Top 8 Best Things About Quran In 2024


Top 8 Best Things About Quran In 2020

The Qur’an is the last divine book that was revealed to the prophet Muhammad, after the proper of Ibrahim, the Zabur, the Torah, and the Gospel. It is the main source of guidance for not only Muslims but also all human beings. Muslims believe that it is the greatest word of Allah. It consists of 114 surahs that are classified according to the place and the time of the revelation into mecca and medina.
The Qur’an is the greatest miracle of Islam that is preserved in the chests from distortion as Allah promised prophet Muhammad peace to be upon him to preserve it from distortion. The Qur’an itself has a lot of miracles, which we will discuss later.




Muslims believe that Qur’an is the miracle of the prophet Muhammad and they challenged the world to make up a surah like one of them, but they failed to do.
Now I will show Twenty miracles in Qur’an that embarrassed scientists. The first of all is:
. 1_ Allah said:(then he saw leveled to the sky, which is smoke). Fossilat. 11
These verses were said at the scientific conference of the Quranic miracle that was held in Cairo. When a Japanese professor (yoshide k zai) heard that verse, he was surprised and said that science and scientists did not research this fact until recently after cameras captured images and films that show a star with a large mass of thick, dark smoke.

He followed “our previous information based on wrong theories that mean sky was haze).

2)Allah said :(“And we made everything living from water, would they not believe”).
Modern science has proven that any living organism consists of a high percentage of water, and if it loses Twenty – five of its water, it will die. As chemical reactions in bodies will not be done without water. So this information should be told from Allah to his prophet Muhammad for140‪0years.

3)Allah said, “(And We have built the heaven with might and We continue to expand it indeed.”)
MODERN SCIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT heaven expanded continually so who told our prophet about this reality for 140‪0 years, the time of came as a transport. Is this not a piece of conclusive evidence that this Qur’an is true from Allah??

4)Allah said (“And whoever wants to mislead him will make his chest narrow and embarrassed as if he ascends into the sky”) Al_An’am:125.
The people who get on the plane told are about this feeling. So in your opinion, who told Muhammad about that reality, 140‪0 years ago? Of course, Allah did.

5)Allah said (“he creates you in the wards5
of your mother, in creation from the dimension of creation, in three darkness”) al-Zumar.
How the prophet Muhammad peace is upon him know this thing he was not a doctor and this science was not known before 19th century. The meaning of the verse is Very clear and Modern science has proven that there are three membranes surrounding the fetus, which are:
Adherent membranes surround the fetus and consist of the membrane that consists of the endometrium, the chorionic membrane, and the amniotic membrane, and these three membranes form the first darkness to adhere to each other.

Second: the uterine wall, which is the second darkness.
Third: the abdominal wall, which is the third darkness. From where did Muhammad Muhammad know this.

6) Allah said (And they abide in their cave three hundred years and add nine) Al-Kahf: 25
What is meant in the verse is that the owners of the cave have stayed in their cave 300 solar years and 309 lunar years, and mathematicians have confirmed that the solar year is 11 days longer than the lunar year, so if we multiply the 11 days by 300 years, the result is 3300 and by dividing this number by the number of days in the year (365 The result is 9 years. Was it possible for our master Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, to know the length of stay of the people of the cave in the lunar and solar calendar ??

7), Allah said: (And we sent winds of blemish) Surat Al-Hijr: 22
And this is what modern science has proven, as one of the benefits of the wind is that it carries pollen to pollinate the flowers that will later become fruits, so who told Muhammad, peace, and blessings of God be upon him, that the wind pollinates flowers? Is not this evidence that this Qur’an is the word of God ???

8), Allah said: “And when you see the mountains, you think that they are solid, and they are passing. The clouds have passed by God, who has mastered everything.” (An-Naml )88:
We all know that the mountains are fixed in place, but if we rose from the earth away from its gravity and its atmosphere, we would see the earth rotating at a tremendous speed (100 miles per hour), and then we will see the mountains as if they are walking the course of the clouds, meaning that their movement is not subjective, but rather linked to the movement of the earth just like the clouds that do not move It is driven by the wind by itself, and this is evidence of the movement of the earth, so who told Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, about this? Is not God ??

Finally, it is clear that Qur’an is the greatest miracle by all accounts all over the earth, which contains a miracle in every ayah of it. All these miracles show the truth of Prophet Muhammad’s peace be upon him who told all things 140‪0 years ago and science and scientists still discover them in the twentieth century.



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