Best Quran Learning Applications

Best Quran Learning Applications

Quran Learning Applications


Best Quran Learning Applications
Best Quran Learning Applications

As Muslims, the Quran is the basic book of guidance. Recitation of the Quran gives us internal satisfaction and also having rewarded us in each alphabet. The Prophet also said

 “The Quran is an intercessor, is permitted to intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of himself, will be led to paradise; whoever puts it behind him, will be steered to hellfire.”

Learning recitation of the Quran is now with the application is easy. You don’t have to take Mushaf with you to learn and recite the Quran. We are mentioning some applications that will help you in learning the Quran.

  • my Quran app:

You can read and listen to the best reciter of the Quran from around the world for example Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Abdur Reham Al-Sudais, and many more. You can learn Makharij from this application. The application has a translation of the Quran in many languages with the original text in Arabic. The application also has tafsir of the Quran but it is only in the Russian language. It has a detailed background of every surah and has a good-looking interface. The application has the feature of changing the font size of the Arabic text. You can search every surah by title name or number. The option of the advance search for the ayahs of the Quran is present. The application has a feature of a favorite column in which you can put any ayah to access it easily. It also can bookmark, so you can remember where you left in your last recitation. The audio player of listening to the recitation is very good and can change the reciter easily. The application also gives you the facility to remove the cache created by the audio files. You can share the ayah you want to your friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter, etc

  • Quran Majeed app:

The Quran in this application is in Uthmani, Mushaf, and Indo-Pak script. The application has the recitation of the famous reciter of the world. The application has 5 different color themes so you can choose from it and change them time by time. The application has another feature of worldwide timings with Azan alarm and sehri and after timings with alarm. It has a Qibla compass, so you can find the direction of Makah and recite the Quran with the face directing the Qibla which has more rewards. The application has four different English translations and 45 translations in other languages, with the option of displaying any translation you want with the Arabic text. It has an Arabic exegesis of the Quran named Jalalain. It has an English and Urdu audio translation option with the playback option as well. The application of bookmarking an ayah for easy access. The application has a feature that shows the Masjids near you. The application has the option of pinch and zoom and the ayah you are reciting remains highlighted. The application has the Hijri calendar and Quranic engagement meter. You can synchronize this application with any android mobile.

  • Quran Memorizer Pro app:

This application is specially built for people who want to memorize the Quran by heart. You can make your profile on this application. The application has a translation of the Quran in 5 different languages. You can play the audio with short intervals during the recitation to remember it and loop one ayah to recite it repeatedly. You can make a playlist so you can listen to that ayah easily at any time, so the ayah that is difficult for you to memorize you can add to your playlist. You can make more than one profile with different names and different avatars. Another feature that helps in memorization is that you can adjust the speed of the recitation you can slow it down to listen to it carefully and remember it. In this application, you have the memorizing progress indicator which shows your progress of memorization. Accessing the Surah and Ayah is very fast and you don’t have to wait for an opening. The graphics of the application is eye-pleasing

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  • I Quran app:

The Arabic text in this application having different colors according to the rules of Tajweed. So the beginners can recite easily by looking at the color and they remember the rule for that word to recite. This feature is present only in this application till now. You can enlarge the Arabic text by zoom in. The application supports the landscape view of the mobile. You can add unlimited bookmarks and add notes to the bookmark. This application has several translation options and there is a unique section of Quranic supplication from which you can remember the Quranic prayer and supplicate in front of Allah to make things easy to learn and memorize the Quran. The search option for this application is very powerful. You can download the recitation from this application to listen to the translation offline. The application also supports continuous recitation for all the reciters. The audio controls are very great and the audio recitation sound is very clear. You can run the recitation as playback to other applications. The application has an English translation with exegesis. It has 15 more translations except for English. You can set a reminder for reciting surah e kahaf for Jummah.

  • Al Quran Pro app:

This is in one app having multiple functions. You can read and recite the Quran offline. The application has the Quranic Arabic text with an elegant style. The color of the pages in the application is similar to the actual pages of the Quran. You don’t need to scroll up and down to go forward or backward rather turn the pages like a real Quran. The application has the recitation of more than 30 best reciters in the world. The unique feature of this application is that you can save an ayah as a beautiful image with translation and send it to your friends on social media. The application has 8 different translations. The application shows the accurate timing of Salah on the current location with the sunrise and sunset timing. The application is having a Qibla compass. Ramadhan fasting time is also there to help in Ramadhan and any other month you want to fast. Another unique feature is that it has 40 supplications of the Quran which starts from “Rabbana”.



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