why online Quran learning is the best

why online Quran learning is the best

Why online Quran learning is the best?

why online quran is the best


why online Quran learning is the best Technological advancements
In the past years, learning process adopts traditional ways of conveying information from tutor to students, ways range from well-equipped classrooms, supported with whiteboard and markers to a data projector, that was then introduced to display educational slides, students have to stand bad weather circumstances or traffic jam problems to spend the whole day at school premise attending classes and meeting up with friends and colleagues.
Schools ‘ administration would not allow excessive students’ absence, the whole semester should be fully paid; the student cannot drop classes or withdraw from course, and a lot of pitfalls for the traditional learning field.
But nowadays, learning has become an easy step even across borders; you can learn any skill or language at your convenient.
The leap into the new technology of E-learning has totally changed the concept of learning. Both tutors and students feel at ease while learning, they overcome time and geographical constraints, people from different cultures and from different time settings meet online on a specific learning platform to share experience and get their peers’ reviews in a specific field.

Islam encouraged Distant learning

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) was sent to all mankind and his message reached the globe, he was born in Mecca but Islam reached the Far East, Allah commanded Prophet Muhammad to Deliver Islam, as said in the Quran;

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) spread Islam in Mecca and Madinah and in years his Dawah (calling to Allah) reached every plot on earth. After the companions drank deeply from the fountain of Prophet Muhammad’s knowledge, they were scattered in every place to deliver Islam message.
Prophet Muhammad sent Muaaz ibn Jabal to Yemen to teach people Islam and Quran and to judge according to what is in the book of Allah and teaching of Prophet Muhammad, he also sent a lot of messengers with letters defining Islam to lords and rulers of countries.
If Islam message was only kept within the borders of Mecca, it has not been reached to everyone. Although of the lack of communication facilities at that time, it did not hinder the disseminating of Islam principles and teachings, people of Yemen learned Islam & Quran from Muaaz ibn Jabal, he travelled miles for the sake of Allah, but now, we have every possible technology at hand, so why not go for online Quran learning?
All you need is an unlimited internet connection, laptop or desktop supported with headphone and microphone and online learning platform.

Advantages of Online Quran learning:

  1. You can learn Quran at your convenience within your scheduled hours.
  2. Low educational fees compared to other onsite Quran and Arabic learning institutions.
  3. You avoid the hassle of public transportation where you can learn at home with more concentration and less fatigue.
  4. You can choose your payment scheme, either monthly or annually.
  5. Your choice of dropping classes or semesters is accepted.
  6. Learning Quran and Arabic at slow-paced or fast-paced.
  7. You have access to all audio and video materials discussed during the Quran and Arabic sessions.
  8. Online Quran learning is offered at levels, Quran for beginners, intermediate or advanced.
  9. You have a list of experienced, well educated, different cultural backgrounds of Quran teachers and Arabic tutors to choose from and you can reach your online Quran tutor whenever needed.
  10. Male and female Quran tutors are available for both kids and adults of both genders.
  11. Within the same Quran session, you come across diversified nationalities of students to interact with, which add to the learning process.
  12. Arabic and Quran classes can be conducted individually or in a group basis.
  13. Online worksheets and assignments are evaluated and archived to measure students’ progress; meanwhile, students have full access to review their work.
  14. In case of absence from teacher’s or student’s side, the makeup of classes is offered without extra payment.
  15. Quran learning Online is very effective, very interactive and really interesting.
  16. One very unique feature of online Quran and Arabic learning is that parents can attend full classes to follow the kids academically and to ensure that the learning process is fruitful.
  17. Coping with technological changes is really challenging to both tutors and students.

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