Learn Quran With Tajweed For Kids In The Easiest Possible Way 

Learn Quran With Tajweed For Kids 

Learn Quran With Tajweed 

To learn Quran online with Tajweed is one of the essential things for any Muslim. When you read the Quran, you need to feel each expression of it. Numerous individuals love the possibility that they can recite the sacred Quran like Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did. That is when Tajweed assumes a job so we provide Learn Quran With Tajweed For Kids course.

There is no preclusion on how you present the online Quran classes because various individuals from various districts have multiple dialects and multiple languages. When you learn the Quran, you go precisely as indicated by the principles. You improve your way to express every word and letter and read with an authentic accent.

Online Quran Learning For Kids has become a simple assignment with the new pattern of learning the Quran online. Today, it is recommended for you to learn the Quran and cause your kids to gain it directly from the solace of your room. You don’t have to purchase a printed copy of the book or Quran education online if you don’t figure it out you can keep it safe and ensured in the house. Apart from it, you don’t need to drive to a mosque for your kids to learn. Through online websites, you can give your kids the education of the Quran you have always longed for.



Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Learn Quran With Tajweed For Kids In The Easiest Possible Way 

  Why Need Online Quran Foundations? 

To love Allah is the prime duty of Muslims to exhibit their confidence and reinforce their faith in him. Carrying out beneficial things is the most significant characteristic of a decent Muslim. It is the reason Online Quran Learning For Kids helps them perusing the Quran with sincere dedication and understanding of its importance is the most elevated deed to look for Allah’s pleasure. Why your kid needs a Quran Academy?

Online Quran Learning For Kids are accessible online where educated Quran encouraging experts convey you the best services genuinely. An online Quran coach will shape the mind of your kids to read the Quran, as they should. Allah will reward your children and us if they act like genuine workers of Allah.

Online Quran Learning For Kids through online websites doesn’t mean they should peruse the Quran with some pre-recorded exercises. Interestingly, your kids get the chance to take in everything from a tutor who trains them live. It is all up to you to pick a Qari or Qaria. On the off chance that you are increasingly OK with a female educator, you can select a Qaria and the other way around. These educators give your child legitimate direction; in addition to the fact that they provide exercises on the most proficient method to read Quran lessons, they show other Islamic qualities that issue a great deal in the life of a kid. These qualities assist them with turning into decent Muslims.

Importance Of Live Tutors

Learning Quran with Tajweed can be very troublesome when a kid needs to depend just on hypothetical notes. These are the reasons that live tutors matter a great deal. They can advise your kids on the exact method to pronounce letters of Arabic, so they can recite the Quran only as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. The vast majority of the Online Quran Learning For Kids offered by online websites is entirely reasonable.

One significant thing that numerous guardians overlook is the significance of understanding the importance of the Quran. It is of incredible assistance when the child understands what he is reading and reciting. It likewise encourages the entire procedure of turning into a decent Muslim by following the lessons of Islam.

In any case, only knowing the importance of sections doesn’t satisfy the reason for presenting the Quran. The genuine quintessence of the Quran is perusing it in Arabic, so it is an impulse for Muslims to recite the Holy Quran in Arabic. The experts guarantee you that by hiring Online Quran Learning For Kids services; you will pick the ideal route for learning Online Quran.

Quran For Adults

Notwithstanding Online Quran Learning For Kids, adults, too, can begin to learn Quran with Tajweed if they want. The more significant part of the website offers demo periods wherein you can try the coaches before you pay them. There are a few sorts of bundles to browse. A few packages are explicitly intended for entire families. If you are getting ready for your children to learn Quran with tajweed, you can pick a website that offers Quran training through online media, like Skype with an online Quran Arabic teacher.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in an Islamic or a non-Islamic country; you need not stress over Online Quran Learning For Kids. It is because now there are online Islamic foundations accessible that give classes on Quran globally, utilizing the web as a source. You can undoubtedly have your children learn Quran with Tajweed on the Internet.

Also, You can read an Online Quran memorization course

 Put resources into Your Child’s Future 

Best Online Quran classes make the foundation of the Holy Quran and Tajweed simple, and it is the need for a younger age to gain proficiency with the fundamentals of Islam and become competent in this word from now on. With online Quran Quran classes near me, the design is to exhibit the skills of the online Quran guides and Islamic Scholars who will assist you with learning Quran Tafseer on the web and make your Quran adapting fantastically simple with online Quran education on Skype.

What Online Quran Learning For Kids experts go for is to create a real world-class top Quran and Tajweed scholastic online where students and individuals of any age can figure out how to understand the Quran and appreciate the Quran from the home comfort.


To learn Qur’an with tajwid, the very first and basic tip is to always determined towards your aim. While learning the fundamentals of any new language, an adult mind should be much more concentrated. It requires sheer determination and tolerance. As our beloved Prophet [saws] encourages us in the following hadith:

‘’ The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honorable and obedient scribes and he who recites the Qur’an finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite in the best way possible, will be rewarded double. [Bukhari and Muslim]

Therefore, never be shy just give your best.


Many of us have the assumption that it is prohibited to recite the Qur’an if we don’t know how to recite it properly. This belief is incorrect as well as a sinful deed as it inhibits us to read Qur’an.


Some words need to be over-stressed during tajweed. For such words, the basic tip is to give more stress to the words at their start. After the stressed sound is produced easily then stop giving stress to the end of the words.


As a beginner, it’s a very useful technique to listen to the online Qur’an tajwid as much as you can. Listen to Qur’anic tajwid whenever it passes through your eyes.


Do practice it on daily basis without any counts. It will not only accomplish you but add to your good deeds as well.


When you have learned to read Qur’an with tajwid, try to use them in daily life as well. Like if you have learned to pronounce ‘’ayin’’ then never be shy to use it in As- salamu alaykum. Once you learn to pronounce ‘’ha’’ then don’t ever forget to use it Alhamdulillah.


What is the meaning of Tajweed?


The importance of “ why a student should learn Quran with Tajweed?” lies in its meaning. Quran is a holy book and therefore every word in it must be recited correctly. To ensure this, there is a set of guidelines, which tell the learner or educates on the correct pronunciation of each letter. Several traditional approaches toward recitation are taken into consideration. Every learner who knows how to read Quran is aware of Tajweed. This technique helps the Quran beginners to beautify and perfect their pronunciation. 


History of Tajweed


Before you learn Quran with Tajweed, as a learner you must know how it came into existence? Earlier all the Arabic people read Quran in Tajweed and therefore studying it separately was not required. The early versions of the written Quran were quite different from the versions that exist today. Earlier there wasn’t much need for the extra dots and different signs on the letter. The need of learning the Quran with Tajweed only came when more non-Arabic people started joining Islam. Tajweed was providing convenience to new joiners as it was providing aid in pronouncing the Quran better. Tajweed is not a new word but just some signs and dots that help in the better recitation of the Quran. People from different languages & cultures contributed to the Islamic growth due to which many new dialects were created. Today, even Arabic people must learn Tajweed as due to segregated influence; the dialect may not come naturally.


Why should your Learn Quran with Tajweed: Benefits


When reading a holy scripture, a learner must embrace every aspect of it. From correctly reading the holy Quran to sending out the right message, Quran readers must understand their responsibility. Tajweed not only helps the readers correct their recitation part but also ensures that they give out the exact message as it’s written in the book. It leaves no room for mistakes. In case of similar letters being present, when you learn Quran with Tajweed, it helps in bringing clarity through a set of rules set for the same purpose. If a learner does incorrect elongation of letters, it can change the meaning in its entirety. It is believed that many benefits come from reading Quran but if a reader recites it perfectly will find themselves in the company of angels, as Allah would be pleased. 


Those who are still perfecting their recitation or are absolute beginners will also be rewarded for their time and efforts


“One who recites the Quran beautifully, smoothly, and precisely will be in the company of noble angels. As for the one who recites it with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, (s)he will have twice that reward.” [Al-Bukhari]


Every sweat and tear put into learning the recitation of the Quran would not go unnoticed. Allah always takes note of these efforts and will bless its learners. Even if the perfection is missing the Quran reader can take joy in reciting the Quran because over time it becomes pleasing to ears.


Tajweed Rules


Tajweed rules only aid in assistance to learn reciting Quran. A reader therefore must learn to mimic the correct recitation by reading and listening carefully to the correct pronunciation over a period of time. Many Tajweed rules exist but we will cover only the important ones from a broad perspective. Learn Quran with Tajweed rules so that you can become a perfectionist in no time.


Here are the most important Tajweed rules you must know:


Noon Sakinah and Tanween

This rule applies to the vowels and letters that give out an “nnn” sound.


2) Izhaar 


Pronounce noon with ghunnah if letters [ء ه ع ح غ خ] are placed right after a noon sakinah or a tanween 



3) Idghaam 


There are two Idghaam versions: one has ghunnah and the other version doesn’t.


With Ghunnah: 


When these letters [ي ن م و] are placed beside noon sakinah or tanween, the ghunnah will be applicable after the noon.


Without Ghunnah: 


When these letters [ل ر] are placed after a noon sakinah or tanween, just pronounce the followed letter without ghunnah.



4) Iqlaab 



If [ب] is followed by noon sakinah or tanween, simply pronoun the meem by turning the ghunnah into a [م]. Remember you must pronounce this [ب] after.



5) Ikhfaa 


This rule applies to the rest of the letters where only ghunnah is applicable. The ghunnah application will rely on the specific letter that follows after. 


6) Noon and Meem Mushaddad


This rule is applicable to two letters. You must recite a 2 beat ghunnah if there is shaddah in noon or meem. Avoid extending the sound specifically on the letter, applicable on ghunnah only.


7) Meem Sakinah


It is a sub-set rule similar to noon sakinah and tanween but doesn’t have very specific letter applications.


8) Ikhfaa Shafawy


Ghunnah is applicable when [ب] is present after a meem sakinah. 


9) Idghaam Shafawy


If the beginning of the word is with meem and meem sakinah follows then you must merge it and follow ghunaah.


10) Izhaar Shafawy


The rule applies only when the rest of the letters follow meem sakinah. The learner must pronounce meem without ghunnah without mixing it with the following letter.




When you plan to learn Quran with Tajweed you must remember that only basics are covered in this article and there is endless learning involved. You don’t have to by heart these rules or learn the name of these rules but practice these while reading Quran so that you can understand how Tajweed plays an important role. By using various technologies available the immense knowledge of Tajweed can be obtained. It is not a one-day process but a learning curve where a learner will have to understand why reciting Quran properly is important and how can the misinterpretation of words and phrases be prevented.


Allah has showered mankind with humungous knowledge and Tajweed is making the process of learning and reciting Quran easy.




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