Etiquettes of seeking knowledge in Islam

Etiquettes of seeking knowledge in Islam

Etiquettes of seeking knowledge in Islam Learning Arabic is one of the most important knowledge Muslims should know. But first, they have to know that seeking knowledge has a number of etiquettes that the learners or the seekers of knowledge should be aware of them.

Being Patient

The seeker of knowledge should be patient, because the way of gaining knowledge is not that easy. In the meaning of the verse from surat Al-imran, Allah says: “O believers be patient, enduring and fear Allah, so that you would succeed” Allah orders us to be patient and to pray in all of our matters.

Seeking Allah’s satisfaction

Muslims should seek just Allah’s satisfaction and be sincere through his way to gain knowledge. He should fear of being insincere or hypocrite. Muslim should not think of people or their admiration for him because of his knowledge. Prophet Muhammad (PUH) said: “Who seeks knowledge to look like the scholars, or to make show off, or to have the admiration of people, Allah will throw him in hell fire.” Muslims should be pure from inside and outside.  

Accompanying the knowledge with actions

The core of knowledge and the fruit of it appears when you act according to what you have learned. Those who learn and gain knowledge and not do what they have learned would be resemble to the Jewish whom Allah speaks about them in surat Al-jum’a, In the meaning of the verse that Allah says “Those who were confide the Torah, but they did not act upon it, are like the donkey which bears books while he do not know any of the matter they included, what bad people who refute the verses of Allah, and Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.” And those who act without knowledge are like the Christians whom Allah mentioned in Surat Al-Fatiha with the attribute “those who are astray” as in Sahih international interpretation. Remember that Actions speeks louder than words.


Muslim should always ask Allah to grant him knowledge; the good and beneficial knowledge. When Allah knows about your sincerity, he will grant you success, and would grant you a place among the divine scholars.

Make good use of your Youth age

A proverb says: “Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Do not postpone any second of your time in doing useless things. Try to be serious in gaining knowledge, and try as possible as you can to beat any obstacles that may stop you. And remember that you will not gain any piece of knowledge without exert all of your effort.

Perusal of books

You should read books always. Do not be satisfied with less knowledge you may get, but try to search and read to gain knowledge as much as possible. Do not just read the history of prophets; try to read the books of the great scholars to get benefit from them.  The best friend in Dunya is the book. Getting information from books is worth, books is the best source of information.

Choosing the Friend

Try to choose a good friend that may encourage you to do good deeds; a one that is seeking knowledge, has a good temper, help you to reach your goals, who will help you not to be bored while you are learning. Good friend is a bless from Allah (SWT). You should search for that good friend and Allah will guide you for him. The one who will be your guide, your assistance in hardships and your slips, he will be the one who will hold you back when you are astray from Allah’s way. Remember that, the good friend will search for you in Jannah if you were not with him, and ask Allah the Almighty to bring you with him in Jannah if you are not there. May Allah bless all of us with those good friends.

Be polite toward the teacher

When you start learning, you should start with a teacher not with books. The teacher is the one who will guide you to the proper way of getting knowledge; he will be your easy way to understand books.  Teacher will help you to succeed, so be polite and respect him. When you set with your teacher, try to be a good listener, ask him politely and avoid arguing with him.

Try to be close to Allah as possible as you can. And put in your mind that Allah is the source of knowledge and success learn quran .



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