The Prayer of Need (Salat al-Hajah)

The Prayer of Need (Salat al-Hajah)

The Prayer of Need (Salat al-Hajah)

It is a prayer that is performed whenever you are in dire need of something from God or any human being. It is also offered to attain a particular purpose in your lives or when you face some hardship. Allah Almighty is the ultimate solution to all your problems. So moving towards Him in the right time might save you from further problems. Always remember bowing before Allah is far better than bowing before His creation. The man is sent in this world to be tried and judged for his deeds in his needs. You are sometimes blessed beyond expectations and, at times, you feel deprived of the essential needs.  Allah Almighty says:

“And indeed We will definitely try you until We know the ones of you who strive and the ones who are (steadfastly) patient and (we will) try your tidings.” (Al Quran, 47: 31)

One good Thing

The one good thing is that the love of the Lord is always with you. He guides you on how to behave at the hard times of deprivation and trial. You might need a better job or in search of a good partner. You might be worried about your children or your parents’ health. It can be some business loss or social upheaval. It can also be a world pandemic COVID-19. All you need to do is to find the directions that the Holy Quran and Sunnah have offered us. It is the way to move forward and to keep your hope alive. And the directions are clear. Allah Almighty says:

“And seek help through patience and prayer….” (Al-Quran 2: 45)

You are advised to keep patience and turn back towards Allah Almighty for prayer. The same was the habit of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). Whenever he (PBUH) was in the dire need of something or faced some hardship, he (PBUH) turned back to his Allah Almighty and used to say the Prayer of Need. It (Salatal-Hajah) is one of the possible solutions to your problems, that Allah Almighty has advised and the Holy Prophet PBUH has practiced. It is the love of our creator that he does not leave you in the lurch. He has set many milestones for you to get guidance e.g. The Holy Quran, Sunnah, Prayers, and Supplications. What if the creator suggests a way to move out of them?


“Cleanliness is half of the faith.” To perform the Prayer of Need, you need to take fresh ablution. After that, you perform two Rakat (units) of prayer (salat). After the two Rakat, you go for a sincere supplication to request Allah Almighty for His support and help in the accomplishment of your task. A humble pray and pure heart are more valued by the Lord.


Times of sunrise, Zawal, and sunset is forbidden for any type of prayer in Islam. Except for these particular times, you can offer this prayer at any time. But there are certain times which may take you closer to Allah Almighty. Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that Holy Prophet (SAW) said:

“In the last third of every night, our Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) (Allah (SWT)) descends to the lowermost heaven and says; “Who is calling Me, so that I may answer him? Who is asking Me so that may I grant him? Who is seeking forgiveness from Me so that I may forgive him?” [Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Qudsi]

So, keeping this hadith in mind, the late-night can be the perfect time to request your Lord for your needs. But apart from the timing, it is always the purity and sincerity of your heart that plays an important role in convincing God for your help.


There is no specific text (supplications) to be recited in this prayer. You can pray this one just like any other obligatory prayer. Although there are few supplications found to be recited(in this prayer) in different books, those cannot be linked with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with endorsement. You only need to express your needs or problems open-heartedly with your clean and pure heart.


The Prayer of Need strengthens your faith. It takes you closer to the Lord. It is a manifestation that He is supreme in command and authority. It is an expression of trust in Allah. He loves those who have trust in Him and remains steadfast.  As Allah says:

“Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him] on”. (Holy Qur’an 3:159)

“And Allah loves the steadfast.” (Holy Qur’an 03:146)

Even if you are one of those who believe they are being trialed and tested, again and again, you need not worry. He tests the ones he loves. Allah wants the good of you as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:

“If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.”

(Sahi Bukhari: Vol. 7)

Always remember Allah loves you more than anyone else. He never leaves you in the lurch. He says:

“Your Lord did not abandon you, nor did he forget.” (Al Quran, 93: 3)

The current global scenario of COVID-19 increases the importance of the Prayer of Need. The man is exposed to the fatal disease of Corona and has been proved helpless against it. The world pandemic of COVID-19 suggests that the man is not the ultimate authority to be asked for your help. You only have two options in this situation like any other. Either you get frustrated (as man is unable to find any solution) or you keep patience and steadfast. The second option is always better. It will take you closer to Allah Almighty. All you need is to move towards the Divine. The Sunnah of Prayer of Need might help you in this regard. Keep your faith strong and hope alive. What you need to remember is:

“With every difficulty there is a relief.” (Quran)

All you have to do is to bow before Him, express your needs (or threats), and surrender yourself. Just remember:

“Your Lord did not abandon you, nor did he forget.” (Al Quran, 93: 3).



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