner for these academies so, there are levels and that help you to know about Islam matters. You should apply to these academies.

And they will put you in the right direction, they will choose a program for you and not any program no, a proper program for you, like what should you know as a new Muslim, what should you learn, what should you memorize and what should you understand.

It helps you really and it will work so, you can search online for those online academies and check one and apply.

  1. You can look for Quran teachers in these online academies:

After applying for an Academy and after finding your proper program, you will have a Quran teacher. So, you can choose your Quran teacher if you want a male teacher, you can have and if you want a female teacher, you can have one too.

So, it is up to you, you can choose whoever your Quran teacher is, the best one that you feel comfortable with, the best one who benefit from and if you don’t like him or her and you want to change, you can send to the Academy and you can have another one so easily.

So,  in these online academies, you can learn Quran online at home or wherever you are, you don’t have to look for a place or travel, also you can change your teacher so you have options.

  1. You can search for Quran learning websites to listen to Quran and to understand how to pronounce some words.

After applying to your Islamic academy and after finding your suitable Quran teacher, you can record your session which is an online session to listen to it later and repeat it to benefit from it.  Also, repeat will help you, your Quran teacher will provide you with the best Quran list to listen to and the best Quran Qari’ to listen to him and to repeat the verses you have learned and you should memorize.

  1. Quran Learning Websites.

Also if you can’t have a Quran teacher, you can benefit from these online academies too. You can search for online websites that provide you with learning Quran.

There are some lists to listen to Quran and some instructions to pronounce some Quranic words correctly and know how to pronounce this and that and so on.

There are many benefits from learning Quran online, it is not only about finding a Quran teacher if you don’t have any Quran teacher in your area or something no, but it is also about benefits for you.

When you learn Quran online, you will have a specific time for it, so you can do all things and take it after finishing. There is no way to say “I’m so tired I can’t go” because it’s online. you don’t have to get dressed and travel.

For example; if the student goes daily to learn Quran, he will go just three times a week. Why??? Because he feels lazy, cannot get ready, and have transportation to go but learning online has flexibility, you can have your session in your bedroom.

So you can learn Quran online and you can have a Quran teacher all that you need is to search for an online Academy and apply for it and leave it to them they will guide you in the right direction to have the suitable program and to have the best results.

So what will you have in these online classes and with the Quran teacher?

What are online Quran classes about?

  • These classes help students to memorize Quran, Surah by Surah to finish it. All Muslims seek for finishing memorizing Quran.
Arabic Teacher online
Arabic Teacher online
  • Online Quran classes educate students on Tajweed which is the rules of pronunciation. It helps the new Muslims and non-Arab to recite Quran. It works in the process of memorizing the Quran and not only memorizing it but also pronounce each word correctly. So, by Tajweed, students will be able to pronounce the letters and the sounds rightly. And, they will study the rules of the Arabic Language, Tajweed is the grammar of the Quran.


  • Online Quran classes teach students about the heritage of Islam. Teachers talks with the students about Islam in a very short time in every session and about the Islamic teachings and traditions.



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