Qualified Quran Teacher

Qualified Quran Teacher

Qualified Quran Teacher

Teaching is one of the hardest, most valuable, respectable, and underrated professions in the world. Teachers play a principal role in shaping generations of students and influencing them to become the people they grow to be, for better or for worse. The function of a teacher goes far deeper than just…….teaching. Teachers mold the thinking of their students, their outlook on life, their behaviour and values, and, most importantly, how they feel about the subject taught by the teacher in turn. Many students grow to love, or hate, subjects taught to them just because of their teachers. Islam recognizes the significance of the role of teachers. Hadhrat Ali RA is known to have stated, ‘If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime’, showing the high rank of teachers in Islam.
Now having established the importance of teachers of all subjects everywhere, let us move on to the necessity of having a qualified Quran teacher and the qualities that differentiate a fairly average teacher from a good, competent, and qualified one.

In-Depth Knowledge about the Subject

A qualified teacher always knows his/her subject like the back of his/her hand. Knowledge is one of the most crucial parts on the scale of being a competent teacher. It is necessary to ensure one’s students are not misguided or provided with the wrong information in any way. Having in-depth knowledge about your subject also comes in handy while teaching students who ask deep, insightful questions to quench their thirst for knowledge. As a Quran teacher, one may face perplexing and difficult-to-answer questions from students and also challenging ones from others. To remain sturdy and not be baffled by their inquisition, command of the subject, in turn, is vital.

Developing a Strong Bond with One’s Students

As a Quran teacher or teacher in general, it is necessary to bond with one’s students. A child is less likely to listen to, obey, learn and benefit from a teacher they love and respect as a trustworthy and friendly adult instead of one who keeps a professional persona and a business-like demeanor around them. From asking them how they are to listening to them whenever they decide to open up to you in any way, whether it is asking for life advice or just telling you something that has been happening back home, the balance between having a personal relationship along with the professional one is an absolute must when it comes to being a good teacher.

Being Patient with One’s Students

‘The profession of teaching is a true test of patience,’ said the heart of every teacher there ever was. Being a Quran teacher can be very challenging, especially if the student is a bit slow. You may need to repeat lessons, study the same verse repeatedly, and at times you may feel frustrated if the student still does not make progress he/she should despite your efforts. And during this time, when you will find it hard to summon patience is when you will need it the most. If you are patient, it will work wonders. Students try harder when their teacher is patient and loving towards them, especially weak ones who need all the support they can get. When their teacher is short-tempered and intolerant, the students stop making effort and even, at times, begin developing a strong dislike for the subject taught. Thus, you have to be careful with how you are towards your students.

Working Hard to Ensure the Best Quality of Tutoring is Given

Hard work is an essential trait in a qualified teacher. Half-hearted efforts will not only bore the students and make them lose interest in the subject but will also give the impression that you don’t care about what you are teaching and how you are teaching it. Being energetic, having a schedule planned out, asking the students questions, telling them stories about a particular verse such as the reason for its revelation, are some ways to make lessons engaging. It is also advisable to take them out on field trips or just a walk in the park if possible, for a change in their environment and to refresh them. Also giving them an off ten minutes early to ask them how they are doing or just relax is an easy way to win hearts.

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Being Friendly and Approachable for the Students

Students respond better in a friendly environment to a teacher who is amiable and approachable. Let them know they can ask you anything, subject-related or otherwise. Encourage them to raise questions in class and if they feel shy, give them the option of reaching out privately. Sometimes students choose uncertainty over clearing out their misconceptions because they feel the teacher is too unapproachable and distant. Letting the students know you are there to answer their inquiries and making them feel comfortable around you is tricky but much needed.

Having Confidence and Authority

Although having a friendly approach towards students is a good idea, it does not mean you allow them to forget that you are, after all, their teacher. Do not tolerate disrespect and be firm when handling a behavioural slip. While teaching, be confident and clear. Prepare the lesson beforehand and do not sound uncertain about what you say. If you are not sure about a certain fact or answer to one of your student’s inquiries, research it, ask fellow Quran teachers and ask the student for some time before you answer. Do not show your uncertainty and hesitation or make up an answer yourself. Always get yourself and your lesson plan checked beforehand just in case.

Being a good teacher is hard; being a qualified Quran Teacher, competent and amiable teacher is harder, especially when it comes to a subject like Quran, which can change the lives of students in both this world and the hereafter. Therefore, it is necessary to give nothing but the absolute best you can to your students at all times. May Allah help the Quran teachers world-wide to help their students bond with the Holy Book. Ameen!


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