Arabic language

Arabic language

The Arabic language is the fifth spoken language in the world and the most important language for Muslims. Arabic is considered the most interesting language that you can learn, it also has various and interesting dialects.

Arabic language is the most eloquence language

Quran was revealed upon prophet Muhammad (PUH), with the most eloquence language which is Arabic. Muslims need to learn Arabic to go beyond the meaning and the secrets of the Quran. You can learn Arabic for business sake, for pleasure sake, for tourism sake, for studying sake, and as Muslim you can learn it for your God sake, because you will intend to learn it because you want to learn Quran. Those who have business in Egypt or any of the Gulf countries can learn Arabic to ease their dealings with their Arab partners. It’s amusing also to learn such an interesting language. If you want to study Islamic Sharia or any Islamic study, you need to learn Arabic to understand the Islamic rules well, and apply it properly in your life. If you want to go to Egypt, Dubai, or any other Arab country for tourism, you can learn Arabic to deal easily with the Egyptians and the other Arab people you may meet. Mulsims need to learn Arabic to read Quran, and to know their religion, the true religion, and not the religion that the racist non-Muslims show in the media. Arabic is very important to enjoy the beauty of your religion.
Now you can learn Arabic online easily. You will not face obstacles like, bad changes of weather, unsuitable times as in traditional classes, high charges for classes. Now, you can learn online easily from the comfort of your life. You just need, a PC or a tablet, an internet access, and an account on any calls applications.

How to speak The Arabic Language.

Online learn Arabic 

Join Al-Azhar Arabic teaching and learn Arabic online.  You also can learn Quran Online. There is teaching Quran and Arabic for kids and beginners in Al-Azhar Arabic online academy. Just contact us and join our online classes.

Remember that it’s a book that has revealed by a very clear tongue.



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