How to Overcome Sadness

How to overcome Sadness
How to overcome Sadness
How to overcome Sadness

How to Overcome Sadness

   As humans, we have many feelings, many changeable moods, anything happens to us, it gives us a feeling; maybe a feeling of love, feeling of happiness, feeling of satisfaction, or feeling of sadness. So, sadness is a feeling, who doesn’t feel sad? we all as humans have many things in our life that make us done, depressed or sad, everyone feels sad sometimes. So, the point is it is not for the feeling of sadness but it is for how to overcome sadness. For Example, somebody has lost one that he cares for so, he would be sad but will he live all his life sadly and alone? No, we have to overcome sadness, not overcome that one but to overcome the feeling of sadness.

    We mustn’t let this feeling absorbs us; we couldn’t let it control us. Sadness is not just a state of mind and mood, it controls our body, our health conditions and it makes us ill, and absorbs all the positive energy in our personality and all the healthy side in our body. So, we need to overcome it before it controls us till overcome us.

   Now the question is how to overcome sadness? the answer to the question is related to the type of each personality of us. for example, the one who has friends that person will be ok and overcomes sadness with his friends, he can meet them, hang out, eat together, taking photos, try to talk about funny things so, he would be ok with his friends.

 And, another one who loves to be alone more, that person would overcome sadness by going out from his house, going to natural places and talking loudly to himself about what makes him sad and tries to clear his mind by remembering all these sad moments he felt and try to find another point on his head which makes him remember that he is a human being and it is normal to feel such feelings so, he should keep going in his life then when he comes back home, he would be very clear, ambitious and have positive energy to change many things in his life.

   Another one is who loves to escape, that one would escape from the place he is in to overcome that sadness so, he visits new places trying to avoid sadness like traveling abroad if he can or he can travel to another state, another place if he can, meeting new people seeing some places he has never seen, that helps him be ready for another life.

 Another one is the family one, he could always face problems and obstacles with family to be embraced by mother and father or sisters, brothers, when he is with them, he feels secured and safe like he has everything be being with them.

 So, now after showing all types of personality and their ways to overcome sadness, let’s show some useful things help us to overcome sadness:


  • Choose the place to sit comfortably


Sit in the way you feel comfortable, it is so important to set in a comfortable way to not be distracted by uncomfortable feelings and also choose the place you sit and it must be calm.


  •   Clear your mind


 It is so useful to clear your mind by releasing all the negative energy, all the negative thoughts and all these sad moments from your head, just try to imagine that you are taking it out of your head one by one till you have nothing to think more on your head.


  •   Think about your achievements


 Remember your achievements, feel proud of yourself, say loudly I’m successful and I did successful things and I did achievements, I will achieve more, try to think about what you can achieve next in your life. 


  • Have your favorite drink


 If you want to order it, it is okay or makes it by yourself. It is preferred to be a hot drink like coffee, Nescafe or any hot drinks you prefer. Then look at the sky whenever you are in the morning or in the evening, just look at the sky while you are drinking your favorite drink, try to taste it, when you look in the sky imagine that this sky is you and it’s so vast, there are stars, there is sun, there is the moon, there is everything in the sky but it is not covering it, that’s you, you have a vast body and a vast mind so if you have scratched it is just like scratch and if you have sad moments, it’s ok all of us have sad moments but don’t let it control.


  •   Do some exercises


  It is useful really to do yoga or Zumba or any sports exercise you like.  


  •   Take a shower


You should take a shower after the exercises with the most powerful shower gel you love its scent. Try to make the shower take moderate time not too long and not too short. It is so important to wash your hair, many people wash hair three times a week to keep it straight but now you should wash your hair because it will help you really to feel fresh and energic.


  • Have your favorite dish


After having a shower if you feel hungry, let’s make your favorite dish or order it, it’s up to you. While having your favorite dish, listen to anything you like music, motivational or any type you prefer or listen to Quran if you are a Muslim because it really helps you to clear your mind and to feel happy and to distract yourself with all the sadness, it will help you a lot. 


  • Be with your friends


If you are ready now to share your time with friends call them or visit them if you prefer going out to watch a movie and have fun together and if you don’t like to share time with friends, watch a movie or something, choose your favorite type of movie and choose a new movie.