Best Quran Online Institutions

Best Quran Online Institutions

Quran which means “the recitation” is the main religious book of Islam. Quran is believed to be the finest text of the Arabic literature world. And reading it online will help you to learn the finest literature from the comfort of your home. Also, the online classes can be accessed from any time and anywhere, so you will not miss out on anything. In this article, we will unveil four websites that serve as the best Quran online institute.
Before we list our options for the online institutes, let us first know the advantages of learning Arabic.
● It is a popular language in the World, used in all the Arab countries
● Being a business hub, learning Arabic languages can make the process of business in Arab easy.
● Major Islamic countries follow the Arabic language, and determining the same would make it easier for them.
Now, let us proceed with our article by listing the best Quran Online Institutes available on the internet.

The Al-Azhar Quran Teaching provides online Arabic and Quran teaching for beginners as well as advanced learning. The primary objective is to bring the Arabic language and Quran teachings close to the learners, anytime anywhere. This institute has the best teachers and scholars who share all the required research work, guides, and worksheets for your better understanding.
This online institute offers many courses for children and working professionals according to their preference irrespective of their age. The course structure is so simple that you can start from scratch and become a pro by the end of the course. There are many reasons to choose this website, some of them are listed below:
● The teachers are highly qualified, enthusiastic, and patient. They will help you with all the resources for your better understanding.
● You can choose a time according to your preference because the teachers are available here for 24 hours and seven days a week.
● The course structure is highly interactive that would improve all your reading and writing skills.
● Some of the beginner’s course for learning the language is free of cost.
Al Azahar Arabic online
This website with its outstanding services is another online Quran learning institute. The vision of this website is to instill proper teaching of the subject to each so that when accompanied by regular practice, the course proves to be one of the most beneficial among still all. The benefit of learning the Quran online is that you can access it from anywhere and with 24*7 availability of teachers, you will not have to adjust your time instead choose a time of your choice.
There are various courses available for all that includes courses for beginners to advanced level. The teachers here are very supportive who are ready to answer all your queries and clear all the doubts. On special request, this website can arrange a lady teacher for a lady student. There is no fixed criteria to start learning this course, anybody who is willing to learn Arabic and the Quran can learn this irrespective of their age or gender. Some key features of this online institute are:
● The one on one learning technique from the experienced instructors.
● The courses are customized as per requirement.
● Women teachers are available for Women students on demand.
● Direct Interaction with educators from the biggest Arab speaking nation.
● Flexible timings.
● The candidates can take their time and schedule the classes as per their choice.

Al-Azhar Classes 

Generally, Arabic is said to be the most spoken language on the planet, and this website will help those who do not know the language to learn it with full confidence. To learn this language online, students would need a simple set up of a laptop or desktop or a tablet. As the classes are online, high-speed broadband is a necessity. Also, speakers, a good microphone, and meeting software are needed to share the screen. People of any age who wants to learn this fine literature can join the course. This academy also respects a student’s privacy and provides a female teacher for a female student on demand. Some other feature of this online academy includes:
● A discount on the courses is available if two or more than two people from the same family come to learn it.
● Full transparency is provided on the teacher’s profile which would show their expertise and experience.
● The students have to choose the preferred time of their choice, which would continue until the end of the course.
● Before providing a certificate which is affiliated with the Egypt Ministry of Education, an exam of 1 hour is conducted at the end of the course, to check the student’s understanding of writing and reading the language.

Qualified Quran Teachers

Along with studying the Quran online, there are various other courses like Eijazah Course, Arabic Studies which are available on this website. Educated and highly qualified teachers are a part of this website. This online course will give the students all the fundamentals of the study which would help them to learn everything in and out.
People worldwide have found this course helpful due to the approach with which they make their students learn everything. Ijazah has partnered with many renowned institutions for empowering Muslim communities all over the world. The institute with which they have collaborated are:
● Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)- being partners they aim to work for the Muslim communities ’ development by increasing faith and civic engagement.
● Al-Azahar University- this is the oldest university in Egypt, who together with Eijazah will promote the significance of Islamic culture. This partnership will help the students of Eijazah to get great exposure.
● Clarion Project & Mishkah University- This university is the global leader of authentic Islamic knowledge, and this collaboration would help the students to join the online course and get certified.

A final Say
Thus, all these institutes offer the best Quran courses for a broader range of audience including all age groups.


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  1. Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Best Quran Online Institutions
    Rabia says:

    AsSalaamu Alaikum. Hope you and your family are well I the blessed month of Ramadan. We live in the U.K. and we are eagerly looking for one of your best teacher to help teach our son (age 7) how to recite the Holy Quran online. Please will you let us know what availability you may have as soon as possible. A few days a week and times in accordance to GMT time zone.. we would appreciate some great recommendations from your team on which teachers would be the best fit for our family. We are looking for fluency in reading along with great pronunciation of the Arabic language. Many thanks 😊
    JazakAllah Khair..

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