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Online Islam 


Online Islam  The Islamic Studies package covers an extensive range of lessons that are vital for every Muslim counting but not restricted to Aqidah (Creed), Fiqh, Discipline of Tajweed, Knowledge of Hadith, Tafseer and Islamic Antiquity. Every subject is separated into various levels of online teaching Islamic classes that go from rudimentary knowledge to progressive knowledge. The construction of online Islamic Scholarships is as follows:

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching | Online Islam 

A pattern of the study

Online Islamic Studies follows a set pattern for ease:

  • Quran:The program is divided into certain-areas that is inclusive of remembering, narration, Tajweed and also Tafseer. The recital syllabus is separated into just eight levels with the vision to master the works of literature along with their phonetics, realize the characteristics of each letter and their pronunciations, and empowers the students to narrate the Quran without any fault. The Tajweed lessons enhance that with accuracy in speaking every letter to achieving even the quantity of breath that is unconfined with each word. The assembly of the narration and Tajweed agendas has complied.
  • Hadith:The hadith signifies a personal basis of divine direction that the great Allah granted to his prophet, which was similar to the holy Quran itself. Since the respected prophet was steered by revelation in his individual life, his charisma and social communications became prime specimens of moral behavior for Muslims till the end day. It is with the study of trustworthy hadiths that we can analyze how to implement the Quran in our routine lives.
  • Aqidah:A complete syllabus that is intended to cement verses of faith such as trust in Allah, the mighty God, and Tawhid, confidence in the angels, belief in the holy book and honourable prophets, acceptance of the Resurrection and faith in predestination.
  • Fiqh:The syllabus is created to advance deep understanding in the different matters of Islamic law. It construes rules of Allah that apprehend actions, what is essential (Wajib), wicked (haraam), suggested (mandub), disliked (makruh) or impartial (mubah).
  • Islamic History: The Syllabus also covers the full history of religious Islam culture from the commencement of creation until current history. The program is designed to create identity and self-importance in holy Islamic History and identifies the accomplishments of Muslims athwart the ages.


Positive aspects of online Islam


There are no limitations on those who wish to study online Islam. All Muslim children want to learn the roots of their religion — counting how to trail the prophet’s instance of life and trust, the language that the great Allah used to send disclose, and how to dodge the sin to live a good life. Muslim adults may discover themselves deficient to better appreciate Arabic, whether for simple language services or unconventional understanding of law and principle. Teachers make it thinkable and suitable for a complete family to come composed and education the Quran to advance a richer considerate of their trust.


Often, the only room to understand Islam or Arabic is at a campus or madrasa, where prices and promises are too expensive for an average family. Online classes bring the teaching space into your room by giving a compact schedule with respected tutors who have extensive experience. No online Islamic studies program workers its teachers as does. Our online Islamic courses propose the best knowledge available.

Worldwide education has quickly shifted to digital education. Studies validate that the regular amount of time consumed using on-screen communiqué and learning is progressively growing world. The connected students are to learning chiefly, or entirely, through online stages.

The curriculum is created with the strategic online Islam learner, which is why we provide all-time support and preparation. One can find time and money saved when the comparison of tuition fees from other religious institution is made. Finally, one can be convinced that they will be put in the true path to success with a talented and carefully selected tutor, as the online Islamic classes start with an assessment of their skills and finishes by rating their efficiency and competence.


Distance learning 

Distance Education Division of the Islamic institutions formed a sequence of online workshops to assist a student who is learning online Islam. Qualifiers, and graduates, and all the attentive people can achieve a better considerate about a wide choice of academic chapters in the zone of Islamic Studies. These crafted workshops are directed through the e-learning or online platform of the Islamic institution, and all concerned people are greeted to attend. These workshops will be steered daily.

It is very humble and user-welcoming those people to these workshops. You were just essential to have a device like a computer/laptop/mobile associated with the Internet.



All the applicants can submit their request for the forthcoming academic year online via the employment system as well as screen the growth of their application on the scheme. Admittance digital archive groups for printed and unpublished works of online Islam teachers and researchers are at The Islamic institutions.


Assessment Strategies

All learning resources are industrialized according to the confirmed format. Students are counseled to study online Islam units obtainable online trailed by scheduled activities, which are of vital importance and necessitate grave attention. Students essentially need to consult optional reading resources which are not necessarily obtainable online. Similarly, students are expected to subsidize to Argument Group as a critical part of their course. They would receive feedback concerning their doings and influence by the unit tutor. New interpretation and happenings are providing for students who are interested in having a more in-depth and broader understanding of the issues.



Students are obligatory to complete all actions and analyze the questions of online Islam within the set targets and contribute to the argument group. Finally, pupils are required to give an assignment requested in written words on a pertinent topic agreed in advance by the relevant tutor. Once, the course is done revision is the essence to remember and offer to pray in the authentic language as proof of dedication through online Islam learning.




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