The Night of Decree

The Night of Decree

The Night of Decree Has Many Virtues Which Are Mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah Some of Them Include:

The Night of Descending: whereas the night that the Holy Quran descended, Allah said:_”we sent it down during the night of decree”.

Blessed Night: it is a night with blessed rewards for whoever prays, and does righteous deeds, Allah said:_” we sent it down during a blessed night”.

The Night of Adjudicating and Appreciation: it is a night which destinies were itemized, descended from the preserved slate to the scriptures of observer prepared, including servants’ destinies around the world matters, as provision, age, and accident… etc, Allah said:_ “therein is made distinct every precise matter”.

The Night of Weal: whereat Allah mention its dignity, and reward whoever prays, invocates, and does righteous acts, as he does that for a thousand year, Allah said:_”Night of Decree is better than a thousand Months”.

Night of Peace: it is a night the angels descend therein by the permission of Allah; so the good, peace, and mercies spread, the believer feels quiet and peace, Allah said:_”peace it is until the emergence of dawn”.describe with peace to save servants from punishment according to their submission to Allah.

Night of Forgiveness:_it is a night that Allah forgives all sins of those who pray it sincerely, the prophet _peace be upon him said:-“Whoever prays the Night of Decree out of faith and hope in reward, his previous sins will be forgiven”.

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