Learn Egyptian Arabic online

Learn Egyptian Arabic Online

Learn Egyptian Arabic


Learn Egyptian Arabic Online
Learn Egyptian Arabic Online

Arabic is the official language of Egypt and Egyptian Arabic is the spoken dialect of Arabic which is mostly used by Egyptians.
Features of Egyptian Arabic
Egyptian Arabic is a very ancient language and is spoken by 92 million Egyptians. In the Arab world, Egypt is the most famous country and its Arabic is the widely spoken Arabic dialect. About 300 million Arabic speakers can understand Egyptian Arabic easily. Egyptian Arabic speakers are mostly found in Egypt but the listeners are found across the World due to the heavy use of this language in the media industry.


How it differs from modern standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic is widely spoken in Arab countries. Reading and writing style is quite different from Egyptian Arabic because Modern Standard Arabic is similar to Classified Arabic. The Arabic of the Holy Quran and early Islamic texts.

Egyptian Arabic has some features similar to modern standard Arabic but has the influence of serving other languages like Coptic (the language of Pre-Islamic Egypt, mostly used in Coptic Christian religious contexts.). Turkish (when Egypt was part of the ottoman empire for 500 years), English
and French also.

How to learn
Learning is not difficult if the followings points are taken into account.
• If you have a strong command of Arabic grammar you can easily learn but motivation is necessary, part to consider.
• You should start with Fusha (the formal written form of Arabic mostly used in historical manuscripts, literature, government documentation, ceremonial and religious contexts.
• Learn Arabic alphabets as soon as you can. It will be helpful to learn Egyptian quickly.
Here are some common examples and their origins mostly found in the Egyptian language
Egyptian Arabic is based on standard Arabic but it also contains some words from Turkish, French, English, and Coptic.
Examples: – ‘an’= ‘yes’ (origin=Coptic)
‘yisantar’ = ‘to center (something)’ origin=English
“anansir = elevator (origin= French)
“oda” = ‘room’ (origin=Turkish)
It sounds different from Modern Standard Arabic and its dialect has different features. E.g. the use of sound g (as in gum). For the letter gem instead of the sound j (as in jam).
In phonetics to this means that g – a voiced velar stop. Used instead of J – a Plato- alveolar fricative mostly used in the Arabic of Alexandria and Cairo but not in Southern Egypt.
Another example is of a glottal stop (written in Arabic the Hamza) is used in place of (the qaf in Arabic which is a ‘k’ pronounced further back in the mouth in phonetics and ovular.
There are different kinds of courses available online. These courses are provided excellent services to the learners to learn rapidly. Online learning is such an interesting program where you can easily learn about the desired course. The Egyptian Arabic Absolute Beginner’s Workshop is providing excellent learning material to beginners. The main objective of this workshop is to develop the learner’s interests and explore them with different features of Egyptian Arabic.
Main focus: – guideline.
if you are a beginner then your focus should be on
– Levels of Egyptian Arabic
– Engage yourself in Egyptians and their culture
– You must have a simple Egyptian Arabic phrases vocabulary
– Implement your ski8lls rightly.
Master yourself in building blocks. Building blocks are actually the base of your learning. If you have a grip on vocabulary, phrases and you can easily understand how to use them according to a situation. In an online system, different types of learning tools are available to interact in the right way. They provide you with some fundamental words and expressions that allow you to interact in Egyptian Arabic. By enrolling yourself in a course you will be able to learn at an optimal time according to your learning demand.
If you select a basic course you will be able to get full command of basic words which are provided to you in a basic course. These are the common words, if you speak them you can easily obtain your level high and you can easily to the depth of the remaining courses. During the classes, daily tasks are given to make the vocabulary strong through a repetition process.

Repetition of words takes place again and again to memorize you and translation of words is also given to make you fully efficient to use them. But the words alone do not give a proper language sense. So listening and reading are also important. With the help of sentence building trainer and with continuous practice you can easily construct a sentence. Verb trainer is also provided there to help you to create, build forms accurately. Presenting skills are always kept very high to gain the interest of learners. Learning with interest is the most effective method so all the courses are fully focused on this feature. The sophisticated system is provided to learn in which you can compare yourself with other learners to see your performance and you can easily remove your weaknesses by comparing and correcting yourself. The recorded videos by professional Egyptian Arabic vocabulary or on improving reading and writing skills.

There is an advantage of online learning is that you can easily learn at your home either by a computer, tablet, or smartphone. No need to travel. all is at your home. In a short period of time, you can easily learn at your home.

The need is that have to engage yourself with Egyptians. If you have a strong command of vocabulary, you will immediately stand to speak with natives and they will appreciate you. In ancient days, it was hard to learn languages but today in the era of Advancement and Technology, nothing is hard to learn. Self-motivation is necessary to achieve your goal. Online learning is that kind of opportunity that will help you in any aspect of life either related to the business term or social interaction. By learning Egyptian Arabic, you can easily pervert to their cultures and you can achieve good friends circle. You can easily explore yourself in Arab countries, thus ensure a better future life.




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