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Best Tips For Learning Islam For New Converts

Islam is one of the major world religions. every fifth person on the earth is a Muslim. Muslims are found in the middle east, in the north, west, and east Africa, in Asia and eastern Europe. The word Islam is an Arabic word that consists of the first part of peace.
Muslims believe that Allah, from the first day of human creation, sent Prophets and messengers to guide human society.


Many prophets are sent with various religions of the world and the essential message of all prophets are the same:
1-belief in one God.
2-belief in the Prophets and Angel&apos’s God.
3-belief In the eternal life in the hereafter.
After Prophet Jesus, Allah sent Muhammad as the final prophet and messenger of Allah .with his prophethood, the process of guidance reached its peak and perfection. He was born in Mecca, in the family which traced its lineage to Prophet Ibrahim, through his son Ismael. At the age of forty, Prophet Muhammad receives the first revelation from Allah from the Ach-angel Gabriel. When Muhammad started spreading his message, the leaders of mecca started their war against him, but Allah achieved his promise and give victory to Muhammad and Islam spread all over the world. And so far, many non-Muslims have entered the Islamic religion, and this is for many reasons, including:

1- Islam has many miracles, the biggest miracle of Islam is the Holy Qur’an, which includes stories from the beginning of creation and the prophetess of Adam, peace be upon him.
2- Also, there is no problem that a person will go through unless he has solved it in the Holy Qur’an.
3- Islam is compatible with human nature, it explains and explains the hearts, the happiness of the souls, and it achieves freedom and human dignity.
4- Islam revived the principles of cooperation.
5- Islam worked on justice among all people, and it did not differentiate between slaves and masters.
At the time of the prophet Muhammad, He himself followed his friends since they learned non-Muslims the important tips and points of the religion Islam. and to follow our prophet’s step we should tell new converts the best tips of the Islamic religion.

1-Applying for an Islamic academy.
There are many academies and many Islamic centers to apply for and to be a member of so they will be able to get in touch with Islamic leaders and teachers to guide you.
It is so easy to apply to these academies, you just need to look for the best Academy for you and they will provide you with the programs so, you can choose the perfect program for you.
These academies are like schools, you can learn step by step from starter to beginner to intermediate till you will know everything About Islam.

.Learning Quran.
In these academies, you will be able to learn Quran, you will educate how to recite it and how to understand it, you will be able to recite and memorize the Quranic verses not only reciting it but also understanding each verse you will memorize.
Many new Muslims want to learn Quran but it is so hard for them to recite it, to understand it, and memorize it but when you choose the perfect teacher for you, he or she will provide you with everything you need to memorize Quran.
So, don’t worry about Arabic, and Quran is in Arabic because you will educate how to pronounce each word in the Holy Quran which is Allah’s book and all Muslims should learn it, memorize it and recite it daily.

2- Practice Islam as much as you can
“He who loves my Sunnah has loved me, and he who loves me will be with me in Paradise.”
-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Tirmidhi)
As a new Muslim, you will have trouble keeping up with prayers every day, fasting during Ramadan, and the many other practices in this religion. The struggle that we face, with such a radical change in lifestyle, is difficult and will take some time. Awkward moments are bound to happen, don’t fret. You are not expected to wake up at 4 am every morning to pray tahajjud (extra night prayers). If you have problems with certain practices, then gradually work yourself into the mindset of worship. A counselor once told me when I was young, “How do you eat an elephant? Just One bite at a time.” Think of it as one step at a time. Pray to Allah (SWT) and ask for Him to make it easy for you and the rest will come naturally.
Keeping up with your devotional practices is something that will strengthen your faith immensely. Read the Qur’an whenever possible. Find a collection of hadith, such as Riyadh us-Saliheen, and read it often. You will start to feel a connection to Allah (SWT) and you will become used to Islam as a religion and way of life.
3- Apply everything you know about Islam.
You need to apply everything, you have learned or studied about Islam.
if you, for example, study and learn about how to be a good Muslim, how to pray, and how to fast, so try it and apply it.
4- Keep away from debates and arguments
“Verily anger spoils faith as aloe spoils honey.”
-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi
Staying away from these discussions will put you at peace and give you breathing room. A lot of converts are not really comfortable with bringing up their religion because of the backlash they receive. Personally, I recognized that if I just mention it when necessary, I get a more positive reaction. You’ll be surprised to hear “Oh that’s cool dude, what made you pick that religion?” This is always an opportunity for da’wah (inviting to Islam).

5. Gain a connection to the Arabic language
“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.”
-The Holy Qur’an, 12:2

6. Understand Islam’s organic nature
“Those who make things hard for themselves will be destroyed. (He said it three times.)”
-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Muslim)
7- Force yourself to go to the masjid, mosque
“The person who receives the greatest reward for the Salah is one who lives the farthest and has the farthest to walk.”
-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Bukhari, Muslim)
Although this may be hard initially, try and go to the masjid. The payoff will be huge, even if you just pray and leave right after. You will eventually warm up to the community and you can feel more comfortable going to the masjid whenever you like.

8-Do not despair

Allah will test you how you can endure a lot of trouble for Islam.
“So know that victory is with patience, and relief is with distress and that with hardship comes ease.”
-The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Allah (SWT) guided you to Islam, you searched for the answer and you found it. Be happy and constantly remind yourself of the blessings in your life. There are a lot of good things that will happen to you and you are on the straight road to Jannah (paradise). Rejoice in being Muslim. Remember the Sahabah (companions) were all converts to Islam and they were human beings that came from Adam and Eve just like you! Be strong and find comfort in your prayers and worship Allah (SWT). The first six months were the hardest for me, and insha’Allah we will all continue to grow as a convert community in America.
In short, Islam is a beautiful and smooth religion that explains the hearts and makes the souls happy. Therefore, it spread throughout the world with a terrible speed that no one expected, and with this God fulfilled his promise to his Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, and the Prophet did not fail with the new converts to Islam. Rather, he supervised teaching them the foundations and principles of Islam and the approach of him, peace be upon him. we gather the most important tips that must be followed by these new converts, namely joining an Islamic academy, practicing the teachings of Islam in daily life, honoring parents, learning Arabic, not being despair, and being patient with calamity.

Best tips for learning Islam for new converts

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