How to convert from Christianity to islam

How to convert from Christianity to islam

How to convert  from Christianity to Islam

Okay, this is a generalized topic. Google can show you plenty of results for this. But it is an intense process.

Here I’m gonna tell you some intense step to follow as a Muslim that will make a Christian think twice about their religion.

Be a friend: As a Muslim, we tend to befriend with other Muslims we want to connect with Muslims too. But If we become friends with people who are from Another religion, it’s easy to let them know our religion well. Be with them whenever you can. If your friend is in a bad situation, as a Muslim you must do something for them. That’s the way they can see how helpful and extraordinary you are for them. Then they will definitely turn to Allah(SWT). It can be true that your friend may not ever want to become a Muslim. but don’t ever give up on your earnestness. Keep pressing forward them to the right path.

Be a good practitioner of Islam:

Are you really a devoted Muslim?
Do you put Allah first in your life?

You have to make sure to have a close relationship with Allah.

Attend a mosque every day, read the Qur’an, do not do any sinful act, be pure, etc. Make yourself bold and confident before helping others. Keep praying to Allah until your friend converts to Islam. Remember that you can’t force anyone to convert to Islam as Islam teaches religious freedom and no compulsion in religion. If you keep praying to Allah for your friend to become Muslim. Most likely Allah will accept your prayer and your friend will eventually convert to Islam.

Be an example:
Are you a good example of how a Muslim should be?

Be an example to others. Showing a good example is also a big step. Be kind to everyone. Always have a smile on your face and always be grateful to Allah. Allah always wants our Iman to shine. Our actions can create an example that makes a great impact on others. Remember telling is cheaper than actions. Our deeds are worth so much more. Though in this capitalistic society, it seems that Everyone tends to follow the rich and wealthy. But that’s not true, many good-hearted people are there to follow you. Again never stop your Dawah.

Know the context:
Are you a blind follower? If NO, then try to know the context of the person.

You know, every person has their own story. So, try to know the story of the person. It is context analysis. Converting a person isn’t that tough if your approach is right. What is your motif to convert her? Coz you care. Treat them with care. You know during the nineties how the Christian missionary groups worked all over the world? They cared for people, and now see, they’re even succeeded to an extent. Their tactics and approach was right, that’s why.

Don’t argue: Mostly when a person tries to convince another to enter a religion, there is more tension around, so this may be quite difficult. If the person you are talking about has more faith in their religion they might take it as a joke. So this is very difficult. Give them time to think, don’t force them, show them that you care. Show them that you really care for them and show the parts of Islam – about the day of judgment, about the prophet Muhammad (saw). Show the most convincing teachings of Islam that would grow their faith in Islam and that which would convince them to enter Islam. Tell them that the Qur’an speaks more about Jesus.

There are many books written on comparative religion, some of which may be useful. And there are organizations like Dr. Zakir Naik’s IRF. There are also lots of apologist videos online you could make use of.

Don’t judge: Never judge them. Quick judging is so negative. Question yourself; Why do you want to convert faith for faith?

Why Islam is so restrictive?

It’s a common question that I’m frequently asked.
But it is a good question indeed. But at the same time, it is a big problem too.

Why are we so different from everybody?
How come I’ve so many restrictions?
But my friends are doing everything. Everybody around me is doing everything, but I’m the only out of my class. This answer needs a little bit of maturity. Our religion wants good for us in this world, as well as in the next. Every prohibition coming from our religion is one that meant for our good.

es! Islam has restrictions.

It restricts you from drinking and smoking.

It restricts you from walking around half-naked.

It restricts you from hurting other people physically and emotionally.

It restricts you from watching pornography and participating in it.

It restricts you from having sex with multiple partners and having sex before marriage.

It restricts you from disrespecting your parents.

__Blah___blah___blaa & so on.

All these things destroy our morality, destroy our character, and destroy pure psychology. It restricts you from so many things that make this world a bad place. I haven’t mentioned everything because it’ll take days to complete this answer. So if you can’t bear these restrictions, Then I’m sorry, Islam is not the religion for you. You have to understand that any successful human being has to break the trend, has to break free from the crowd. It’s not only about religion, but it’s also outside of religion.

Know your creator well: Let them know their creator as well

Only one Alone ALLAH (SWT)

No relative God

No Mini God

No Demi-God

has no beginning (First), No End (Last), despite the passage of those infinite years. Allah is free from all, from anything, from everything. Allah is the live giver, self-sustainer, the eternal, the only absolute.

There are some linguistic issues, like Allah means God, but God has several categories through words, such Goddess, Godfather, Godmother etc. But Allah is above all.


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