How to raise up your child in the west

How to raise up your child in the west

How to raise up your child in the west

There is a huge difference between western culture and eastern culture so, raising the child in such a kind of environment is really a tough job. But if a few kinds of care is taken you can raise your Childs according to your own desires.

Parenting in west countries is really a hard task if you are a Muslim and want to raise your child according to Islamic lifestyles, values and want to keep maintained our Islamic heritage. There are few recommendations that are helpful to borough your child up in the west. 

No doubt, there are certain challenges to face if you stay in Muslim minority countries or in the west. Some social norms like music and alcohol in the west, media, and entertainment, peer pressure cause a challenge to Muslim parents although it may be helpful because the internet and satellite television trending into cultural norms. But if some of the instructions are followed you can reward your destination.

1.Happy and peaceful home environment

Create a happy and peaceful environment at home to maintain a friendly relationship between the kids and the parents. A peaceful place is very necessary to keep the mind cool and adoptive to learn the activities and learnings. If you provide such an environment a child always free and happy to adopt the learnings and maximum feedback can be taken by a child. To obtain this objective parent are allowed to keep a happy home environment. The children always feel safe and with family and friends.

A huge bundle of love and care to children creates harmony in your mutual interaction. there must be no gap between the parents and the children which makes them comfortable by spending some time in activities with them at home. Always try to encourage their hidden talents and provide them a guidelines and discipline when need. 

You should keep in mind your actions are just for the sake of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and HE will always reward for every action taken for HIS sake. So be confident and do what you can do and leave rest to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. Parents, mutual understanding is very important to keep in account because this bound automatically influence on children’s’ mind. Some parents choose to teach their children at home. Home base schooling allows more penetrating power to Islamic norms, particularly in Muslim minority countries. This platform provides a happy and peaceful home environment.


Supplications are the superior actions of guidance. Always try to make supplications to ALLAH Pak to listen to your prayers. Entreaty with whole heart and soul grant us the right path. ALLAH says that means {Call on Me; I will answer your prayers.} (Ghaffir40:60). In another chapter, HE says the What means, {And when My servants question you concerning Me, I am near; I answer the call of the caller when he calls to let them respond to Me, and let them believe in Me that they might go aright.] (Al-Baqarah.2:186).

3.Reciting Holy Quran on daily bases

Reciting the Holy Quran on daily bases is the most important feature of this guideline because it makes you a punctual man and children will adopt it by seeing you. They will become habitual to recite it on daily bases. you should teach Quran Pak to your children ask them to understand the meaning of Quran can make yourself understand the meaning of Quran-Pak as well as to your children’s also only by online courses and outsourcing to those who have knowledge about it.

Borough the chides up with the holy Quran will also be helpful to thrum at any stage of life. No matter where they would live, where they go if their hearts are flourish with the light of Quran Pak. Some parents brought up their children as hadiths (a Muslim who learn Quran by heart), which motivates them to hold the complete Quran to heart.

4.Attention to your child

Proper attention to your child is very important. Listen to your child is a very important key factor for effective communication. If communication is effective between the children and the parents, they feel secure to share with parents if they are facing any kind of problem because they know their parents will listen to them and understand them that’s the actual harmony which is needed to be obtained. But if the situation is vice versa it is very difficult to obtain mutual collaboration. Many parents lack contact with children and the communication gap is developed between the children and their parents.

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some of them try to impose their decisions on them which makes them rebel and they look for help outside the home due to lack of mutual trust which means going down the wrong path. So, don’t let them outside the house. 

Try to make comfortable it for them. Children are the mirrors of their parent’s behaviour. So try to learn something together, resolving disputes together, discussing the seerah (biography of the Prophet) before bedtime can add a positive mark towards your victory. Children having the freedom of speaking are always confident in the outer environment. They can make a decision early. Mental growth is also flourished in this try to keep this harmony alive.

5.Good friends circle 

Try to keep good company circle with having a keen interest in Islam because a man is always known by the company he will automatically influence on you as well as on your home environment it is a very easy task to grow your child as his friends are and as you have chosen a friend with the same pattern allows the child to differentiate his limitations in Islam as there is no concept of alcohol and night club parties. So they will be careful about it.

It’s a great challenge to raise your child in such a kind of environment but everything is possible with courage and trust in ALLAH Almighty, which helps to strengthen the belief of towhead in our self and also in our children which ultimately leads to a straight path.  


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