The Most Ideal Way to Memorize Quran and you are never going to forget it.


The Most Ideal Way to Memorize Quran and you are never going to forget it.


Quran is the holy book. It is Allah’s words. Every Muslim should memorize Quran and recite it daily.

Many Muslims seek for learning Quran and seek a way to memorize Quan and never forget it again, here we are, we have the most ideal way to memorize Quran without forgetting it.

The most effective and ideal way is to understand each meaning of each word in the Quranic verse you memorize and listen to the story of the Surah you are learning:

The best way to learn Quran and memorizing it is to understand the meaning and listen to the story. So, we have 2 parts to apply the Ideal Way.

  1. You need to check for the meaning of each word you memorize and ask your Quran teacher to explain the verses for you. If you understand what you memorize, you will never forget it because you will link each verse to another word to another word and so on. You will memorize the Holy Quran easily and meaningfully. So, it is important to study Tafseer’s studies which is the interpretation of the Quran.

If you get used to understanding the meaning of each Quranic verse, it will help you to never forget it again because you understand it, so it is like related verses, if you understand the verse, you would know what is the next verse.

  1. Listen to the story of the Surah you memorize.

You need to listen to the story of Surah you memorize in the Quran; The Holy Quran is about stories. If you understand the stories and if you ask your Quran teacher to explain them to you as any story, you will understand it very carefully and you will be able to recite Quran easily because you have already listened to the story and understand each detail in it. So, if you finish a verse, you will remember what happens next in the story and you will say the next verse.

So, it is really an effective way to listen to the stories. You can listen to it by your Quran teacher, you can watch it on YouTube by Islamic channels or you can read the story by Google.

So, there are many ways to listen to the stories of the Quran. These are the two effective ways to apply the ideal way to memorize it without forgetting it which is to understand each verse and each Quranic word in the Holy Quran.

We all should understand it, it is not optional to understand or not, no, memorizing Quran and learning Quran is about reciting it daily and understand it and understand each principle and concept mentioned in it.

Allah tells us many stories in His Book, the Holy Quran, so we all as good Muslims, need to take advantage of and to learn something good and know what is bad to be away from. So, Quran is about understanding. If you understand it very well, you will know what Allah asks you to do and prevents you from doing it. This is the wisdom of the Quran.

Learning Quran is very important and ordered by Allah to all Muslims, it is required. It teaches lessons and behaves us. Now, you can memorize Quran online if you have any problems like travel problems or time problems and if you want to learn Quran, you have many Islamic platforms and many Islamic schools to teach you Quran online while you are at home.

Why we must learn Quran?

  1. The Holy Quran will guide us to Paradise the Janna that Allah promises us to get if we are good Muslims.

When we learn Quran and memorize it, it will be our best friend. We can find everything literally in the Holy Quran, we can find stories, advice, and morals. The Holy Quran tells us what Allah wants us to do and what He prevents us from doing. So, it will lead us to Paradise if we follow it and makes us avoid Hell.

  1. The Holy Quran provides a great knowledge of the Islamic heritage

The Holy Quran talks about the stories of the last people and what they did. So, we will learn from it. when we learn Quran and learn to recite it, we will understand the meaning of the stories and the morals; so, we will get the idea of each story that Allah tells us in His book.

  1. The Holy Quran teaches us many things in our life.

The Quran is not just a book to read or to have an idea. The Holy Quran includes many things, there is a life inside it; many stories, many incidents. Quran is not talking only about the past but it talks about everything we face in our daily life. Many scientific inventions are found in Quran at first; for example, the Quran talks about the planets before a man knows about space and travels to Mars, and discovers where we live and how many planets there are. Quran mentions this in Surah Yusuf.

So, the Quran gives us a great knowledge of the past and leads us to live our present and let us choose where we will be in the future.

  1. The Holy Quran calls peace and comfort.

Reciting the Holy Quran makes you feel comfortable and peaceful. The Holy Quran means peace satisfaction so we need to learn core and learn how to recite it correctly to do what a lot wants us to do and to feel that can be 14-piece like any other Muslim.

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