pleasures of learning

pleasures of learning

Pleasures of Learning

pleasure of learning2


pleasures of learning Allah has bestowed abundant gifts upon human; sight, hearing, speech, intellect and lots of blessings. We should appreciate and thank Allah for these blessings, but being grateful is not quite enough. Allah has granted us these blessings to best exploit it for our own livelihood, to be able to use it to seek knowledge and achieve learning.
Islam encourages learning, the first revelation was “Iqraa i.e. Read” and reading is the key to all sciences. In Islam, one should learn first then perform, you cannot pray without learning how to pray and you cannot fast or worship Allah without learning how to fast or worship Allah, knowing that AlAleem, (the omniscient) is one of Allah’s divine names.
Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal said; People need knowledge more than they need to eat or drink because people need to eat or drink once or twice per day, but they need to learn all the time.
It is also known in the hadeeth that Scholars are the inheritors of Prophets and that prophets do not leave behind gold or silver but inherit knowledge (Ilm).
Quran mentioned in several verses the lofty rank of scholars, Allah said:
شهد الله أنه لا إله إلا هو والملائكة وأولوا العلم قائماً بالقسط لا إله إلا هو العزيز الحكيم ) آل عمران/18 )
إنما يخشى اللهَ من عباده العلماء ) فاطر/28 )
يرفع الله الذين آمنوا منكم والذين أوتوا العلم درجات ) المجادلة/11 )
قل هل يستوي الذين يعلمون والذين لا يعلمون إنما يتذكر أولوا الألباب ) الزمر/9 )

In the hadeeth, whoever pursues a path to gain knowledge, Allah will make his way to Jannah even easier.
Knowledge has two main areas:

  1. Mundane knowledge as science, mathematics, arts, technology,… all types of learning that are essential to human living.
  2. Religious knowledge as fiqh, hadeeth, Quran learning, Islamic history, creed ….
    Islam calls for learning all branches of knowledge, the beneficial one, without Learning, we would not have known the way to Allan nor the way to our Jannah, that is why seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim. Ummah is in deep need to Scholars in every field, even in the science, technology and other fields. A well educated and well-known community could not be lead or deceived by enemies.
    In the battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has commanded the prisoners of war (detainee) that were captured by Muslims to teach Muslim illiterate reading and writing as a ransom for their release.
    In the Quran, Allah has warned those who conceal knowledge after Allah has made it clear for everyone and in the hadeeth “Whoever hides knowledge, will be bridled by the bridle of fire on judgment day. Of the three continuously- rewarding deeds a Muslim can leave behind after his demise is the knowledge that is beneficial to everyone.
    In the Quran, Allah usually associates those who believe with those who performed righteous deeds (الذين آمنوا وعملوا الصالحات), both of the two conditions require knowledge.

Sources of learning:

  1. Parents are the first source of learning whom a child opens his eyes to find his parents around and when he crawls, he finds them surround.
  2. Teachers and tutors are considered to be trustworthy sources of learning in their assigned field.
  3. Friends, school- mates and relatives, the circle surrounding us affects our behaviour as we react with each other, learning, in this case, could be unintentional as people imitate what they are affected by.
  4. Public libraries, a tangible and valuable source for learning, as it contains various books and encyclopedias at different topics.
  5. Radio and television broadcasts are used to be the main source of learning, but now they are replenished by other sources.
  6. Travelling to other countries to interact with other cultures and communities. Imagine, how could people interact together with language skill learning?
  7. Specific academies or institutions that offer extensive learning scheme for a specific field.
  8. Online internet search, the fastest and meanwhile non- credible learning source due to the exposure of tons of information for every field which is usually uncensored and subject to the writer’s opinion.

Learning style differs from learning to adults, from kids to toddlers, as every kid has different thinking abilities, one topic could be presented to a child in a new simple, full of fun and innovative form that make the child absorb the new concept, understand it and apply.

Learning has become nowadays more effective due to the technological mutation in communication, Online learning is cost-effective, you do not have to go back and forth to receive education, You only need a desktop or mobile, headphone with microphone, internet connection and you start learning Online, it is also time-managed, you can choose your convenient timing to have your online course, you can learn any language or skill online.

Learning fields:
• Science
• Technology
• Arts
• Martial arts
• Languages
• Medicine
• Agriculture
• Literature and drama
• Personal development
• Marketing
• Psychology
• History
• Arabic and Quran
Learning languages like Arabic is fun to learn online and more efficient, classes are interactive between tutor and student, ease of data transmission, student have access to learning materials, makeup of classes are available, simple payment scheme, also for online Quran learning, student practice reading Quran at his convenience, learning is at slow or fast-paced, teachers are available according to students time slots.
Learning is life, every day a new technique or new innovation emerges, in every field of life, so we should keep ourselves updated to cope with our recent life.

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