Five Tips To Memorize Quran Online For Beginners

Five Tips To Memorize Quran Online For Beginners

To learn Quran online you must stay focused and disciplined and start seeking help from Almighty Allah as we always need help from Allah, and Quran is a beautiful way to develop a good relationship with Allah(SWT).

The holy Quran is the guidance to humankind; it doesn’t matter you are Muslim or not; you can learn and get lots of benefits from the Quran, and Quran will help you to get closer to Allah. If you want to live a peaceful life,  learn the greatness of Allah, and pass the judgment day, then Quran is a must for you.

Online Quran teachings help both the teachers and leaders as distances are a no longer problem for both of them. As whoever recites Quran and acts upon it daily, surely Almighty Allah will reward and honor him greatly.

Make sure of forming the habits of learning and memorizing the Quran. Spend some good time after the fair for memorizing because your mind will be fresh and it will easily accept what you memorize. If your native place is not Arabic and you are not from an Arab country it is most important to learn how to read the Arabic language first. The first step for Quran online for beginners Is they must be able to pronounce Arabic correctly.

Select the Best Online Quran Courses or Institute

Choosing the best online Quran teaching institute will help you to learn with flexible time schedules and get experienced teaching staff from some good universities. Attend all Quran online courses with qualified staff at given times.

The very important thing here is you should have to be sincere and maintain the scheduled times.

Quran online for beginners is a helpful way to stay connected with the teachers far away. To be master the recitation of the Holy Quran the learners must be excel in tajweed. Choose the right time and days for attending the online classes and with the help of experienced teachers, you can get help in memorization faster, easier and better.

Enrolling your name in an online Quran learning and memorizing course is a good and excellent way for getting guidance from professional online Quran teachers.

Set Up a Daily Routine and Daily Goal

Make a plan! Yes, this will be going to help a lot. You have to set your target and set your mind. Online Quran teaching and learners both of them will get good deeds and success in their lives. Don’t get panic you just make a sincere intention of revising the holy Quran.

Keeping up the goals in weeks and months can help you easily to learn and memorize easily. There are many tips to memorize the holy Quran, and most don’t try to remember most of the Quran at once as you must focus on learning 1,2, or 3 pages of the Quran per class. Good objectives and planning have always been a wonderful key to success for Hifz Quran Online 

Stay Always Focused and Stay Away From Sins

Holy Quran is the last and final of all the holy books, and there are better rewards for those who recite and act on it.

Rabbi zidni ilma is one of the powerful due very short and easy this Is a Quranic verse mentioned in surah Taha chapter 20, 114” “oh my Allah, increase in my knowledge!”. This verse will help you out to focus. It only takes a little time to adjust your body for learning Quran online for beginners. For a better focus eat the right food, eat some good proteins in the breakfast, and do not overeat during the nights. Set out the perfect times to learn and get the best online Quran teaching from your well-experienced teachers.

Keep Revising and Memorizing the Learn Verses

The ability of the Quran to memorize is a great blessing for Muslims from almighty Allah.

Allah does not look at your wealth or appearance but he only looks at your deeds and hearts. Learning Quran online requires learners to build some sincere attention. They should focus, attention, and be disciplined to get their target.

When we are in a phase of memorizing the Quran and we put in a good effort and revise it. We don’t take revision seriously as we must revise it regularly and practice daily. The most important advice is your intentions and always keep your intentions to please Allah and ask and seek nearness to him.

One of the perfect ways to memorize the holy Quran is to recite the Quran verses in your prayers mostly it can help you memorize it 5 times a day.  The biggest secret of revising and reading the Quran verses in front of your teachers in some loud voice can help you to test your mistakes and it can help you to learn from your mistakes. After reading the verses from mushaf( teacher) now try to read it without looking to mushaf or without his help.

Make Dua (Gratitude/shukr)

Those who believe in Almighty Allah till the last day of their life and do good. They will be free in the present world and judgment day. There are certain times making Dua is more likely to be accepted by Allah after completion of the Quran or after reciting some verses of the Quran is one of them. Dua is very excellent as you are directly calling and asking a beautiful with the one who created you. As we are the creation of Allah, he has the power to do anything.


If you fall off your track, don’t just quit! Get immediately and start again! As at the first sight it may seem to be a little hard task, to recite and memorize the holy Quran as some professionals do! But we should always remember that almighty Allah has given a number of great rewards and guidance to the learners of the holy Quran.

There is no doubt that hifz Quran is a wonderful honor for Muslims in both worlds.

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