ten ways to memorize Quran Online


Ten ways to memorize Quran Online

ten ways to memorize Quran Online Every Muslim should Memorize Quran and understand not every verse of it, besides that Muslim’s Salah would complete without reading the Quran. Those who begin learning the Noble Quran should receive its verses as if they hear them directly from Allah, and they should abide by the commands they learn.

Ten Method of memorizing.
You can use ten effective methods to memorize the Quran to get started with your memorization or further improve upon it.

1. Rote Learning.

This method based on repetition in memorizing the Quran, there are two primary senses you can use to approach rote learning: visually and through sound. Different people have different preferences, so it is good to discover your learning style first.

Visual learners will benefit from reading aloud the verse they want to memorize three times or more. Repeat it on your own without looking at the page. After listening to a verse a few times, try repeating it on your own.

2. Familiar Patterns and Chunking.

Many children learn the alphabet by singing the ABC song. It is a powerful method of committing information to memory by learning through patterns of rhythm and melody. The Quran itself lends to easy memorizing because it naturally has rhythm and rhyme. There is also a huge selection of Quran recordings from different reciters who have recited the Quran beautifully in their own melodic style. You can take further advantage of this is by dividing your memorization into “segments.” that display a recognizable pattern.

First, read over or listen to the page or verses of the Quran that you wish to memorize. Next, mentally divide the verses into segments. Now, tackle one segment at a time for each memorization or rote learning session. Repeat each segment until you have memorized it before moving onto the next segment.

3. Routine.

Draw a routine and follow it strictly. It is better for you if you attend a Hifz circle that has a set of routine. If you miss a day from your routine, create extra time to fill in the period you have missed. It is very important that you do not procrastinate.

4. Adopt positive methods.

Do not be in a hurry; start with shorter Surahs, the higher you go, the stronger will be your ability to commit verses to memory. Repeat a verse as many times as possible. Read aloud too. Do the open and close exercise. If you open the Quran and read a verse from it, close it and recite to see if you still remember. Then open it to see if you got it correctly.

5. Recite verses you newly learnt on Salah; it is another opportunity to revision. Take early morning hours, at Fajr, for your memorization exercise, as your brain is fresh and the environment is serene.

6. Memorizing Line by Line

-Open the Mushaf on the page you want to memorize.

-Bring a blank paper.

-Hide the page except for the first line.

-Repeat this line until you memorize it.

-Uncover the second line and do the same thing.

-Link the first and second line to reach a perfect memorization.

– Move gradually from line to line until you finish memorizing the whole page.

7. Memorizing through the understanding of the verses

This method is based on the explanation or commentary of the verses.

-Be present with a Mushaf and a book of tafsir (Quran exegesis) on the words of the Quran.

-Choose a section from the Surah you want to memorize.

-Read this section focusing particularly on strange words, which are unknown to you.

-Open the book of tafsir to understand the difficult words, get a comprehensive understanding of the verses and check if these verses are related to certain reasons and circumstances of revelation. Now start memorizing, focusing on the meanings that you have explored. When you finish memorizing and understanding the verses try to apply them in your life as the companions may Allah be pleased with them were doing.

8. Make Dua.

Make Dua for retentiveness and Allah’s blessings. Fortunately for us, there is a Dua at the end of every Quran. Before ending your Quran sessions, recite this Dua every time, do not worry because Allah will save it in your heart Insha’Allah. Just trust Allah and do it. Never underestimate the power of Dua.

9. Teach others.

Gather some of your friends or family members and teach them the set of new verses you memorized. Teaching others something that you know is the best way to lock it up in your long-term memory. Teaching gives you the opportunity to create new ideas to help you and your beneficiaries learn in more interesting ways. This action is not only self-fulfilling but rewarding too.

10. Taking advantage of lost time in the car.

Many of our brothers that work a lot, desire to memorize the Quran yet say “We don’t have any time.” When I saw their truthfulness, I observed that they were spending a lot of time in their cars and I wanted to draw their attention to this method.

Make a copy of the page you would like to memorize from your Quran.
Hang it in a place that does not hinder you are driving.
When you get in the car in the morning, read the first verse and repeat it whilst you warm up the engine.
While driving off, repeat what you’d read without looking.
When there are traffic lights, read the next verse while looking.  Then when you drive off, read it without looking and continue like this.

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What should I do after one year of memorizing the Quran?

After a year of mastering the Quran and reviewing it, make your daily Hizb (group) from the Quran like the Companions of the Prophet (Sahaabah) (may Allah be pleased with them) did, they divided the Quran into seven Hizb (groups), to finish reviewing the whole Quran every seven days.

– On the first day, recite from Surat “Al-Fatiha” to the end of Surat “Al-Nisa”.

– On the second day, recites from Surat “Al-Maida” to the end of Surah “At-Tawbah”.

– On the third day, read from Surat “Yunus” on the end of “Al-Nahl”.

– On the fourth day, reads from Surat “Al Isra” to the end of “Al-Furqan”.

– On the fifth day, recites from Surat “Al-Shu’ara” to the end of “Surat Yassin”.

– On the sixth day, reads from Surah “Al-Safat” to the end of “Al-Khorat”.

– On the seventh day, reads from Surah “Qaf” to the end of Surat “An-Nas”.



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