learning Arabic Quickly

learning Arabic Quickly

Learning Arabic quickly

Arabic language and it’s importance
learning Arabic Quickly Language is one of the connection ways between all people from different places and cultures and also generally it’s considered one of the human natural and social merits and the best way to express feelings the needs of one and all ,and one of these languages and the most important among them is Arabic language .it’s also considered one of the oldest languages and the most spoken by many people around the world.
The importance of the Arabic language is that it’s considered one of
the important reason in establishing countries and different societies.
The Arabic language has a great interest more than any other language because it’s the language of the Holy Quran and that what makes it has a great place among other languages. The importance of the Arabic language extended to the great relationship between it and the culture and the identity of all people. it’s the connection way between them. it expresses the nation’s thoughts and it’s the first way of publishing different cultures of different countries around the world, and if the Arabic language is the charger of all these things so it confirms the identity of nations that differentiate it from other nations.

Learning Arabic Online

In the process of learning one of the best things to learn is Arabic. Arabic is one of the most important languages in the world as it’s the language of the Holy Quran and Islam.
Due to the massive spread of Arabic, it’s considered one of the main languages that still preserving its grammatical rules until today. Learning Arabic is so significant because it’s the language of Prophet Mohammed and the prayer doesn’t work without it. Arabic contributes to much cultural progress especially the European leading to encourage Europeans to learn and understand Arabic. it’s one of the supreme language and one of the ancient languages which is a miraculous language to be emulated. The Arabic language affects the Mind, Religion and Morals. Studying Arabic also enables the speaker to put up arguments and discuss with people, and without Arabic, we won’t have a nationalism.

How to learn the Arabic language

Arabic is one of the international languages and it’s the language of Islamic religion .learning Arabic isn’t an easy matter but it’s not impossible so to learn it you should follow some steps and orders to be able to speak fluently, for example, getting used to speaking in classical Arabic through using classical Arabic words during the conversation, watching conversations helps to make the person more fluent, and also through listening he can know the correct pronunciation of the words. Reading is also considered the best way to make the person speak Arabic fluently. So if someone wants to learn Arabic and memorize big mounts of terms, the best way is to learn the Quran and its interpretation. The true Muslim who is sincere to his religion should be truthful towards his great language and he must love it because it’s the language that Allah sent it down to his messenger who is the most fluent of the Arabs, so the importance of this language comes through this religion to all humanity and all people.
Muslims put this language high by preserving it, learning it, teaching and spreading it all over the world .so by learning it Muslim get closer to his religion and be able to understand the Holy Quran, the traditions of the prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him and the comprehension of the culture of his nation. Indeed, language is like a human being lives through his children, strengthen by their strength, and prevails by their sovereignty, renew with its generation. Its soul is the Holy Quran, and its body is the great Islam.

Studying in Arabic

Education is so important in the life of the person so studying Arabic makes your tongue straight without any curving whereas the most clarity tongue is free from any ambiguity and weak meaning. By studying Arabic we should understand the science language as Arabic is an origin scientific language and the most languages containing eloquent vocabulary, rich and strong words, so by studying it, we know all the features of this language.
The Arabic language is characterized by its education that has a significant importance in knowing the rules of Jurisprudence as the skilful jurist is the one who is perfect in the language and the meaning needed in Islam by learning it we recognize Arabic and our Islamic heritage over fourteen centuries, understanding the Holy Quran and the traditions of the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, preserving the Arabic identity and adjusting the tongue .

Tajweed learn Arabic

Classical Arabic language is the one that unites all Arabic dialects and it’s the formal language that is mandatory to be learned in Arabic schools. Likely, recitation of the Holy Quran should agree with the manners transmitted from the messenger of Allah from the aspect of articulation points of the letters as it’s one of the best ways a Muslim can draw of the Tajweed closer to Allah. Learning the Holy Quran is necessary for one and from recitation he can distinguish the correct pronunciation. Allah says in the Holy Quran, “we sent apostle with the language of his own people to make things more clear to them”. It’s required a person to be good at rules, knowing its recitation of the Holy Quran accomplished in the Arabic language. For the students they should know all Tajweed learning ,Arabic letters and vowels and be able to differentiate them for it’s considered as an elementary level the students are encouraged to learn Arabic and Tajweed terms and definitions from a book of which will contain an introduction of the articulation points of Tajweed science, of the Arabic letters, rules and so on. So Learning Arabic is very important for everyone who wants to know more about Arabic culture, the Holy Quran, Islam and Muslims.

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