Health Benefits of Reciting the Holy Quran

Health benefit of holy Quran

Health Benefits of reciting the Holy Quran         

Health benefit of holy Quran
Health benefit of holy Quran


Quran is the last divine book that Allah revealed to the prophet Muhammed [pbuh] for Muslims. It is the sacred word of God intended to guide the believers to the straight path and to correct any mistakes in the previous Holy books. Recitation of the Quran is considered great worship for which the person is rewarded.

As the prophet said “whoever recites a letter from Allah’s book, he will get the reward from it, and the reward of a letter is like ten. We do not consider Alf lam mim ia a letter, But alif is a letter, Lam is a letter, mim is a letter.” Also, the person who is proficient in the recitation of the Quran will be with the most honorable and obedient angels in the Hereafter, however, the person who is not perfect in the recitation and finds it difficult and does his best to recite will get two rewards, one for recitation and the other for his trials to recite.

Also, Quran is the source of guidance. Allah {S.W.T} included the right choice for every issue in life in it. You will find a solution to any problem you face and any situation you get through and it brings you comfort and the feeling of safety too.

So, reciting Quran has mental, spiritual, and psychological benefits. The first of these is

  • Protects us from psychological diseases

According to research conducted at the University of Salford, United Kingdom. In this study, 15 male and 15 female Muslim psychology students were included and they examine two conditions.  In first conditions, the heart rate, perceived stress level, and blood pressure of participants were checked before and after reading Holy Quran.

In the second condition, the same factors were checked before and after reading a non-religious book in an Arabic text.

Researchers found that the heart rate, perceived stress level, and the blood pressure of the students who read the Quran dropped after reading while no changes are noticed in the students who read the Arabic book. SO, researchers concluded that reciting the Holy Quran is surprisingly beneficial to the health and the well-being of the individual, especially that high blood pressure may cause hypertension which leads in many cases to death.

  • Protects us from dangerous animal bites

It was said that a man was bitten by a snake and the cure used for him is the recitation of Sura Al Fatiha and he got better. There is no doubt that the bite of the snake is very dangerous yet it was cured very simply.

  • Improves our memory

This may be strange but it is absolutely real that the recitation of the Quran makes our memory better. The brain part which is responsible for the memory needs regular exercise to get refreshed, sharp and strong. The recitation causes relaxation and this helps to keep the memory alive.  Ali ibn Abi Talib said,” Five things remove forgetfulness and increase memory the tooth stick, fasting, recitation of the Quran, honey, and frankincense”.

  • Treats depression and anxiety

Depression problems are increasingly common nowadays. They affect  Muslims and non-Muslims suffer equally. Quran plays a great role in treating those negative feelings. If you feel depressed or sad and just read some verses from the Quran, you will feel comfortable and receive tranquility and peace of mind and soul. As Allah said in Surah el ESRAA“ And We send down of the Quran that is a healing and a mercy to the believers”.

            5. Feeling of satisfaction.                      

Reciting Quran provides the person with positive thoughts and feelings. It makes him feel secured and loves so that he is able to live his life, face his problems with a pure mind and comfortable heart and solve them peacefully. In contrast, if the person abandons the Holy Quran he will be pessimistic, sad, confused, and always feel in trouble facing any life obstacles. This would return negative results in the person’s health and this tension may cause him to think about suicide.

All in all, it is very clear that reciting Quran has great benefits to our health mental, spiritual and physical as well. It is very useful to the person to have a constant and deep connection with Allah through the Quran.

And, finally, Quran has many advantages. It really improves the spirit side, health side, the social side and it improves any part of humans. It heals us, it improves us and it encourages us to do anything well.

To be close to Allah is our aim as Muslims, so as long as we are close to Allah, we recite Quran, we do everything Allah asks us to do, as long as we feel satisfied with life and with ourselves. That’s why we need to recite Qur’an and we need Allah.

Maybe for some people, they wonder how is related! how can read a book related to health and so on? But the answer is when you feel comfortable and feel satisfied, you feel secure, you feel better and better and better you can feel that after reciting Quran. It’s an energy, a power to face any problem and to face the real world.

Reciting the Quran enhances your life to be a good one and to make you feel energetic.No worries about anything that can harm you or something can destroy you because after a while of reciting the Quran you’re going to understand that all this life is nothing and we must only concern about the hereafter.

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