Online Quran Classes for Kids: A Great Way to Learn Quran Online

Online Quran Classes for Kids: A Great Way to Learn Quran Online

Online Quran Classes for Kids: A Great Way to Learn Quran OnlineNon-Arabic Muslims and Muslims living in non-Arabic countries face a serious problem when it comes to teaching their children the Quran. This became an even bigger problem after the outbreak of coronavirus.

But after COVID and the lockdown, people became more open to online classes, even after the return of traditional schooling. This was so beneficial for Muslims who wanted their children to learn the Holy Quran and learn the Arabic language. Non-Arabic-speaking Muslims around the world who don’t live in an Arabic-speaking country have a serious problem which is finding Muslim communities and instructors to teach their children how to read, recite and understand the Quran in its source language,

Why Should All Muslim Children Learn the Quran?

Teaching your child how to read and understand the Quran properly is absolutely necessary and will help him a lot when he becomes an adult, whether online or offline. What you learn as a child will always be with you, and you will never forget it. Learning the Quran as a child will help the child understand the rules of Islam written in the Quran. It will also help him later if he wants to read Arabic text in general to understand more about Islam and not only read the Quran.

Learning the Quran also is an important part of following the instructions of our prophet; peace be upon him. He advised us to learn and memorize the Quran because it is true knowledge and what will guide us through every step of our life and save us from any dark paths.

Why Should My Children Learn to Read the Quran in Arabic When There Are Translations?

You might wonder why I should care about my children learning the Quran in Arabic and try to find online courses when there are translations available, and I can teach them myself.

This is an understandable question. The Quran was written in Arabic, the native tongue of the prophet Muhammad and the Arabic region. Learning the Quran in Arabic will not only give you the advantage of understanding the Quran in its original source text. But it is also necessary because you don’t want to miss the true message because of the translation.

You can only fully understand the true message and capture the beauty of the Quranic text in its original Arabic text. A lot gets lost in translation, even if it is perfect. Translations can help you understand the meaning of the Arabic text, but it can’t do it alone.
Advantages of learning Quran Online for your children.

The most important advantage is that your children can learn the Quran anywhere and anytime. It is online!
Your child will have the chance to learn the Quran from a native Arabic speaker, even when you are located in a non-Arabic-speaking country.

An Arabic native instructor will correct their Arabic pronunciation in general and not their pronunciation of the Quranic text only.
Learning Quran online courses will give your children the opportunity to interact with and be part of a Muslim community. This is a great advantage if you live in a non-Muslim country.

What Are the Necessary Steps to Learn the Quran?

  • Learning the alphabet
  • Learning the basics of “Harakat.”
  • Learning basic words and phrases
  • Learning basic verbs
  • Learning basic grammar
  • Listening to the right pronunciation of Arabic and Quranic Arabic
  • Learning the rules of Tajweed

Why Should Your Children Learn Tajweed?

Tajweed is a set of rules necessary for learning the right pronunciation of the Quranic text to avoid mistakes in grammar and meaning. Learning Tajweed is not necessary if you don’t make mistakes in meaning, even if your pronunciation is not perfect or you make mistakes, but if your wrong pronunciation results in a change in meaning, then it becomes a sin.

You should make sure your child learns the Quran probably and without mistakes because this might affect his understanding of the Quran when he grows up.

What is the Norani Qirat Method?

The Norani Qirat is the perfect method for your children to learn the reading and reciting of the Quran properly. This method is a book of seventeen chapters teaching the basics necessary for beginners in learning the Quran, starting from the Arabic alphabet, basic grammar and pronunciation. Although this method was not originally put in for teaching the Quran online purposes, it has shown to be very effective in Quran online courses, especially with children.

So if you are in the process of choosing the perfect academy for teaching your children the Quran online, make sure they use the Norani Qirat method.

What Should I Look for When Searching for an Online Quran Learning Academy for My Children?

Try to search for an academy that combines one-to-one classes and group classes. Children need social interaction in learning more than adults.

The academy should care about teaching the basics of the Arabic language, the basics of Islam, the fundamental Islamic terminology and not only the Quranic text.

The academy should be paying great attention to explaining the meaning behind every verse and the backstories, if there are any and not only memorizing and reciting without understanding the message or the story.

All their programs for teaching children the Quran online should be well structured, and tailored for children and to the nature of online courses.
It is preferred that the instructors in the academy are native Arabic speakers. If not, they should have the proper pronunciation of Arabic.

Giving your children the gift of how to read and understand the Holy Quran when they are children will make it easy for them to understand their religious instructions and rules and will make it easy to read Tafseer and Hadith.
Not only that but every time they read a letter from the Quran, they will be rewarded by Allah. And what a better reward!!

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