Ways to defeat Shaitan


Ways to defeat Shaitan

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Ways to defeat Shaitan


Ways to defeat Shaitan Allah has created mankind, angels and Jinn as he mentioned in the Quran, mankind was created from smooth clay, angels from light and jinn from fire. The reason for creating Mankind and jinn is to worship Allah alone , both have free will, they reproduce, eat and drink , both are legally competent, they are commanded to obey Allah. Some of them are Muslim and some are not, some are believers, others are not. Angels don’t reproduce nor eat or drink, they are commanded to obey Allah and they cannot disobey him. But who is Iblis?
Story of Iblis
Allah has created Jinn before Prophet Adam where they dwelled on earth, but when Jinn committed evil, blood shedding and killed each other , Allah has sent down angels and Iblis to fight them, as a result Jinn was killed and the rest was banished to live in sea islands. But is Iblis one of the jinn or one of the angels?
The answer to this question has been a controversial issue between scholars across decades; we hereby present the two views as being referred to by the prominent Scholar, Ibn Katheer in his book (Story of the beginning and the end):

  1. Al Hasan Al-Basri said: ” Iblis was not one of the angels ever”, he is the father of the Jinn.
  2. Most of the scholars agreed that Iblis was one of the angels,he has four wings, Allah has given him authority over earth, as he was the most knowledgeable, the most devoted to worship, he belongs to the Jinn sect – keepers of paradise – and his name was Azazel.
    Quran referred to Iblis, as one of the angels but he disobeyed Allah out of his arrogance, so Allah expelled him out of his mercy and called him Iblis. (“Ablas” means in Arabic; despaired of Mercy)

Adam, Angels and Iblis

Allah has created Adam, the father of mankind from clay, he breathed into him of his spirit and commanded the angels to prostrate to him as a sign of respect and honour. All angels obeyed Allah and bowed down to Adam except Iblis, who refused in arrogance saying: I am better than him, You created me from fire while created him from the mud.
Scholars mentioned Iblis to be the first one who used analogical reasoning. (Alqeias)
Iblis felt jealousness, thought highly of himself, he thought of the authority Allah has given him, so he wanted to honour himself by refusal, whereas he humiliated himself, his cunning mind led him to hell.
He then asked for a reprieve until judgment day, he promised to mislead and misguide all slaves of Allah.

Adam, Eve and Iblis
Allah commanded Adam and his wife, Eve to reside in Jannah and to enjoy eating everything except one tree or else they will among the wrongdoers, But Adam misinterpreted Allah’s words and thought he should not eat from the fruit of this tree, besides Iblis whispered to Adam in a cunning manner and convinced him to eat from the tree saying ” Shall I guide you to the tree of eternity and the endless sovereignty?” Iblis vowed to Adam that he is one of the sincere.
Upon Iblis insinuations, Adam succumbed to Iblis and ate from the forbidden tree, Allah said in the Quran : ” Adam has disobeyed Allah, he went Astray “. Once they tasted from the tree, their private parts started to uncover and they tried to pick from the tree leaves to hide their private parts, Allah blamed them for approaching the tree and then he accepted their repentance when they asked his forgiveness, but he ordered them to descend down to earth, the place where they live and die, some of them are enemies to others.

Shaitan in the Quran
Needless to say, that the term “Iblis” or “shaitan” or reference of these terms, is mentioned in almost all surahs of the Quran. The word is associated with evil, cunning, plotting, killing oneself, disobedience to Allah, enmity, niggardliness, disbelieving in Allah, false promises, deception, stealing, associating deities to Allah, magic, superstitious, ….all bad and evil acts.
Allah revealed in the Quran all Shiatan ways and tactics to misguide and deceive mankind, Muslim should be aware of these tricks as not to fall deeply in sins and go astray. Allah warned us from Shaitan steps to beautify sins to Muslims, he ordered us not to follow shaitan, he is our clear enemy.
As narrated in the hadeeth, Iblis places his throne upon water; he then sends detachments (for creating dissension) ; the nearer to him in the tank are those who are most notorious in creating dissension. One of them comes and says: I did so and so. And he says: You have done nothing. Then one amongst them comes and says: I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of discord between a husband and a wife. Satan goes near him and says: ‘You have done well. A’ mash said: He then embraces him.
Allah has created for every human, his assigned shaitan (Qareen) who whispers to him to perform bad deeds, but a Muslim should struggle oneself not to succumb to shaitan insinuations.
Shaitan tactics to delude mankind
Shaitan spares no effort to deceive, misguide and mislead people as his goal is to lead all mankind to hell to face his same destiny, so he follows various, changing and sneaky ways to attack his prey.
As shaitan deceived non –Muslims; Jews and Christians to associate partners to Allah, he deluded atheists to deny Allah’s presence and to deny his power to create the universe, He also enticed Zoroastrians to worship fire and disbelievers to worship idols.

He also surrounds Muslims by his wicked plans and tricks; the easiest for Satan to deceive is the less knowledgeable of Allah. Shaitan distorts the creed of some Muslim sects, they went astray because of his insinuations and their lack of Islamic knowledge, they do not possess firm belief to face shaitan, so they fell into a deep hole of sins, they used their logical reasoning confronting Allah’s orders, for example; they either denied the existence of resurrection day or denied grave torment, reward and punishment, pre-destined (Alqadr) or they defamed Allah’s divine names and attributes, others have suspicion towards prophets and their infallibility.
From within the Muslims, some sects emerged as Sufism, who refrained from eating and drinking excessively, wearing out wool clothes only, avoid getting married, strange rituals they adopt as a sign of pious people.
Other deviant groups, as Alkhawarej, whom Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said they are the worst, they read Quran heavily but the Quran did not go beyond their throat.
Shaitan will always use his tactics to distant Muslims away from performing regular prayers, giving out zakat and fasting Ramdan, once a Muslim performed his prayers or paid his zakat, Shaitan instils feelings of pride and showing off inside one’s soul, thus undermines Muslim good deeds and let him enter the circle of Shirk (minor)
The forms of shaitan deception to Muslims here come in a different way; Shaitan could make Muslim neglect the obligatory Islam duties and focus on the less rewarding or the voluntary deeds, for example, the yearn to perform night prayers then missing fajr prayers, the urge to fast continuously to weaken a Muslim body to perform obligatory prayers.
Shaitan creates enmity between Muslims, he implants hate, jealousy inside their souls to fight and envy one another. He spoils the relationship between parents and their children, between a husband and his wife.
Women are easily affected by Shaitan plots, he beautifies sins to Muslimah, for example, he whispers for her to uncover, to take off her hijab, to wear make-up or perfume, to follow trendy fashion in wearing, to smoke, or drink liquors, to commit adultery, all these bad deeds are justified under the name of personal freedom.

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Shaitan has great control over laypeople as they are deprived of Islamic knowledge, less connected to Allah and show weak faith.
How to defeat Shaitan tricks?

  1. Seek refuge with Allah against shaitan, he is the most powerful
  2. Lessen the effect of the shaitan running through your veins, by mentioning Allah’s name when eating, drinking, and putting on clothes, entering bathrooms and before sleeping.
  3. Increase your Islamic knowledge of Allah, his messengers, the Islamic creed, Islamic history, fiqh, hadeeth and Tafseer to confront evil effects.
  4. Keep on praying to Allah to protect you from shaitan, the more firm your belief, the less power Shaitan have on you.
  5. Recite Quran regularly and remember Shaitan flees from the house where Surah Al- Baqaraa is recited.
  6. The daily remembrance (Athkar) is a weapon against shaitan, it acts as a shield that protects a Muslim from any invasion.
  7. Surround yourself with a righteous company that encourages you to abstain from bad deeds and to follow good ones.
  8. Exorcism (Ruqia) is one best way to protect Muslims against evil deeds, magic and superstitious power.

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